Odisha to provide loan at 1% interest to SHGs

Odisha to provide loan at 1% interest to SHGs (Self Help Groups)

As the central government led by NDA government keen on improving entrepreneurship among youths by introducing various schemes across the nation. State governments too taken some effective steps to increase the employment ratio among their state’s youths by encouraging the talented youths to get involve in their own businesses.

On accounting that fact, recently the state government of Odisha introduced new beneficiary scheme of lending loans to SHG’s (Self Help Groups) in the state that too particularly handled by women with the low interest rate of 1%.

Who are all valid to get 1% loan in Odisha Farmers and Women Self Help Groups
Number of eligible Women SHG’s in Odisha Around 1 Lakh
Maximum Loan amount that can be availed by women SHG Rs.3 Lakh
Interest rate for women’s SHG Loan up-to 3 Lakh 1%

Self Help Groups in Odisha:

Women Self Help Groups in Odisha empowers women workers in the state, under the scheme Mission Shakti Program women from the rural areas of the state Odisha able to shine in the careers also they revolutionized  as the socio – economic agents of the state.

Majority of the women SHG are based on the hand craft manufacturing home based small scale businesses.  It is estimated that around 1, 00,000 SHG’s are identified as eligible to avail the benefit announced by the chief minister of Odisha recently.

Chief Ministers Financial Help to Self help groups in Odisha:

The chief minister of Odisha Mr. Naveen Patnaik recently announced as the women Self Help Groups in the state of Odisha are now eligible for availing financial aid of up to Rs.3, 00,000 Lakh with the lowest interest of 1% from financial sectors.

Speech of Chief Minister of Odisha Mr. Naveen Patnaik During the event

The chief Minister of Odisha Mr. Naveen Patnaik lay foundation and started various projects and beneficiary schemes in the Jaipur district. Followed by the function of the stone foundation on constructing the government medical college at the cost of whooping 300 crore allotted by the state government in the district of Keonjhar in the Odisha state.

  • While addressing the public during the meeting held on Keanjhar district, the Odisha chief Minister Mr. Naveen Patnaik elaborated the benefits of availing lot interest financial aid from state government by SHG’s.
  • Also, he added that the state government led by him in Odisha has taken several strong initiatives to protect and to improve the empowerment of women in the state of Odisha.
  • In addition to that, he also included the government stand on providing ration cards and land records in the ration cards in the name of the women as representatives of family.
  • On his speech the Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik notified the steps taken by his government in the development of agriculture in the state. Recently, on implementing his commitment Mr. Patnaik announced the agriculture loan for farmers of Odisha at the interest rate of 1%.


This newly introduced beneficiary scheme by the chief minister Mr. Patnaik would boost women in the state to get involved in the self help group activities. Also the announcement came during the event held at Keonjhar districts surely boost the state’s growth and would provides various benefits for farmers and state’s infrastructures.

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