(www.nidhi-eir.in) NIDHI EIR Loan Yojana for Engineering Students of Uttar Pradesh (To Set up their Start Ups)

(www.nidhi-eir.in) NIDHI EIR Loan Yojana for Engineering Students of Uttar Pradesh (To Set up their Start Ups) Application Form

Full form of  NIDHI EIR is National Initiative for Development and Harnessing Innovation Entrepreneur In Residency. The state government of Uttar Pradesh has announced the launch of the new scheme termed as NIDHI EIR for the students who are studying Engineering in state universities and colleges.

NIDHI EIR Loan Yojana

Launch Details

The new scheme implemented was launched by the state government on 29th August 2017 under the leadership of Yogi Adityanath Cabinet Ministry.

Key Features

  • Eligible Candidates – The state government has already made it very clear that the scheme will be offering benefit for Engineering students who belong to the middle class family.
  • Developed by – The IT & Sci. sector of Indian Government in coordination with Innovative new business idea division have developed the new scheme for implementation.
  • Main aim – According to the sources it is certain that the new scheme aims at nurturing and implementing new and innovative ideas for successful implementation at the time of start ups.
  • Creative skills – It is certain that with the implementation of the new scheme the state government is offering engineering students to display their full potential and creative skills in their field.
  • Benefit offered – The state government has announced that under the new scheme it shall offer engineering students with Loan such that the candidate can use the money for getting established in the state for their dream project.
  • Supportive factor – Under the scheme it is certain that any student who has a bright innovative idea can share his proposal with the authority personals. The government of the state will ensure that all possible assistance be provided for its implementation.
  • Adaptation factor – As the scheme is offered to the young engineers and generation so it is certain that the project will be adaptable to the present time and will also be able to meet the demands and requirements of present time generation and communities.
  • Steps taken so far – The state government has also distributed cheques to around 11 different engineering students from the state colleges. The students were selected on the basis of their innovative ideas presented under NIDHI.

How it works

  • The government selects candidates from various Colleges and Universities within the state under the scheme.
  • The selected students have to present their ideas to the NIDHI authority in the form of a project to be implemented.
  • The Up state government then decides the right incentive that should be offered to the student for implementation for a period of one year.
  • The incentive is offered by the state government to the meritorious student of engineering college.
  • The government offers a sum of Rs 20,000 to 30,000 on monthly basis to the student for a period of one year for selected ideas only.

Official website details

  • To get the benefit under the new scheme it is certain that the student has to log on to the official website nidhi-eir.in from their web browser.
  • When logged on you can first check with the eligibility of your project and then get registered.
  • Once registered you can log in and upload a complete data of your project and idea on the official website.
  • Once approved the student can check with the status of the upload project on the official website under check status option.


It is certain that the state government of UP has launched the new scheme to help new ventures to get established and at the same time to help implement new ideas within the state.

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