Power for all scheme in UP by Yogi

Uttar Pradesh to get 24 hour Power supply under Power for all scheme by Yogi 

UP CM Yogi Adityanath is expected to launch the Power for all scheme in the state. The decision was announced on 14th April by the CM on behalf of the Union Power Ministry. Besides, UP is one of the states in the country that has not yet signed any such agreement with the central government. The scheme was signed between the centre and the Uttar Pradesh government in the form of a memorandum.

Uttar Pradesh to get 24 hour Power supply under Power for all scheme by Yogi

What Power for all Agreement

Power for all scheme is an effort made by State and central governments with an aim to offer people with uninterrupted 24 X 7 power supply. Under this scheme most house holds, public and private sector industries and offices and other offices shall receive 24 X 7 supply of power.

Aim of the Power for All

The scheme is aimed mainly at improving the power supply within the state. It is certain that after the implementation of the Power for all scheme in the state every house will receive quality and uninterrupted power supply. According to the scheme the state government shall ensure that by 2018 October each house in the state will receive this benefit. Apart from this, the government shall also ensure and provide power supply to each agricultural land. The government has also made it clear that all consumers will be getting power supply at much affordable rate.

Main features in Power for All

  • The government has announced that under this scheme nearly 0.15 crore houses in the states urban areas will receive uninterrupted power supply.
  • With an aim to lower the power bill for the consumers the government will also distribute low voltage fans in different places in the state.
  • The state government and UP CM Mr. Yogi has signed a mutual agreement with the central government to ensure that the state receives power supply for 24 hours uninterrupted.
  • Under the scheme it is certain that the government is aiming to provide power supply for every home by the year 2019.
  • To make electricity more economical to the people in rural areas it is certain that the government aims at distributing cheaper LED bulbs just for RS 60.
  • Apart from this the government of the state has also made it clear that it shall be providing facility for rural area people where they can make bill payment using E-payment facilities.
  • The government shall also offer with convenience where consumers can take the benefit of registering their complaints via toll free number.
  • The government is also ensuring that it will set up new and better solar panels plants in the state for helping overcome the generation of cheaper source of electricity.
  • The state government has announced purchasing additional power supply for the state by the centre at a much cheaper rate.
  • The state government has made its request of providing 24 hours power supply for cities and at least 20 hours of power supply for small and big villages and Districts.
  • Apart from this the state government ahs also announced that it shall not be cutting power supply between 7 to 11 pm in the state for students at the time of exam preparations.

Spent money in the Project by the Government

The government has announced the implementation of scheme to benefit around 1.86 crore houses in rural areas. After implementation these houses will get 24 hours power supply. Apart from this the government has also estimated the budget of 40,000 crore RS. Nearly 50 percent of the budget amount will also be spent by the government in the project by 2018.

Details of announced day

The decision for the launch of the scheme was taken by the State government and the union power ministry in a meeting held on 14th April 2017. The government has also made its statement that the implementation in the rural areas will be done by October 2018. Further it is added that the scheme will be implemented for agricultural fields by 2019 under the set budget.

State who already assigned the agreement with central

Under the scheme the state government has announced that it will provide electrical plants in various rural areas and Districts in the state. Apart from this it will also establish solar plants for generating electricity for rural areas. This will ensure the government that people in these areas will receive cheap electricity 24 hours a day. Other states in the country are already a part of this scheme and receiving better quality power supply.

Toll Free Number

With the aim to offer better services to the consumers the government has also announced the launch of toll free number 1912 that can be reached by the consumers 24 X 7. The number is available for consumers across the state to register their complaints.


It is certain that with the launch of the scheme in the state the government can ensure that people can get the benefit of using efficient power supply. The government has also announced that it will be providing with cheap and affordable LED bulbs via government outlets. The centre shall also be providing with 10,000 solar powered panels to generate additional electricity for the state.

By implementing this scheme in Uttar Pradesh the Modi lead government has made it very clear that it aims to enhance the concept of providing better power for residential and agricultural sectors in the state.

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