{ nari.nic.in } Nari Web portal for Women Empowerment Schemes

{ www.nari.nic.in } Nari Web portal for Women Empowerment Schemes 

To encourage women empowerment a new web portal has been launched. In this web portal all kind of national schemes for women will be recorded. One can get the details of the schemes and their benefits from any corner of the nation. The portal has been launched for the ordinary people who are willing to know the details of particular schemes in their state.

Nari Web portal for Women Empowerment Schemes

Launch Details

The portal was launched in New Delhi by Mrs. Maneka Gandhi. On 2nd of Jan 2018, in an event Mrs. Gandhi has officially announced about the initiative for women in the presence of Minister of Women and Child Development Minister Dr. Virendra Kumar.

Nari Web portal – Features

  • NARI portal: National Repository of Information for Women aka NARI portal is specially designed for women. All sorts of information regarding schemes for women will be available in this portal.
  • Number of Schemes: Over 350 schemes’ details will be available in that portal. Besides the overall information the portal will also help the women with additional information such as how to register under these schemes and so on.
  • Government Departments: Through this portal women will be able to contact directly the government departments that are associated with diverse schemes.
  • Other Information: Women will be able to get information regarding nutrition, healthy diet, precautions for different diseases and other medical consultation. Along with that they will be able to gather information regarding jobs, skill development, and financial help such as savings and so on.
  • Contribution: NGOs and other women who have anything to say can share their feedbacks and views on the portal. People can get them and access these feedbacks through the web portal.
  • Areas of Interest: There are 8 major sections under which government schemes are being recorded in the portal. These 8 sections are Health, Decision Making, and Addressing violence, Social Support, Employment, Education, Legal Support and Housing & Shelter.
  • Age Interval: There are 4 intervals of ages available in the portal. Depending on the age limit schemes will appear on your screen. 4 intervals are 0-6 years, 7-17 years and 18-60 years and finally 60+ years.

How it works

The portal is very easy to access. To get any sort of information the applicant must visit the website http://www.nari.nic.in/. On the Home page, the applicant has to select the age interval from the drop down list, and then select the Area and lastly the state where she lives in.

In the next page all the available schemes in that state for the particular age interval will be shown with details. Select any of your required scheme and click on it. You will be shown the details of the scheme there.

The portal will be helpful for the women in many directions. Healthcare, finance and all other facilities will be there in the website. Some of the other facilities like safety, adoption, direct benefits, health and nutrition are also available in the portal.

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