Muktidhara Scheme in West Bengal

Muktidhara Scheme in West Bengal

Unemployment has been a significant problem in many parts of India. This is especially the case in West Bengal. The rural parts of the state have been hit hard by unemployment over the years. This has led the state government to pass a new scheme to assist rural residents to improve how they can get access to jobs. The Muktidhara scheme has been passed as a means of supporting people who are aiming to get out of poverty.

Muktidhara Scheme in West Bengal

This scheme has been in operation since 2013. It was launched as a scheme where people in rural areas will receive training for a variety of jobs. Much of this is especially designed with support for farming jobs and other jobs that are more common in some of the rural parts of the state.

The scheme has been used in the village of Purulia in the past. This was to test how the scheme could work. The scheme will expand to more villages and other rural regions of West Bengal. More than thirty new offices are being opened to support the scheme.

Who This Supports

The Muktidhara scheme supports micro small and medium enterprises or MSMEs in West Bengal. These include organizations that are not attached to larger groups and are for the most part operated by individual people.

The scheme especially concentrates on the improvement of peoples’ skills. This includes support for people who are looking to learn new skills or use the skills that they already have in some manner.

The overall goal is to help people earn enough money to make a decent living. This includes helping people to earn at least Rs. 3,000 per month to cover expenses associated with starting the program and for having a consistent quality of life without risking getting back into poverty.

It is also designed for all types of demographics. Women and unemployed youth are especially encouraged to take a closer look at the scheme to see how they can benefit.

Key Forms of Support

The supports that will be provided to people within the scheme include many benefits:

  • Bank loans will be available to people who qualify. These include loans at low interest levels. These help with funding the processes for starting businesses.
  • Training and assistance with getting different tasks completed will be offered. This includes field training for many jobs, particularly for agriculture-related tasks.
  • Many people will be provided with some of the materials needed to make certain jobs work. These include materials like newer machines designed with farming needs in mind.

Additional support may be provided to people in the future as the scheme becomes more commonplace. People are encouraged to take advantage of the services offered by the scheme as a means of improving their chances of getting more money.

What Types of Jobs?

Many of the jobs in the Muktidhara scheme were designed to help with improving upon the economy of the state. These include jobs that placed an emphasis on the agriculture sector.

  • The jobs being supported in the scheme include jobs in vegetable cultivation. This includes support for setting up farms and improving how they are tended.
  • People may also be trained in positions relating to goatery and raising poultry. These jobs focus on handling livestock that may be used for meats in the future.
  • Other jobs include ones for younger members of the population. This includes education to help unemployed youth with finding self-employment roles. Part of this involves finding skills for youth to follow and take advantage of.

The jobs that are being created by the Muktidhara scheme are helping those in poverty to find ways to make money. These jobs especially focus on creating sustainable types of jobs where people can make money growing items on a regular basis. Best of all, the jobs are designed to where they will continue to occur for as long as possible without any interruptions in what people can do.

It Has Been Successful

The scheme has become rather successful during many of its initial parts. People have been able to get loans at low costs to start their own agriculture businesses where they can earn a sizeable amount of money. One instance that was reported entails a woman getting a loan of Rs. 7,000 to start a goat rearing business. Today she has been able to get a regular profit of Rs. 3,500 each month. This is enough to not only pay back her loan but to also improve upon how well she can handle her farm.

While much of this has taken place in Purulia, it has expanded to some other parts of West Bengal. By taking the scheme to more parts of the state, the potential for a larger number of people to benefit from it has expanded. This is allowing the scheme to become a more prominent and intriguing program.

The Muktidhara scheme will help with improving upon how well people in the state of West Bengal can find jobs. The support will help those in rural areas with finding jobs that are evergreen and will last for years to come. This especially entails support for agriculture-related jobs.

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