MobiKwik e Wallet Payment App

MobiKwik e Wallet Payment App

There are many people crazy about digital wallets and app based transactions after the effect of demonetization. Some people are thinking even now that the digital wallets came into existence only after the period of demonetization. This is absolutely wrong fact as the process of digital wallet is there for several years and there are some companies involved in the process and they are providing best services to their customers in all aspects to till date. One of the most notable one among them is MobiKwik.

MobiKwik e Wallet Payment App

Website based payment solutions:

Even before the app for payment came into existence, MobiKwik is one of the forerunner in the world of digital wallet as they provided a wide array of payment services to their customer wherein customers can easily login to their web based account of the app and make wide array of transactions with the help of their account starting from mobile phone recharge to paying electricity bills. For accessing different services, there is no necessity for customer to visit individual pages and log in over there.

One point solution for all transactions:

The best thing about the online account of MobiKwik is that it is now very easy for people to log into their account and make transactions as their wish without any necessity to go for bank to proceed with payment. If people have already loaded their cash to the account, then their process is over. They can make use of the money that is being loaded to the wallet account and finish their transaction within a short span of time than compared to transactions that make use of bank servers.

Improved merchant integration:

Since MobiKwik is there in the field of digital wallet transaction for a long period of time, when demonetization hit all over India, they served to be one of the best in the field of digital wallet and now they have stepped down to the app to make sure that they are providing best support to their customer in all aspects. There is no necessity for people to pay any money to download and make use of this app for transaction; it can all be done within a short span of time and without any difficulty.

Inbuilt merchant integration:

One of the striking advantages of using app for transaction is that it is now very safe and secure for customer to make payments directly to the merchant account as MobiKwik has already integrated most of the common merchants within the app. The advantage of pre integrating merchant account is as follows:

  • There is no necessity for customers to step into merchant place and enquire their account information for proceeding with transaction. Most of the leading merchant all over India is already integrated into the app.
  • As all features that customers enjoyed while using MobiKwik web based application is being built into the app, it is now very easy for people to make sure that they can be able to do transactions without any difficulty with the help of the app.

Secured mode of transfers:

When it comes to digital transactions, security is the main concern to be noticed by the consumers. Alike other digital wallet that has recently developed their security features, it is not the company that just came up out of boom. Since the year 2009 where digital transactions are not that much popular, MobiKwik is providing wide array of best services for transactions starting from recharge to mobile numbers to DTH recharges. Because of this advantage, there is no necessity for customer to get concerned about safety and security at any point of time.

Dual ended app:

In most of the digital wallet that is available in the recent days, it is a necessity for people to load money into their app separately and make use of it, while going for direct bank based transaction while making payment through website. This is not the case with MobiKwik app as the money that is being loaded into the app will also is reflecting at the end of web based application and hence it is highly secured in all aspects to make dual usage of the balance for making payments through app and also through online account.

Improved app for slow connectivity issues:

Also MobiKwik is one of the digital wallets to introduce lite version of the app to make sure that people using slow internet connection can also use digital wallet without any problem. Only rich features of graphics is being compensated in the process to improve speed, there is no compromise being made to the aspects of safety as app developers feels that it will tamper the promise that they have made to their customer.

Loading money into the wallet account is highly secure and it will reduce the risk of exposed card details while making online transactions. Keeping money in MobiKwik wallet is secure and it is easy to load money from bank account to the app. With its easy access, the mobile payment application gains lots of positivity among the users.

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