National Digital Health Mission 2022 PM Modi Health ID Card

National Digital Health Mission 2020 (PM Modi Health ID Card, Benefits, registration, Eligibility)

The National Digital Health Mission has been started on the 74th Independence Day of India by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. By this, it is trying to offer centralized health facilities helping users taking part in National Health schemes. The main objective is the digitization of individual health records in different countries. It shall help to maintain the health records in proper arrangements, making it easy to find it as required. Below are mentioned some other details relating to the launch of the health mission.

National Digital Health Mission

National Digital Health Mission launches details

Name of the health missionNational Digital Health Mission
Target group of the missionIndian citizens
Department to launch the missionMinistry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India
PortalYet to be launched
Mobile applicationWill start shortly
Helpline detailsNot declared             
Card nameOne Nation One Health ID Card or PM Modi Health ID Card
Scheme has been announced byPrime Minister Narendra Modi

National Digital Health Mission important features –

  • The health ID system will act as a source of health information of an individual across different countries. When an individual wish to have health records, they must have a health ID card to start with.
  • The ID will be connected with health data manager through which the patients’ will allow the access of their health records for different purposes
  • The ID contains basic details such as mobile number, Aadhaar card details, name and the like details. This helps to make the card unique when finding health cards based on the details of the ID
  • Different insurance companies, hospitals, online pharmacies, laboratories, telemedicine firms will be joining hands in this health ID system as participants of Health ID system. It shall help to get smooth access to individual’s health records, the digitalized ID system shall help.
  • Indian citizens will have this card in which their health history since birth will be recorded. It shall help doctors to diagnose better when they go through the health cards
  • The card will have a 14 digit unique number and QR code. Patients will have different IDs and passwords to get access to their account details. They also need to register mobile numbers as OTP will be sent to the same.
  • The card will have blood group, health history, surgery and treatment history if any detailed in the card along with prescription information 

How to apply for the PM Modi health ID card –

There is a mobile app relating to the health card and the official portal to operate the cards. In this, the health records and the doctors treating the patients will be included. The privacy of patients’ records will be maintained and only with their permission, doctors and other persons can get access to it.

Benefits of the PM Modi health ID card –

There are four pillars depending on which the health card will be formed.

  • Health ID – Every individual will be given a unique ID in the card, using which doctors and others can access their health records. The central government has also planned to link the card’s ID with the patients’ Aadhaar card. Moreover, the unique ID will be available to pathology and state hospitals and other pharma companies. The health records under this card will be directly stored under the government cloud management system. This is used, keeping in mind the safety of the individuals. So, the central government is trying its best to introduce this digital form of storing health information to ease its accessibility. Following this, when individuals wish to get benefits under any health scheme, they have to link the scheme details with the ID card. 
  • DG doctors – The doctors of the country will get unique identification details. However, the number given to doctors at the time of registration will be different from the unique ID under the scheme. The cards will contain digital signature of the concerned doctors. Using this card, they can help patients and guide them for the correct treatment. However, doctors who are using digital signature are charged for creating the same. It is also free to register under the scheme to avail of its benefits.
  • Health care identifier – The patients and individual having the card will get access to different benefits under the scheme. The patients can get easy contacts of doctors and help them get solution for their problems. Opening a hospital is not an easy and quick task as it involves a lot of registration and the like, through the launch of the app and the official portal, it will help the citizens get in touch with doctors and opt for the medical assistance as required. With the idea of National Digital health Mission, it shall help the patients and doctors get connected via a common platform and get suitable assistance.
  • Record of private health – The information about doctors and patients will be stored on the new website, and the app launched. Information on surgery and any treatment of the patients will be stored on the app. It shall help the future doctors to go through the history before they start diagnosing the patient. The health ID under the scheme will be linked with the citizen’s ID. However, the citizens can update the information on their ID and share the same as required. When a doctor wants to get access to patients’ details, the doctor has to send a signature to the consent manager. Only after having the permission of the manager, the doctor can get access to the information. In case the patient does not want doctors and other third parties to get access to the information, they can do so. However, patients’ data will be operated only after suitable consent from the person. Also, if anyone wants to edit the information, they have to seek permission from the person.

Which states will initiate the scheme –

It is known that the scheme will be started in the Union Territories, and it includes Pondicherry, Chandigarh, Ladakh, Lakshadweep, Damanandweep, Andaman, and Nicobar. The government has given the charge to officials to collect doctors, hospitals, and health workers and start the registration procedure. With this registration, it can be expected that the citizens will start to get the health ID and its benefits.


Q: What is the scheme launched by Prime Minister on Independence Day?

Ans: National Digital Health Mission

Q: What do you understand by National Digital Health Mission?

Ans: It is a platform created for the help of doctors and patients in the time of the pandemic. Through the help of the platform, patients and doctors can get connected.

Q: How can the patient add his ID with the card under this mission?

Ans: Patients can link their ID with hospitals and pathologies and get suitable treatment based on this from their comfort.

Q: How will doctors be benefitted under the scheme?

Ans: As most doctors have closed clinics due to this pandemic, the platform will offer them medical facilities.

Q: Will the doctors be given fees when they wish to become doctors as per this scheme?

Ans: No, doctors need not pay any fees. But they have to do so if they want to register with the digital signature.

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