NITISH’S Saat Nischay (resolves) Scheme Yojana in Bihar

NITISH’S Saat Nischay (resolves) Scheme Yojana in Bihar

The Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar keen on developing his own image in the state by giving top priority on implementing his 7 commitments (Saat Nishchay). The Saat Nischay was promised by him on recently held state assembly election, it helped him to been Narendra Modi led NDA government in the state assembly.

S.No Things Need to Know about NITISHS SAAT NISHCHAY Detailed Information
1 Total Investment for Nitish’s 7 Nishchay More than 2.75 Lakh Crores
2 Investment for improving Roads/Drainage Rs. 78,000 Crores
3 Investment for improving Electricity Rs. 55,600 Crores
4 Investment for improving Youth Employment Rs. 49,800 Crores
5 Investment for improving Drinking Water Rs. 47,700 Crores
6 Investment for constructing Toilets Rs. 28,700 Crores
7 Investment for improving Higher Education in Bihar Rs. 10, 300 Crores

NITISH’S Saat Nischay Scheme Yojana in Bihar

Here are the brief analyses of those Saat Nishay

  1. Aarthik Hal, Yuvaonko Bal:

The program Aarthik Hal, Yuvaon ko Bal also known as the Kushal Yuva Programme (KYP). The main motive of the program is to create employment for the youths are dropped out from school education by teaching skill improvement courses.

  • In this Aarthik Hal, Yuvaon ko Bal program, bihari youths who are in the age group of 15 to 25 years who cleared the secondary examination 10th and 12th from the state of Bihar is eligible to develop their skills, by joining courses.
  • The program Aarthik Hal, Yuvaon ko Bal, contains quality and experienced trainers who teaches youths with the package of life oriented skills, boosting communication skills by improving the youth’s English knowledge and to teach the basic level of working knowledge in computers. Student Credit Card is one such Initiative.
  1. Aarakshit Rozgar, Mahilaon Ko Adhikar

The program “Aarakshit Rozgar, Mahilaon Ko Adhikar” is specially designed to improve the women empowerment in the state of Bihar. Under this program education woman from Bihar enjoys the 35% job reservation in the state government jobs. With this commitment, the women’s education rate would increase in the entire state.

  1. Har Ghar Bijli, Lagatar

Bihar state experiences the positive improvement and notable growth in the producing electricity with respect to the state needs. In order to boost the electricity growth to the next level the program “Har Ghar Bijli, Lagatar” is introduced and with this program the state government of Bihar ensures the electricity connection to each and every household in Bihar.

  1. Har Ghar Nal Ka Jal

With the whooping investment of Rs. 47,700 crores, Nitish lead Bihar state government introduced this program “Har Ghar Nal Ka Jal” to provide clean and secured drinking water to every resident in Bihar by connecting all household in Bihar with water pipeline connection. Under this scheme, it is targeted to remove all the hand pumps by which the people of Bihar depend for their water needs. It is roughly estimated that by around 1.95 Lakh household in Bihar would be benefited under this “Har Ghar Nal Ka Jal” program.

  1. Ghar Tak Pakki Gali Naaliyan

The program “Ghar Tak Pakki Gali – Naaliyan” is one among the commitments promised by the CM of Bihar Nitish which ensure the good and proper mode of road transportation across the state of Bihar by connecting its rural areas too. Under this Scheme, each and every rural villages of Bihar would receive Pucca roads which capable of handling all kinds of weather. And the most highlighting issue in this program “Ghar Tak Pakki Gali – Naaliyan” is the construction of the Pucca Roads in villages of Bihar would accompanied by pakka drainage networks.

  1. Shauchalay Nirmaan, Ghar Ka Sammaan

The Nitish Government in Bihar introduced the “Shauchalay Nirmaan, Ghar Ka Sammaan” program on 28th of September 2016 along with various schemes. The program “Shauchalay Nirmaan, Ghar Ka Sammaan” around 1.72 lakh crores toilets are planned to build in household across the state of Bihar in order to ensure the people of Bihar enjoying healthy and hygienic lifestyle.

  1. Avsar Badhe, Aage Padhein

The program “Avsar Badhe, Aage Padhein” is to develop the higher educational infrastructure in the state of Bihar in order to improve its state youth’s higher education. Under this program, the state government of Bihar planned to establish various educational institutions across the state. Approximately each and every districts in the state of Bihar would receives School, Training institute and other higher educational institutes like engineering universities, polytechnics and so.


As the current chief minister of Nitish promises in recent elections, the 7 resolves / Commitments are implementing vigorously in the state of Bihar. Experts in the state, suggests that the resolves implementing by the CM of Bihar would lay strong foundation for the state’s growth in near future.

Though, the net investment amount for those collective 7 resolves of Nitish government, if they are utilized wisely surely it will be the great plus for the state growth and improve the ranking of Bihar to high level while comparing with all other states of India.

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