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One-step portal 2022 (status, Benefits, beneficiaries, application form, official website, portal, documents, amount, helpline number, last date, how to apply registration, eligibility criteria, list )

Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya came up with proposal of improving medical tourism and establish facilitation center at different Indian embassies. It is mainly to offer assistance to people who travel from one place to another in India for treatment. A better and improved medical tourism service can make the treatment journey an easy going for patients and their families traveling with them. With thrust to improve medical tourism, it can help and give confidence to patients to travel to India from different countries with the hope to get better opportunities and medical facilities at a lower rate than other countries. 

One-step portal 2022

Name of the portal launchOne-step portal
Beneficiaries of portal servicePatients traveling to India from abroad for treatment
Portal launched byUnion Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya
Target department to improve via portal launchMedical Tourism
How portal can helpOffer credible details about travel and medical tourism to people coming from abroad to India
Main purpose of portal launchBoost medical tourism and offer better facilities to patients
Purpose of launching heal in IndiaBetter scope for medical workforce to travel across the world and contribute towards improving the global health society

What are the highlighting features of the portal launch?

  1. Target group for portal launch – The people traveling from abroad to get medical treatment at India are the target groups to apply for the scheme via the portal
  2. Portal launch initiative taken by – The portal launching initiative has been taken by Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya 
  3. Main objective for portal launch – The purpose of the portal is to improve the overall medical tourism in India and offer convenience of service to people opting for it 
  4. Improvement of medical facilities – The portal would help improve condition of medical tourism and help the interested candidate avail of better facilities from health ministry department for treatment, travel and accommodation
  5. Heal by India program – The main reason behind is to make India a medical hub and so, boost the industry and strengthen the traditional form of medicine and treatment in our country.  

The system would set up a feedback system or try to get testimonials from people who are coming to India for medical assistance. Depending on this, the medical tourism along with other department can boost and make necessary changes to help the patients.

Therefore, by successful implantation of the portal, the union ministry department is trying to improve facilities offered under medical tourism. By this, it would be possible to make India a medical hub, strengthening the facilities offered and extending it to other Indian medical centers across the world. For this, heal in India program is an excellent step by higher authorities in India. As of last year’s report, medical tourism department in India has gained a lot of value and it trying to make more significant changes for the good of department and travelers coming to India for help. With skilled and improved manpower, it will help to change the way medical tourism works and provide facilities to patients across India.  

Eligibility criteria to register for help from One-step portal

  • Medical details – The patients traveling from abroad to India and should look for the details on the portal and 
  • Travel details – The portal may ask for travel details when patients are trying to get suitable information on treatment options and others from the portal

Documents required to get access to portal  

The main idea of portal launch is to offer suitable information to patients traveling and coming to India for treatment.

  • Identification proof – The patients who wish to get updated details from the portal should furnish suitable identification proof as Voter ID card, Aadhaar card, and the like.  
  • Medical details – One should give documents to justify that they are coming to India for medical treatment and get the required data from portal
  • Travel information – The patient’s family should give travel details as when they are traveling to India and the type of treatment to get adequate data from the portal

There is also a special visa category for the ones who are coming to India from other countries for Ayurveda treatment. In this regard, provision has been made to offer facilities to 165 countries to avail of the treatment. However, the union minister is requesting to extend the medial tourism department to make it a medical hub and help patients from other countries easily reach India with adequate information for the much-required medical facilities. The cost of treatment is almost 65 to 90 per cent less in India than in countries like America which is a major reason for patients to travel to India from abroad and get the benefits.

Registration on the portal

As the launch for the portal is a proposed matter and yet to come into act, the candidates in search of necessary data are yet to get access to it. Soon after the portal launch, the interested people who wish to take benefit of medical tourism can access the data updated on it.

FAQ of the portal launch

Q – What is the name of the portal?

One-step portal for improving the medical tourism in India

Q- Who has initiated for portal launch?

Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya

Q- Why India is the best source for medical tourism?

Improved source of healthcare ecosystem and facilities

Q- What is the purpose of ‘heal in India’ program?

Make India a hub of better medical facilities

Q- Who can be benefitted from portal launch?

Patients traveling from abroad to India for treatment

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