Pankh Yojana Jharkhand

Pankh Yojana Jharkhand

The state government of Jharkhand has launched a new scheme for children in the poorest slums. The Pankh Yojana was launched by the education minister. The main goal of Pankh Yojana is to help children in Jharkhand get access to schools. Many children in poverty are unable to afford to go to school. The scheme will help children from the ages of six to fourteen to get into schools around the state.

Pankh Yojana Jharkhand

Much of this is inspired by a desire to get children to learn to read. Illiteracy has become an issue in many slums as it is keeping children in the state from being able to learn. By helping people with getting to school, they can learn to read and also attain the skills that they need in order to be more productive members of society in the future.

The scheme has especially been designed to target those who are unable to read. This is amid recent census reports stating that a large number of people in the state are illiterate. This is especially the case for girls in the state as they are more likely to be illiterate than others.

Government Aid Is Offered

The state government will provide financial aid to families of children who are not attending schools. The money will be sued to help their children get into various schools. The expenses associated with enrolling a child into a school and getting the supplies needed for studies will be covered.

The total amount of money being reserved for the scheme by the government is unknown at this moment. The government is aiming to spend several crore to help with getting children into schools regardless of this. It especially comes amid the ongoing need to try and get more children into schools so they can learn to read and take in the basic skills they need for successful lives.

Schools will also be supported as they will receive some help from the government to cover the added students in these schools. Additional seats will be reserved for students who qualify under the scheme. The total number of seats being reserved is unclear although plenty of support is expected as a means of improving upon how well the scheme may be used.

Helping To Control Illiteracy

The Pankh Yojana scheme is primarily designed to keep illiteracy from being a threat in the future. It is believed that by helping to control illiteracy, it will be easier for poverty to be kept under control in the future.

The statistics relating to illiteracy in Jharkhand are especially alarming:

  • The literacy rate in the state is around 66 percent according to the 2011 census. This means that nearly a third of people in the state are illiterate.
  • The literacy rate for women is significantly lower than it is for men. While about 24 percent of men in the state are illiterate, around 45 percent of women are illiterate.
  • Literacy rates have improved for women over the years. In 2001, about 38 percent of women in Jharkhand were illiterate. That number increased to 55 percent in 2011.

While there has been some improvement in illiteracy rates in recent time it is still critical to note that a large number of people in the state are still illiterate. In addition, there is clearly a need to help women with finding ways to get to school so they can learn to read.

Social Media Is Helping

The Jharkhand government is using social media to help find children in poor areas. Any person in the state can send information and photos of children not attending schools to the government. The government has set up a series of Whatsapp numbers where people can send this information out to. After this, the government can review the information on the child and find a solution for getting the child into a school in one’s region.

People can send information on their mobile devices to 8210904971 or 8210899386. These are the two numbers that link to the government’s program. These two numbers have been reserved to take in information on children and to help with finding details on who needs to be sent out to schools as soon as possible.

The government will take all information and review it with official records on which children are in schools. The goal is to fill in all the gaps associated with children who are not in school even if they are eligible to go. There are no limits as to how many people can be sent out to school as the government is aiming to provide as many people with access to schools as possible. This is to improve upon how well people can get the support they demand.

By offering the Pankh Yojana scheme, the state of Jharkhand is aiming to improve upon how people are capable of learning to read. The ability to get more people in the state to school and to help them learn to read is especially important when the illiteracy rates within the state are considered.

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