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This article contains How to Apply for Mygov Quiz, its eligibility and Rewards. It’s an unarguable fact that BJP is as good at marketing itself as it’s at doing the groundwork. In fact, some argue that it’s much better at the former actually. Solid marketing was one of the key reasons due to which they came to power in general elections of 2014. Now two years after the election NDA government is trying to inform as many people as possible about the reforms that it has done to change the country. Recently PM Modi spoke himself about the reforms in Saharanpur, and now his marketing team has come out with a complete 360° campaign to highlight the successes achieved by the government in last two years. The campaign includes:

Channel Target Material of Choice
Print Media People with limited access to Digital and Electronic Media Leaflets
Social Media Youth of the country Images, tweets and other updates with #TransformingIndia hashtag
TV and Electronic Media Common men living in urban and semi-urban areas “Mera Desh Badal Raha Hai… Aage Badh Raha Hai…” theme song

Now the marketers of government have decided to add one more element to their campaign: a quiz contest!

Yes. On successful completion of PM Modi’s two years in office his government is organizing a Governance Quizcontest on  to celebrate the moment. If you win this contest you may get a chance to meet PM Modi in person and receive a certificate signed by him. All you need to do is to answer 20 questions given in the contest.

The Structure of Mygov Quiz

As described in its name, it’s a quiz-type contest. There will be 20 questions in the contest revolving around the steps that NDA government has taken in last 2 years to improve country’s governance. The problem? You’ll have to answer those questions in five minutes and no more! That is four questions every minute, or 15 seconds for one question to be exact.

The questions will be chosen randomly by an automated system, so there’s little chance that two participants will be asked the same ones. One may be asked about the International Solar Alliance, another may be asked about the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) of LPG, someone else may be asked about PMJDY and so on. One will also have the option of skipping tough questions and returning to them later.

Each question will have four options and a scorecard will continuously show the participants how much they’ve scored. The person with maximum score will be selected the winner. If multiple people achieve the same score by answering equal number of correct questions, the one who answered the questions in least time will be declared the winner.

Steps to Apply for Mygov Quiz

  • Please browse this site
  • Click on “Governance Quiz”
  • login through your email id or facebook account

Mygov Quiz Login

  • Please enter your phone number correctly as you will get an otp as SMS for verification.
  • Now you are through to take the quiz. You have to answer 20 questions in 5 minutes. You can skip a question and come back and answer it after comming back.

Eligibility of Mygov Quiz

  • Person Should be of Indian Origin
  • Should Have an email address or facebook account
  • Should have a mobile Number

Price or Reward of Mygov Quiz

You will get a lifetime achievement of shacking hand with PM Modi and also get a certificate from him. You can also take selfie with PM

The Purpose of Mygov Quiz

Needless to say that in order to win the contest one must have a solid grasp of whatever Modi government has done in last two years. To do so one will have to do the preparation, which will require the participant to go through all the praise that media has sung about PM’s reforms. As you may expect, this will return in more and more people understanding the “goods” of PM’s tenure rather than the “bads” or “mediocres.”


At a time when government is trying everything to promote its work, this step seems like a good stroke in that direction. However, as people prepare to take part in this quiz there’s a slim chance that this strategy may backfire and also bring the attention of people to weaker areas where government couldn’t perform well. But even if it happens I feel that government will be able to re-establish its image in a short span of time. It has got more than enough resources and expertise to do that. It’ll be interesting to see which way it goes.

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  1. i am not able to play quiz for giving feedback on Modi Govt 48 months working.
    please send me link

  2. I will try my best, and I want to win this quiz and want to meet the great leader of India .The India would be a future devolved country and our prime minister would be the same.Jai hind.

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