Mukhyamantri Saksham Balika Yojana Rajasthan

Mukhyamantri Saksham Balika Yojana (Rajasthan)

It is a fact that the present government has brought several schemes and policies considering the common people and for the not so privileged people of the rural areas. Among those policies, Balika Saksham Yojana is a significant one. It has completely changed the face of families living in Rajasthan, especially the people of rural areas with huge number of schoolgirls learning the self defense techniques. The scheme introduced a clear message for the small girls of our society that they are not helpless anymore. They shall have both the confidence and techniques to defend themselves against possible physical abuses and attacks.

Mukhyamantri Saksham Balika Yojana (Rajasthan)

Empowering women

Keeping the safety of Women as the primary concern, Mukhyamantri Saksham Balika scheme has been introduced where self defense training shall be provided to 1.5 Lakh adolescent girls, with the motto of  enhancing their self confidence from childhood. In the present scenario, the number of abuses and attacks on women has been increasing at a shocking rate, especially in the rural areas. In such a condition this Yojana is highly appreciated by a lot of individuals.

Before the policy was formatted, a large number of women, especially those who belonged to the scheduled caste and tribe. These women have been deprived from their constitutional rights from a long time. This is why it was really high time, for any government to provide them with proper rights and powers.

The maximum governance:

The maximum governance means offering women with their legitimate due. The present government has considered the uplift of next generation. With the support and upliftment of youngsters, a country can definitely be at its best. This is the overall backdrop of the introduction of this Balika Saksham Yojana.

The objectives

The primary motive of this Yojana is adolescent and young generation, especially the girls are to be given with proper techniques and tools to prevent their self respect. Along the same time, this scheme has been launched for the boys to guide them in proper direction and make them learn to respect their female counterparts.

This is going to be an ultimate tool for maintaining the sex ratio in our country considering the number of imbalance in sex ratio. Training in self defense is a really essential one and if it can be implemented right from the childhood, it boosts the confidence among children and offers the right mental strength to deal with any inhibitions. The child sex ratio has become alarming in the present scenario; this scheme focuses on adolescent girls through proper grooming.

As the name Saksham suggests, the scheme is primarily to help the new generation in getting through empowerment and thereafter a lot of schemes shall be taken up.

The features of Saksham Balika Yojana;

The features of this scheme include a change in the mindsets of adolescent girls that they are not meant to tolerate abuse or torture from a male dominated society. It is to make people understand about how important women are for the development of a country.

The scheme focuses on generating the awareness and motivates a change in the mindset of the prevailing society that women should be respected to sustain womanhood. It can be said to be a form of training or an awareness campaign to teach adolescent girls for a better India.

A tabular overview of different factors of Saksham Balika Yojana

SL NO The important factors Brief description
1. Empowering women Among the two schemes created for the women empowerment, the Saksham Balika scheme focuses on teaching 1.5 lakh schoolgirls on self defense. With the number of tortures, abuses and attacks taking place on women, this was a really initiative taken up. Before this policy, a women, especially who belonged to the minority community, were deprived of any basic facilities.
2. The objectives Teach adolescent girls with the right techniques for self defense and self respect. A similar scheme has been introduced for boys to make then learn to respect women and guide them in proper direction.

Making it an ultimate tool for bettering the sex ration of our country.

Boost confidence and enhance mental strength from childhood to face inhibitions.

3. The key features Changing the mindset of adolescent girls and the society that girl child are not meant to tolerate abuse and torture.

The scheme is focused on developing awareness and a proper motivation to bring a change in the mindset of this society. It is a training campaign for the adolescent girls and an aim to make a safe India.

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