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Nikshay Poshan Yojana 2020 (निक्षय पोषण योजना) (Eligibility Criteria, Registration Form, Application Process, Documents @ nikshay.gov.in) [Monthly Financial Assistance to TB Patients Scheme Notification]

Every year, thousands of people die of tuberculosis in India. But TB is no longer an incurable disease as medicines have been invented long back. So, why such a high death toll? Medicine alone cannot cure the ailment. Drugs must be supported with nutritious food as well. If patients don’t eat good food, then they will not get well as expected. Ignoring this can cause death. However, the central government took it upon itself to implement schemes to eradicate this disease from India. The Nikshay Poshan Yojana was the outcome of this thought. Under this project, TB patients receive financial assistance from central government.

Nikshay Poshan Yojana

Name of the scheme Nikshay Poshan Yojana
Launched in Pan-India
Launched by Central Government of India
Announced by PM Narendra Modi
Date of implementation April, 2018
Supervised by Health and Family Welfare Department
Portal nikshay.gov.in

Key features

  1. Creating a platform for TB treatment – The main aim of the central government, behind the implementation of this scheme was to monitor patients, and offer them assistance so that they can get the upper hand on the disease.
  2. Recording details of TB patients – Respective central government department will take necessary steps to record data of all patients who enroll under this scheme.
  3. Offering financial assistance – It has been highlighted in the scheme that all TB patients will receive Rs. 500 on a monthly basis.
  4. Frequency of payment – Financial assistance will be offered to the patients each month. This grant will be continued till the patients get well.
  5. Total beneficiaries – The total number of patients, enrolled under this scheme has reached a whopping 13 lakh.
  6. Transfer of funds – All TB patients will receive their financial grant directly in their active bank accounts, which have been linked with Aadhar Cards. The funds will be transferred via Direct Benefit Transfer or DBT.
  7. Part of NHM – The implementation of the special medical scheme, offering help to the TB patients, will be done under the National Health Mission.

Payment schedule

Patient category 1st incentive 2nd incentive 3rd incentive 4th incentive Following incentives
New patient With enrollment For 2 months after IP follow-up examination For 6 months after follow-up of examination

Formally Treated Patients With enrollment For 3 months after IP follow-up examination For 5 months after treatment For 8 months after follow-up clinical examinations

People Suffering from Resilient Tuberculosis With enrollment For 2 months of follow-up examination For 4 months after clinical examinations For 6 months during follow up sessions After every 2 months till patient gets fully cured
Patient category For additional assistance
New patient Additional treatment for two months will fetch Rs. 1000. For one month treatment, patients will receive Rs. 500
Formally Treated Patients Extra therapy for two months will fetch Rs. 1000. For one month treatment, patients will receive Rs. 500
People Suffering from Resilient Tuberculosis Added treatment for two months will fetch Rs. 1000. For one month theraphy, patients will receive Rs. 500

Eligibility Criteria for application

  1. Tuberculosis patients only – Only those people will be allowed to enroll under this scheme that are suffering from tuberculosis, and have not been cured.
  2. Registration on authorized portal – To get the financial assistance from the central government, patients need to enroll their names on the official Nikshay portal.

Documents necessary for application

  1. Doctor’s certificate – As only TB patients will be able to apply for this scheme, it is mandatory for them to submit necessary medical papers. These papers will support the claim of patients.
  2. Application form – Apart from medical certificates, patients need submit their application forms as well. The form will offer respective authority members details about patients.

How to get the application form?

Tuberculosis patients have to get their names reenrolled under the scheme. It can be done via online process. Candidates need to click on the official link of Nikshay Portal. Once they get to the official page, applicants need to fill in the online enrollment form. After filling necessary details, candidates must click on the submit button and save the application.

How health centers can apply under the scheme?

  1. Private health centers, wishing to offer medication for TB are welcome to join this special scheme. Both private and government health care centers need to enroll themselves under this project as they will need necessary supplies.
  2. All interested health centers need to log on to the official link of Nikshay portal. nikshay.gov.in is the link that will offer interested health care center representatives to this site.
  3. Interested center representatives need to click on “New Registration.”
  4. As soon as this link is clicked, the site will be triggered to generate the Health Facility Registration document.
  5. Health care center representatives need to fill in the details mentioned on the digitized application form.
  6. After rechecking the entered data, they need to seal the application by submitting it.
  7. Successful submission of the enrollment document will trigger the site to produce an identification code. This code will be different for each heath care center.
  8. All health care centers, enrolled under the scheme will have to refer to the ID code if they desire to make any changes or add and edit data for a patient.

Getting the approval of registration

  1. All health care centers, desirous of joining the scheme will not be granted permission to register patients immediately. They need to wait for the official approval from higher authority.
  2. After completing and submitting their application, all center heads will have to wait for an official confirmation from District TB officer. He/she will only pass the confirmation certificate once he/she has checked all health center details and is satisfied with it.
  3. This official confirmation will be sent to the registered mobile number of the health center representative or the head via SMS.
  4. The message of approval is all that the centers need to start their task of attaining patients’ data, which are suffering from this disease.

Patients’ registration and notification process

  1. All patients will have to come to the TB treatment centers and offer their details, which will be stored in the database.
  2. After beneficiary details have been linked with the main site, it will be the responsibility of the health care center head to send the message to respective patients.
  3. This can be done via SMS or by gaining access to patient’s details, from the Nikshay portal.

FAQs related to the scheme

Apart from launching an official site for the scheme, central government has made it easy for the common people to attain details related this health project. Applicants or people interested in learning more about this program can log on to the official site and check out the FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions section. One can reach this section by directly clicking on the link https://nikshay.gov.in/FAQs.htm.

Successful implementation of this project, treatment monitoring and disease control will render tuberculosis powerless within a few years. Central government along with the assistance from respective state authorities will make the task easy.

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