Odisha GajaBandhu Yojana 2021

Odisha Gaja Bandhu Scheme 2020 (Cash Reward, Volunteers to Check Elephant Movement)

The government of Odisha has launched a scheme to protect the wild elephant that often seen passing by the road and rail track. Due to their natural movement, they often meet accident once they come to the vicinity of human habitation. The launch details are given below in a tabular form.

Launch details

Name o the scheme Gajabandhu Yojana
Date of launch September 2019
Launched by The government of Odisha
Launched in Odisha
Objective of the scheme To protect the Wild elephants


The objective of the scheme is very straight and simple. Every year the state witnesses the death of elephants. Besides that, the crops, fertile lands, and properties also are getting destroyed by the infringement of the elephants. Both of the incidents are leading the state to a financial loss. In order to drive away the elephant local people are seen taking extreme steps that causes death to the animals. The scheme is implemented to resolve the human-elephant conflict, as for the report of 2017 census there are 1976 elephants in the state of Odisha. The government has aimed at increasing the number by reducing the death toll.

Key features of the Gajabandhu Yojana Odisha

  • Area of function

According to the rule of the scheme, it will be functioning around the rural areas. The villages that are located near the elephant corridors will come under the prime concern of the wildlife department.

  • The monitoring team –

Under the scheme there will be a monitoring team that will work with field officials. The monitoring team will check whether there is sagging overhead wire to save the elephants from electrocution.

  • Specific steps –

To reduce the speed of the vehicle, the government has decided to build speed breaker on the road. Apart from that, the authority will install CCTV cameras in 65 localities around the elephant corridors. The officials will also take the local people’s information about elephant’s movement into account.

  • Surveillance on poaching activities –

The prime reason of elephant’s death often caused by deliberate killing. The installation of CCTV cameras will help the officials to keep the poaching activities under the radar.

  • Barring on speed –

The scheme will supervise to limit the speed of both cars and trains around the elephant corridor. The team will identify the sheer negligence to correct it on an immediate basis.

  • Cash prize –

As the state authority needs to rely on the public relation besides technological security measure, it is important to motivate the people to save the wild life. The government will offers cash prize to them who will share the information related to movement of elephants.

  • Benefits –

The above mentioned steps that are yet to be taken by the government are crucial because, it will reduce the damage on both sides.

It is needless to say that implementing such scheme is a commendable step taken by the government of Odisha. It is crucial to maintain the balance of the nature by restoring its natural resources. The government is hoping that this scheme with work on favor of villagers as well. If the movement of the herd of elephant is identified then villagers will be alert. Making them cautious will reduce the causalities and the vengeance that follows. 

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