PM Modi 1 BHK Rental Housing Scheme 2022

PM Modi 1 BHK Rental Housing Scheme 2020 (Planned) [Eligibility Criteria, Documents, Application Form, Name List, Status Check, Apply, Houses on rent under PMAY]

Meeting the housing requirement of the common people, especially those who belong to financially weaker section is a priority project for Narendra Modi. After implementing the PMAY, he plans to announce another innovative housing project. The name of this housing welfare project is PM Modi 1BHK Rental Housing Scheme. As the name suggests beneficiaries will get 1BHK units on a rental basis. It is ideal for those who do not have their own plot, and thus, cannot get the benefits under PMAY.

PM Modi 1BHK Rental Housing Scheme PMAY

Name of the schemePM Modi 1 BHK Rental Housing Scheme
Launched inIndia
Launched byNarendra Modi
Launch dateSoon
Estimated completion date2022
Target beneficiariesPoor homeless families
Supervised byLabour Ministry and Housing and Urban Affairs Ministry of India

Key features of the PM Modi 1 BHK Rental Housing Scheme

  1. Developing housing facilities – The main motive of the central government, behind the development of this project is to provider better living facilities for poor people. It is the PM’s dream to provide permanent homes to all families. It is a new addition to the PM Awas Yojana. It will be a new addition to the PM Aawas Yojana.
  2. Reducing increase of slums – Slum expansion is a major issue in urban areas. When the rental housing project will be implemented, people will no longer have to live in the dingy houses in the slums. They will be able to move into the rented apartments, and enjoy better living standards, with electricity, and water supply.
  3. Perfect for travelers – The central government wants to offer something to the people who frequently move from one city or state to another, for bagging a better job. Such candidates will be benefited by this rental housing scheme.
  4. Flats on rent – Though this scheme is still in its planning stages, its guidelines hint at apartments, which will be rented out to the needy families, who do not have any permanent home.
  5. Size of the unit – The apartments, which will be commissioned for this rental scheme, will be 1BHK. It means the unit will have one bedroom, kitchen and hall. It is ideal for small families.
  6. Implementation area – The scheme may be implemented on a pilot basis in some parts, but ultimately it will become operational in every state within Indian borders.
  7. Rent payment mode – The majority of the rent will be contributed by the central government. The authority may issue rental vouchers in the name of the candidate or transfer rent money in the beneficiaries’ bank account.
  8. Settling valuation disparities – In some places, the real estate value is very high. It is obvious that the rent of these flats will be comparatively higher in these places. If the government voucher is not covering the full rent, then the remainder must be paid by the beneficiary in cash.
  9. New constructions – As this scheme will be implemented in every part of the country, the central government will commission the construction of new high-rise buildings, which have only 1BHK units. These units will be rented out to the beneficiaries of this housing project.

Eligibility and documents necessary for application 1 BHK rental scheme

  1. Indian citizen – If any individual wants to get the benefits of this scheme, then he/she must be a legal citizen of the country. Proper citizenship documents must be attached with the application form.
  2. Financially weaker classes – This rental housing project has been designed only for the welfare of those people, who belong to financially weak categories. It is not meant for the medium income groups.
  3. Annual income related criterion – It has been clearly mentioned in the scheme draft that only those families, which do not earn more than 3 lakhs on an annual basis will be able to enroll for this project. Thus, submitting an income certificate is mandatory for all applicants.
  4. BPL applicants – All homeless families, which fall under the BPL category, will be able to apply for this rental housing project. Such applicants must possess their BOL certificates.
  5. Identification documents – During application, interested candidates need to submit copies of their official identification documents. The ration card, Aadhar card and the voter card are some of the official ID proofs, which will be needed.
  6. Bank account details – Though it has not been finalized, the central government is also thinking about transferring the renal voucher money directly in the bank account of the beneficiary. If the department decides to roll with this guideline, then applicants must have an active bank account. Thus, attaching the details of the account will be mandatory for all candidates.

How to get application form and register for 1 BHK rental housing scheme?

The central government is still making the final implementation draft. The respective minister has not said anything about the registration forms, and the final enrollment process. The authority may keep provision for both online and offline application. However, it has been highlighted that the central government will issue vouchers to the beneficiaries for the payment of rent. We will upload detailed information on this project as soon as the respective department makes any official announcements.

With the implementation of this scheme, the central government will be able to solve the housing issues. Many people have to migrate from one place to another. Purchasing a home under the PM Aawas Yojana will not be conducive. The rental housing system will help such people to get modern facilities. It will also put a stopper to the expansion of slum issues.

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