(pmgdisha) Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyan 2022

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Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyan Registration Form, Certificate Download PMGDisha Full Form 2020 [Government Approves to Train 6 Crore Rural Households digitally] 

Finally the Union Cabinet approved the PMGDISHA.in for educating rural households digitally. The agenda of the project is to spread digital literacy among 6 crore households of rural belt. Announcement of the project has been made in the last Budget, dated 1st February, 2017. Agenda of the plan is to make 6 crores of Rural people literate digitally within end of FY 2019. The overlay of the project, as announced in the Annual Budget has been INR 2351 Crores. With the approval of the Agenda, scope of digital banking, as eyed by the PM, will find a steep progress. Now all the eyes are towards 2019, since that can shape up the Cashless India dream of Mr Modi.

Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyan

How the Plan goes

Training plan is , not only for the rural people, but also for the candidates who will be providing the teaching. For the first year, there is a plan to train 25 lakh candidates. Next year plan is to train near about 275 lakhs candidates and in the last year, 300 lakhs. Thus a total of 600 lakh candidates will be trained during the entire process. To make the challenging task easy, Government has divided the entire plan easy by selecting around 300 candidates from each of the 2.5 lakh panchayats. Thus, this is going to be a project that has been eyed to be the largest literacy program with digital aspect, till now around the globe.

What the Course will do

After the training, all the candidates will be able to operate computers and even android sets or smart phones. Thus, an overview of the same suggests that cashless India will not remain a wild dream during that time. Their company will train the other rural households and then no body can claim that Cashless India is an impossible task to be accomplished. The candidates will be able to browse internet, exchange emails, get through the different government service and of course cashless transactions. If all the things are collected, it can be easily said that India is going to face a perfect IT reform within these two years.

Government Set up

To accomplish the goal of the project, IT and Electronic department of the state will be collaborating each other and the delegation of the power will be through the DeGS and SIAs. Thus a complete layout has been designed and that was followed with the approval of the PM, ensuring the IT reform in the nation for the first time. The project has been appraised at different levels too, including in some of the foreign bodies. However, this has been assigned to be the largest digital training program ever held, in any part of the world.

Why the Course

Going cashless is not the base and basis of the agenda, although this claim is been made at different levels. According to NSSO survey, held in 2014, near to 94 crores or 94% of the total rural population of the nation is not holding a computer. This implied that only 6% of the rural population is literate digitally. While the world is going ahead with different digital implications, India remained at the back seat. This revolution will be changing the entire configuration for the coming future. The entire scope of the survey is going to make the rural base of the nation strong enough to accept the different supports from the government.

Course Content

The course content is ready to back up the cashless pickup of the Government. Mobile banking is one of the side of the total training. UPI, online banking and digital banking and Aadhaar system will be covered in the entire course. Tyhe total nation is also eyeing at the success of this particular agenda, since its success will definitely bring cashless structure.



To fulfil the dream of digital India by Prime Minister Narendra Modi government has done praiseworthy work up till now and have also taken necessary steps. To develop any nation it is most important to develop the technology of it because the developments made in this area/sector makes a country stand out from the other countries of the world and makes it a wealthy nation.

This is possible and easily achievable when the engineering students of the nation are allowed to conduct practical research work. So for this purpose Central Electronics and Information Technology Ministry has launched a unique internship scheme named as Digital Internship Scheme.

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