Nidan, Sahay scheme, Ama Clinic Yojana and Anmol Yojana in Odisha

Nidan, Sahay scheme, Ama Clinic Yojana and Anmol Yojana in Odisha

Naveen patnaik, the CM of Orissa has started 4 new schemes for health care of the poor people. Sahay is one of them. The other three schemes are Nidaan, Ama Clinic and Anmol. Under Sahay scheme free dialysis will be provided to the patients.

Nidan, Sahay scheme, Ama Clinic Yojana and Anmol Yojana

Launch details

The scheme Sahay will be launched from 1st of Jan 2018. It has already been announced by the CM and from Jan 1st it will start operating in government hospitals and primary health care centres across the state.

Features of Sahay Scheme

  • Need for Sahay: Dialysis is an expensive treatment that is required for the patients who are suffering from kidney disease. Many of the poor people are unable to take that treatment on regular basis as it needs a lump sum amount to pay. Sahay scheme will help them to take up this treatment at free of cost.
  • Dialysis machines: The state government will install 127 dialysis machines in 25 districts headquarter hospitals and community health centres under the scheme. It will be public-private partnership basis installation of machines.
  • Place: All these machines will be installed in the Cuttack district. Narsinghpur community health centre will be the place where machines will be installed along with the district head hospitals.
  • Time Span: All these 127 machines will be installed by the month of March 2018. After the proper installation and testing, scheme will start operating in the said districts.
  • Budget: The budget for Sahay Scheme wasn’t declared. According to Patnaik, total of Rs. 600 Cr has been allotted for Nidaan and Sahay Scheme. The budget has been allotted for 5 years.

Along with Sahay Scheme 3 other schemes have announced. All of them will be effective from next year. Free dialysis, free diagnosis, immediate specialist consultation and using latest technology in health care system will all be included in these schemes.

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