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MGNREGA Job Card List 2020 (State Wise, Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, Full form, Payment Details, Registration Number, Apply Online, Status, NREGA)

There is no shortage of educated and skilled human resource in India. Official reports suggest that a large percentage of such individuals fail to get a job that assures a better lifestyle. The government and the private sectors fail to generate enough job opportunities to meet the demands. The central government comes up with impressive schemes from time to time, which enable the eligible candidates to get proper employments.

MGNREGA Job Card List

One such scheme was the Mahatma Gandhi Job Card. It is the responsibility of the Ministry of Rural Development to implement the employment project. The respective ministry is popularly known as MGNREGA. As per the guidelines of the central government, the ministry can issue Mahatma Gandhi Job cards to the eligible applicants.

Previous name of the scheme

The previous name of this scheme was Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act. The central government took the decision to change the name to Mahatma Gandhi Employment Guarantee Act in 2005. It was also known as the MGNREGA Act. The primary objective of the scheme is to offer job security to applicants, hailing from financially weak households. This step will enable the applicant to boost the financial and social status of his/her family.

Though the scheme has been implemented by the central government, the cooperation of the state governments is necessary for the success of this program. The state authorities take the necessary steps to ensure that the poor people get jobs and earn money. As per the guidelines of the MGNREGA Scheme, the state government will offer 100 days’ of employment to unskilled labors.

  1. The financial weak individuals, living in various states, will be able to get their job cards from the Ministry of Rural Development. The people will be able to register and attain the job cards from the authorized portal of the respective department.
  2. A person can gain access to the list that highlights the names of all individuals, which have registered under the scheme. For this, the person needs to land on the official portal of the department.

Important features of the MGNREGA Job Card List

  1. The Ministry of Rural Development maintains an official website. Any person can click on the official link and get to this site. The website visitor will be able to attain relevant information about the job cards. The website can be accessed from any communication gadget.
  2. If any applicant has applied for the job, then his/her name will be present in the list. He/she can easily download the job card. For this, the person must click on the respective name on the list.
  3. Unskilled labors, especially those living in the rural areas will attain employment for 100 days, during the present financial year. The successful implementation of the MGNREGA Scheme aims to improve the financial condition of the people.
  4. Applicants can gather information about the eligibility for becoming beneficiaries from the official portal. If the person meets the requirements, then he/she can apply for the job card.
  5. The pass will also highlight the work tenure of the respective applicant.
  6. The scheme also ensures the payment of minimum wage for the workers. The area of operation will not cross the 5 km mark, measured from the residence of the person.
  7. The scheme guidelines shed light on the fact that it is the responsibility of the state government to ensure employment for the applicant, within 15 days. The time will be calculated from the date of submission of the application. In case the person fails to attain an employment, the state government must offer compensation for lack of employment arrangements.

State-wise Link List

Serial No

Name of the state

NREGA Job Card Link


Andhra Pradesh

Click Here



Click Here


Andaman and Nicobar

Click Here


Arunachal Pradesh

Click Here



Click Here



Click Here



Click Here


Dadra and Nagar Haveli

Click Here


Daman and Diu

Click Here



Click Here



Click Here



Click Here


Himachal Pradesh

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Click Here



Click Here


Jammu and Kashmir

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Click Here


Madhya Pradesh

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Tamil Nadu

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Click Here


Uttar Pradesh

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West Bengal

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Click Here

Details about the MGNREGA Scheme

The experienced leaders, holding important posts in the central government, always tried to eliminate or reduce the problems of unemployment. In 1991, P.V Narasimha Rao introduced the NREGA Scheme. Both the houses of the Indian Parliament gave their consent to this scheme, and it was made into an act. In the years that followed, the act was implemented in 625 districts in the country. In 2014, the act was published in the World Development Report. Apart from this, the World Bank was also impressed with the features and the implementation strategies of the scheme.

How to check the NREGA Job Card 2019-2020?

  1. Online website – As mentioned, the MGNREGA has an authorized portal, and you can get to this site by clicking on the link.
  2. Selection of tab – On the home page of the website, you need get to the section that is marked as “Transparency & Accountability.” After this, you must click on the option that is marked as “Job Card Section.”
  3. State-wise list page – As soon as you click on the option, it will trigger the website to bring up the page that contains the links for respective states.
  4. Selecting the state – You must click on the link of your residential state.
  5. Residential details – When you click on the link of a state, it will bring up a page that has various fields. Here, you need to select the name of the village, Gram Panchayat, district, block and present financial year. Then you must click on the button that is marked as “Submit.”
  6. Beneficiary list – It will trigger the portal to bring up the list of the applicants’ manes. You can click on the list and search for your name. To get the details quickly, you can search with the pay-scale and employment type, for which you has signed up in the first place.
What do you know about NREGA scheme?

Ans: The NREGA Scheme is popularly known as the Mahatma Gandhi Employment Guarantee Act. Under this scheme, the central and the state governments will work in unison to ensure that poor people get employment opportunities. The scheme will offer appropriate jobs for unskilled labors. The scheme guidelines also highlight that the beneficiaries will attain employment for 100 days.

When was the scheme implemented for the first time and by whom?

The Mahatma Gandhi Employment Guarantee Act was implemented in India for the first time in 1991. The initiative was taken by P.V Narasimha Rao.

What is the type of employment that the applicants receive and what is the mode of payment?

Ans: As mentioned in the program guidelines, the beneficiaries will get jobs, which are ideal for the unskilled people. As per the new rules, the central government has mentioned that the payment for the services of these beneficiaries will be deposited in the Jan Dhan Accounts. The DBT mode will make the process easy and simple.

Which steps enable a person to download the job card?

Ans: It is necessary for the candidate to click on the link that will give him/her access to the official portal of the project. From there, he/she must select the state’s names, and then generate a search for the job card list for 2020. When the list appears, the candidate can click on his/her name, and then download the card.

The implementation of the scheme has paved the path for financial security in the rural areas. People, who do not have access to agricultural practices, have an alternative source of income. In time, similar projects, applicable and appropriate for the urban areas, were also formulated by the central and state governments. The 100 day workers are associated with keeping the city clean, and providing other necessary services. They can work under this scheme in the morning, and opt for other engagements, which pay a significant amount for meeting their requirements.

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