Mission Bhagiratha Telangana

Mission Bhagiratha Telangana

Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modi has announced a new water grid in Telengana namely Mission Bhagiratha. Under this water grid scheme over 25000 rural habitations and nearly 67 urban habitations will get safe drinking water. The mission was inspired by the old project The Siddipet Drinking Water Scheme conceptualised by K Chandrasekhar Rao back in 1996-97. The new mission is inspired by the Siddipet project. Under this mission 100 litre water will be provided per person in rural area and 150litre water will be provided per person in urban are.

Mission Bhagiratha Telangana

Mission Bhagiratha Key Features

  • The Mission Bhagiratha is a scheme launched by the Prime Minister Modi in Telengana in 2016. Under this scheme people across the state will get access to safe drinking water.
  • A massive 1.26 km pipeline will be laid throughout the state to provide drinking water to every household in rural as well as urban areas. In rural areas, 100litre water will be provided to each household whereas in urban areas, 150litre will be provided per person.
  • Over 25000 rural habitations and 67 urban habitations will be covered under the scheme. Along with Krishna and Godavari River, water from Nizam Sagar, Sriram Sagar, Komuram Bheem, Jurala Dam and Parelu Reservoir will also be utilized under this projects.
  • The main pipeline will be spread over 5000 km throughout the state. The main pipeline will be connected to several sub-lines. Total of 50000 km side-lines will be stretched across the different places of the state to provide water to the habitations.
  • In villages, total of 75, 000 km pipeline will be laid to provide water to the households in villages and rural areas. These pipelines will be connected to the secondary tanks.

Mission Bhagiratha Objectives

The main objective of the mission is to provide safe drinking water to all the households in the state of Telengana. As mentioned that beforehand The Siddipet Drinking Water Project was conceptualised, but somehow it could not provide ample water. Under this new mission now the households will get safe drinking water at home.

Mission Bhagiratha Implementation

There will be total 26 internal water grids to provide drinking water. There will be a main tank from which the main pipeline of 5000 km stretch will be laid throughout the state. Then there will be a secondary pipeline connection of 50, 000 km which will be stretched throughout the districts and other areas and connected with secondary tanks. For the village level, 75, 000 km of pipelines are spread all over the villages so that each household can get drinking water at the grass-root level.

Mission Bhagiratha Budget and Funding

The allocated budget for the mission Bhagiratha is Rs. 35, 000 Cr. In the first phase of the project in the financial year 2015-16 total of Rs. 4000 Cr has already been allocated for the project by the central government.

The old Siddipet Project had Rs. 60 Cr of budget in total and there 180 households had received safe drinking water.

Mission Bhagiratha – things to remember

Scheme Points to note
Name Mission Bhagiratha
Launched by PM Narendra Modi
Launched on August 2016
Launched in Telengana State
Beneficiaries 25000 Rural households and 67 Urban Households
Aim To provide safe drinking water
Budget Rs. 35, 000 Cr

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