All about Oxigen Mobile e Wallet Payment app

All about Oxigen Mobile e Wallet Payment app

In this digital era, everything can be availed right under the palm of hands with the aid of smart phones. Well most of us having the habit of owning a wallet with them, as a minimum requirement a wallet in modern men’s hand have 4-5 debit cards along with credit cards, some important receipts, chances of having valid identity/photo proofs and finally some cash. In collective the wallet would appear bulky in size, which might cause some itchy feeling while keeping that in pant pockets.

Oxigen Mobile e Wallet Payment app

With the advanced technologies the introduction of mobile wallets reduces the burden of many on carrying the bulky wallets wherever they go. The mobile wallets are the one which helps customers to go cashless and able to perform digital transactions at anytime. Though, these mobile wallets are available in the market for around a decade, the awareness among several people in India came right after the impact of demonetization.

Safety Issues

When it comes to digitalization, safety protocol must be given in high priority since the intruders and hackers can easily stole money from the applications. Just being a digital numbers, it’s pretty easy for the online thieves to grab the money of the online wallet users. On accounting that factor, most of the money wallet service provider’s user’s encrypted software which can’t be hacked easily.

Mostly the mobile wallet comes with 128 encryption mode which can’t be hacked easily and also they payment solution providers offer tokenization process for performing the transactions with more secured manner.

Picking the best Mobile Wallet Application

In today’s market one can find lots of mobile wallet application for all mobile OS platform, online reviews would be the best way to predict and to sort out the best one. Though, they might posses unique features still the easy handling and best user interface scenarios would helps a lot on judging them. On considering the amount of features and positive reviews over the mobile wallet ‘Oxigen Wallet’ grabs most of us attention.

Oxigen Mobile Wallet

With more than a decade in the market, the e-wallet developer Oxigen Services India Pvt Ltd enjoys the positive of being top when compared with all other payment solution providers in India. Ever since, they established their e-payment solution in India right from the year 2004, they are offering the convenience of payment solution at ease. With the launch of the Oxigen Wallet they brings their e-wallet service easily accessible in both mobiles and as well as in the desktops.

Oxigen Wallet – History

With the capital investment of Rs. 4 Crore the company Oxigen services was established in the year 2004, in returns the company yield more than 900 Crore in the same financial year itself. During the initial days the Oxigen services join hands with the US based partners Citi Venture Capital and Microsoft.

After availing the approval from the RBI for being a non-banked mobile wallet in the country in 2013, the evolution of Oxigen in the national payment portal is gained several growths. And in 2016, the application gets the strong confirmation from the RBI on the inclusion of Oxigen in the Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS).

Features of Oxigen Wallet

  • India’s leading mobile wallet service provide Oxigen Services holds around 20 Million satisfied users and the count keep on increase in successful rate particularly right after the cashless system implemented in the nation.
  • The Oxigen mobile wallet has more than 15k merchants as their customers who access the wallet in both online and as well as in the offline mode.
  • Having more than 170 banks in the network the Oxigen Mobile Wallet is one of the largest e-payment solutions hold high number of bank networks with it.
  • With respect to the data from the app store, the Oxigen mobile wallet has been download more than 5 Million devices across the nation. In fact, the application is listed one among the most downloaded apps in the country.
  • The mobile wallet Oxigen hold the option of paying all the basic utilities bills like DTH, Mobile Bills, EB bills, Money transfers to bank accounts and many more. In addition to that, the Oxigen wallet offers Virtual E Prepaid Cards to its customers.
  • The Oxigen Wallet is the first Non-banking platform from India which gained the approval of RBI (Reserve Bank of India) and the wallet fully capable of performing money transaction through social media like FB and twitter.
  • Being partners with all the major telecom operators and DTH operators of the nation, the Oxigen mobile wallet provides the facility of recharging to all networks to its customers from their applications.
  • The Oxigen Wallet gains the excellence of Best Prepaid Payment Instrument award by NPIC in the year 2014; in addition to that they received the award for using latest technology by Skock group in 2015.
  • In the year of 2015, the Internet and the mobile association of India offered a prestigious Money transfer program award that grabs lots of attention among the customers who are using mobile wallets frequently.

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