Nai Roshni Yojana

Nai Roshni Yojana

It cannot be ignored that women are one of the major forces for development. In each and every field of development, starting from the technical, sports, education to finance and banking sectors, we have leading women personalities who are performing brilliantly. But the women in rural areas have to face a lot of difficulties. They are not provided with proper education, technical or communication skills.This is why the government planned the Nai Roshni Yojana to empower the women of our society. The program is actually a leadership program to help women develop in the minority section. The aim is to make women, especially in the rural areas, realize how important they are for the society.

The objectives

The program encourages women to come out of their homes and play a leading role in the development of their community. In the rural areas, a lot of women are not allowed to go out of their homes to work for themselves or deal with any community systems. This aim is to put an end to such belief and practice.

What does Nai Roshni Yojana offer?

  • The higher education centers and universities are marked by the UGC. These universities and training centers are granted to offer the training; education and knowledge to the unprivileged women in rural areas. The training centers are also formed in collaboration with the Panchayati Raj Training Institutions.
  • The women shall get the proper training for leadership skills and time management. They will also get special training for coping with the local needs. This training will also help them to deal with the common problems they have to face in daily life.
  • Women in rural areas will get the audio visual aids so that they can have a better and real-time learning from training manuals. A lot of non-governmental agencies are also included in this scheme to train the women. The committees will approve the modules on training for women.

Work process of Nai Roshni Yojana

  • The villages and urban localities will be short listed. The officials will make a list where it is necessary to offer training. Next, they will identify the woman, who needs training to deal with the common and regular problems of our society.
  • There will be a separate list that will have the administration and training needs for the women belonging to the minority section. They will be divided in two ways. One category of women who needs residential training and the other category of women who needs nonresidential training facilities.
  • Mostly the NGO’s monitor the scheme. The guidelines also urges the Panchayat in village level, local urban bodies for urban people, also come together for the welfare and training of women. They are also using the electronic media to telecast the training in regional or Hindi languages. 

Few more stats and details about Nai Roshni Yojana

The scheme is mutually funded by both the Union and state governments. The central government will offer 75% of the funding. The scheme is implemented in both private and public basis. The private agencies will undertake the responsibility of offering training and employment. The scheme already achieved success in two districts where it was implemented on a pilot basis.

A tabular overview of Nai Roshni Scheme

SL NO Facts to know Brief details
1. Introduced By Ministry of Affairs
2. Introduced in 2012
3. Total funds invested 100 crore rupees
4. Target number of women 50000
5. Age group of women/girls 10-35 years
6. Primary project Himayat Project launched in Jammu and Kashmir
7. Major beneficiaries 50% beneficiaries are women of age 20-35

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