What Does the Nava Kerala Mission Entail

What Does the Nava Kerala Mission Entail

The Nava Kerala mission has just been launched in the state of Kerala. This is a large initiative that will help with improving upon the lives of people around the state. It is especially to help those who are less fortunate. This is to help improve upon the state of Kerala and to become a stronger part of the nation of India.

What Does the Nava Kerala Mission Entail

There are four particular sectors that are being targeted by the Nava Kerala mission:

  • Health is the first sector being targeted. This includes working to improve upon how people are treated for various illnesses. Much of this especially involves having access to homes so they will live in safer and more positive conditions.
  • Education is being supported in the form of the development of new schools. These include schools that meet crucial international standards.
  • Agriculture will be supported in the program. This will especially entail helping farmers with managing their lands and promoting conservation.
  • Sanitation is the last sector that is being targeted. New sanitation schemes like support for securing water sources will be promoted. This will especially benefit those in the agriculture sector. The addition of homes around the state as well as new hospitals may also help with creating a cleaner environment.

The four specific missions that are being highlighted in the Nava Kerala program are critical to the development of the state. Let’s take a closer look at all four of them and how they relate to these four sectors being targeted.

Haritha Keralam

The first mission is the Haritha Keralam program. This is designed with the goal of sanitation in mind. In this, new schemes are to be designed:

  • Waste management schemes are being planned. These will involve not only getting waste cleared out from commercial and residential places but also with sending that waste to secure sites where people and the environment will not be at risk of harm.
  • Water sources will be targeted in many ways. Purification and filtration are especially being encouraged.
  • Organic farming will also be supported. This comes as many chemical-based farming solutions may be unsanitary and might harm crops.

The sanitation plans will help with keeping the health of people in the state under control. This will especially work wonders for the economy as farming will be safer and easier to handle.


Ardram is a health-oriented mission in Nava Kerala. The developments in this mission include the following:

  • New hospitals are expected to be built. These will be run by the government and will cater to the needs of poor residents.
  • Added funding and assistance for the state’s poorest residents will be made available. The goal is to give them easy and affordable healthcare services.
  • Additional medical facilities will be developed to support the production of medicines. This is to improve how people can receive the necessary treatments and medicines that they require for many conditions.

The additional support for hospitals in Kerala will especially work well for low-income families. This comes as many people in the state are currently unable to afford many medical services that are necessary for improving upon their lives and for protecting them in many ways.

Life Scheme

The Life Scheme is a part of Nava Kerala that focuses on building homes for homeless people. This includes the more than 4 lakh families around the state that do not have any houses or adequate amounts of land.

It is unclear as to how much it will cost to get this part of Nava Kerala to work. At least Rs. 6,000 crore might have to be spent to get the scheme running. The production of new homes and the reservation of land spaces for those homes will be a costly endeavor but will be a necessity for families looking to have more positive lives in Kerala.

Education Scheme

The fourth and final part entails the extensive education scheme in Nava Kerala. Although Kerala has been heralded as one of the more educated states in India, there are still concerns over how some people in the state do not have appropriate access to education.

A new scheme has been designed to produce an extended number of new schools around Kerala. These include public schools that will be available to more people. The total number of schools that will be built is unknown but it is expected that up to a thousand new schools may be built. All of these will be designed to meet international standards.

Added Developments?

There are some chances that additional developments might occur within the scheme. These new developments would entail the construction of additional hospitals or schools or the addition of taxes and other expenses to pay for the scheme. Information on what will happen is unclear so residents in Kerala will have to stay tuned to learn more about what might happen.

The Nava Kerala mission will help people in the state with having healthier and more positive lives. The mission will assist the state in becoming a cleaner, more educated and welcoming state where people can be guaranteed shelter.

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