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( MKisan Portal and Registration in Uttar Pradesh

There are many sites, which will assist the farmers in getting any information that is related to the cultivation. Most of the people, living in the rural areas of the state are associated with farming. They need to develop their cultivation ways so that they can make a good profit. The state government of Uttar Pradesh has introduced a new portal that will assist the farmers in getting a better produce.

MKisan Portal

Announcement details

The announcement of the M-Kisan portal was made by the current Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath in the month of August 17. The task of the portal is monitored by the state IT development department and the Farmer Development department of UP. All farmers can get registered on the portal by clicking on the link or call on the M-Kisan call center. The toll free number is 1800-180-1551.

Benefits of the portal

  1. Registering all farmers in the state – With the assistance of this portal, the state government will be able to keep a tab on all farmers of the state. For this, the authority has been urging the farmers to register as soon as possible. As per the reports, 33 lakh sugarcane farmers have already enrolled themselves.
  2. Making the farmers tech friendly – Most of the farmers still follow the traditional methods of farming. Thus, they find it difficult to make better profit. With the assistance of the portal, the government will be able to make the farmers acquainted with technologies and improve their cultivation.
  3. Providing them latest news and cultivation related information – The state government will be able to provide the farmers with all the latest news and information, related to cultivation, husbandry and other farming aspects.
  4. Providing expert guidance – One of the most significant benefits of the portal is that, all the information that the experts provide to the farmers will assist them in improving all aspects of cultivation.
  5. Free of cost – The farmers can post their question on the portals and the customer care executives will provide solutions. Another way of getting the information is by calling the toll free number. The information will be provided free of cost.
  6. Access to applications – The portal will give the farmers access to different apps. These apps will give the farmers access to all cultivation related information from their mobile phones as well.

M kisan portal and app details

The M-Kisan Portal will be useful not only for the farmers but also for the government. Depending on the queries of the farmers, the state government will be able to make necessary amendments in the farmer welfare scheme. The site will also give the farmers access to application related to agriculture, husbandry, horticulture and many more. The link will give one access to all the apps. All you need to do is click on the criteria and get the application.


The state government aims at getting in touch with the farmers, living in the remotest villages. With proper guidance, all farmers will be able to get a good yield and the overall economic standard of the state will come up.

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