MP Board Class 10th and class 12th Results |Ruk Jana Nahi Scheme Yojana 2018 []


MP Board Class 10th and class 12th Results |Ruk Jana Nahi Scheme Yojana 2018 [Application Form Time Table Date] []

Madhya Pradesh Education Board has recently come up with a new scheme for the 10th and 12th board students who have unfortunately failed in their board exams. The scheme is named Ruk Jana Nahi (Don’t stop) scheme. Education Minister Mr. Paras Jain has declared that those students who could not clear the board exam will get a chance to reappear for the failed papers to clear them and move on for further study. This re-exam system will prevent the student to lose their one year and they can easily proceed for further studies.

Ruk Jana Nahi Scheme Yojana

Ruk Jana Nahi Scheme MP Board Class 10th and class 12th

The MP government has taken this initiative and started the scheme called Ruk Jana Nahi scheme for the board students of 10th and 12th standard. The students who could not pass their papers in final board exam will get a chance to seat for re-exam in the same year. Some of the leading universities and colleges in India already have this system of supplementary tests where failed students get a chance to reappear for the exam and save their one year. This time MP education board has come up with same system for the 10th and 12th students to save their one long year.

According to the rule, the students will have to reappear for the papers they have failed to clear in board exam and once they clear the paper they can receive a fresh mark sheet and apply for further studies.

Aim of Ruk Jana Nahi Scheme Yojana

  • It is hard for anyone to repeat yet another year and same syllabus for one or two failed paper. The scheme is introduced to boost up the students’ career and encourage them to try again for better result.
  • Also the scheme will help to build the confidence in the student that they get a chance and they should make the most out it.
  • This scheme is an opportunity for the students who could not pass to fight back again and clear the paper(s) once again to join their friends in the higher studies.
  • By attending this scheme from now onwards students do not need to repeat the entire year or all of the papers for one failed paper. They need to appear for only one or two paper(s) they failed in.

Process of Ruk Jana Nahi Scheme Yojana

  • The process of the scheme is simple. To reappear for the failed papers, one needs to click on the link
  • Click on the application form and enter your centre code, class and medium.
  • Apply by filling up the form
  • Deposit the required money.
  • You will get the details through email id.
  • The exam will be held on scheduled date
  • The result will come out after a month or so
  • The new marks sheet from open board will be issued on the student’s name and sent it them.

Ruk Jana Nahi Scheme Yojana Exam fee:

No of subjectsClass 10thClass 12th
 General BPL/Women/HandicappedGeneral BPL/Women/Handicapped

Ruk Jana Nahi Scheme Yojana Eligibility

The student must be from 10th or 12th board examinee. Also the student must fail in the papers to reappear for the scheme. Under this scheme, any student can appear for any papers he / she has failed in (minimum one & maximum 6 papers).

Ruk Jana Nahi Scheme Yojana Exam Date

The exam date has announced in 15th June 2016. The examination will start from the mentioned date and will last till the total number of papers is covered.

Ruk Jana Nahi Scheme Yojana Result Date

It will take nearly a month to publish the result. As per the scheme, by the end of the month July 2016, the result will be out. If there is any delay then at the max it will be August by when the students will get the new mark sheet.

Ruk Jana Nahi Scheme Yojana Benefits

  • The students will get another chance to clear their papers through this scheme. Those who have failed in one paper or for few marks they could not make it can now get a chance to make it up. Unlike before now they will get more time to study a single paper.
  • The syllabus for the re-exam will be same as the board syllabus so no student has to study something new for this exam. They can just revise the old thing again and reappear for the test.
  • Under this scheme a student can appear for all the papers he / she has failed in board examination. Students who have failed in all the papers can give retest on all the papers.
  • The price that needed for the re-exam is quite low and also for the economically weaker group the cost of the exam is much lower than the general students.



07 May 2018

Steps to check timetable online

  • First you have to visit the official website of MP Board (
  • There on the right hand side you will the option to where you can select the timetable for the exam you are appearing for say 10th or 12th. ( e.g. a student is reappearing for 10th exam then he she will have to select the option “Timetable Ruk Jana Nahi 10th exam June 2018” ) Similarly a 12th standard student will select 12th exam time table.
  • Another page will open then there you can check the timetable, download it, and also if you want you can take a print of the same

 Timetable “Ruk Jana Nahi” 10th exam June 2018.

Ruk Jana Nahi MP Time Table 10th Class


Timetable “Ruk Jana Nahi” 12th exam June 2018.

Ruk Jana Nahi MP Time Table 12th Class


  1. The timings for the exam will be from 8.00 am to 11.00 pm
  2. Kindly make a note of the timetable
  3. In any situation, even if the government declares any time off the exam will be conducted as per the timetable mentioned above.
  4. The students who were Absent or did not attend the practical exams. Their exam will be held in the prescribed exam center. For information on date and time the students will have to contact the centre head.
  5. If there is any change in the timetable mentioned above then the information will be available on the official website of MPSOSEB
  6. The candidates can only sit for the exams which are mentioned in the timetable.
  7. In case of any queries of suggestions in regards to the above matter can be emailed to
  8. Student can take the benefit of CM book bank scheme and once done they can submit their books and get the books for next year.

Hope that you have understood the process. WE WISH YOU A BEST LUCK FOR YOUR FUTURE.

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