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The central government had already launched many welfare schemes for pregnant mothers. In the recent times, the central authority has made headlines with the new and improved Pradhan Mantri Matritva Vandana Yojana. The scheme is also known as the Maternity Benefit Program and will assist the ladies who are expecting a child soon or are nursing the new born baby.

Pradhan Mantri Matritva Vandana Yojana

Launch details of the scheme

The announcement of the particular scheme was made by the Prime Minister of the country in the year 2016. The implementation of the scheme has officially started from the 1st of January, 2017. The announcement was made by the PM of the nation Narendra Modi. Women and Child Development Ministry will oversee the activities and proper monitoring of the program. One can acquire the details of the program from the official website.

Details about the beneficiaries

  1. Under the scheme, the central government will assist the poor and backward women, living in rural, tribal as well as the urban areas, if they are expecting a child soon or they are already nursing the new born.
  2. In case the expecting candidate has the ability of taking care of the expenses or is associated with ant department of the state or the central government for professional reasons, then she will be barred from registering under the scheme.
  3. Ladies who have conceived the child on or after the 1st of January, 2017. The pregnancy state will be tested and confirmed as per the Last Menstrual Period. As per the rules, only these candidates will get the monetary assistance.
  4. All the registered candidates will be able to get the financial assistance one time only. The women who receive the first installment but lose the child due to some reason, she will be given the amount of 2nd and 3rd installment during the next pregnancy. The same is applied in case of still born children.

Installment details of the scheme        

The money will be given to the eligible women, by the central government in three separate installments.

The First Installment: When the pregnant or nursing mother gets her registration with the Anganwadi or the health care center, they will be given the first installment amount of Rs. 1000.

The Second Installment: Opting for any Ante-Natal Examinations is very important to monitor the progress of the unborn child. When the expecting mother goes through the first Ante-Natal Check-up, then the second installment amount of Rs. 2000 will be deposited in the bank account. It happens around the sixth month of pregnancy.

The Third Installment: When the child is born and is considered fit, the health care centers will register the birth. The mother will be eligible to get the third installment amount of Rs. 2000 then.

As per the rules, each candidate will also be able to get the monetary assistance under JYS or Janani Suraksha Yojana. It is mentioned that any candidate who opts to deliver the child in any health care center or hospital will get additional financial aid. Overall, every candidate will receive Rs. 6000 on an average.

Closure of old maternity scheme

  1. If any pregnant women had filled in the application form as per the rules of the earlier welfare scheme, by now they have already got the money from the first installment.
  2. If they continue to receive the financial grant as per the scheme, then they will now have to fill in the application form as per the rules of PMMVY.
  3. For the time being, the implementation of the scheme will take place only in 53 districts. It will be done on pilot base.
  4. Before its implementation, there were other schemes as well that provided financial assistance to pregnant women. If any candidate has registered under such scheme, then they can be shifted under the new scheme.
  5. As per the guidelines of the earlier scheme, each registered candidate was to get the grant amount of Rs. 6000 in two parts, one after the completion of six months and two consecutive pre-natal examinations and the final installment after the child is born.
  6. In case any candidate has received the first installment as per the old scheme, once she registers under the new scheme, the grant money will be given to her as per the new rules.
  7. 2000 will be given as the third installment and Rs. 1000 will also be provided if the child take birth under the watchful eyes of the doctors in any medical institute.

How to register for first installment?                                                                             

The Anganwadi Center or the Medical Healthcare clinics are the two tools for implementing the scheme. Each state or Union Territory can choose any tool as the vehicle of scheme implementation. The interested candidate can get the application form from the health care centers or the AWC and fill it accordingly. The submission of the form must be done in the same health care center or the AWC.  For registration of the first installment, the Form 1-A must be filled.

How to register for second installment?

Once the candidate has collected the registration form, for getting the monetary benefits under as per the second installment, from either the health care centers or the AWC, the Form 1-B must be filled and necessary documents must be attached to it before submission at the AWC or health care office.

How to register for third installment?

Registration for attaining the benefits of the third installment is done by filling the Form 1-C. The form can be acquired from the nearest Anganwadi center or the health care center. If one has access to internet, then the form can be downloaded from the official link  Once the candidate has submitted the registration application at the proper place, the officers will check the details and do the required verifications.

How to claim for first installment?

Filling the Form 1-A is the beginning of the grant claiming process. Once the form is submitted, it will be sent for verification and if everything is in place, only then the money will be dispatched. The submission of the first form must be done within a span of 150 days, after the candidate has experience her last menstruation. The dates must be highlighted in the form and other required documents must be attached with the form as well.

The verification process will be started immediately so that the candidate gets the monetary grant within 30 working days. Once the candidate submits the form at the AWC, ASHA or the health center, the form will be forwarded to the office of the Supervisor/ANM.

From here, the program will be sent for verification to the office of the CDPO or the Health Officer at Block level. The case will be closely monitored and weekly reports will be submitted. When all verifications are done, the respective authority will deposit the money in the candidate’s account.

How to claim for second installment?

Like the previous form, the claiming process for the second installment will start with the submission of Form 1-B at the offices of ASHA, AWC or the health care center. All important documents, related to the pregnancy, must be attached with the form.

Then the form will be forwarded to the office of the Health Supervisor or the ANM and from there, it will be forwarded to the office of the Block level Health Officer or the CDPO. After examining the papers and reports, the offices will send the message to the respective authority to deposit the second installment money in the bank account of the candidate. All these activities will be completed within 30 working days, starting from the day of the Form 1-B’s submission.

How to claim for third installment?

The grant claiming process of the third installment is much similar like the 1st and 2nd installments. The Form 1-C is the main registration form for getting the money and it must be accompanied with all required documents and test results. The form must have the Aadhar Code of the registered candidate’s husband.

Once the submission of the form is done at the office of the respective health care office or the AWC or ASHA, they will promptly send it to the office of the Health Supervisor. Once the required verification is over here, the form will be forwarded to the office of CDPO or the Block Health Officer for his consideration. After this verification level, the respective officers will deposit the installment money in the account of the candidate. It will also be completed within a span of 30 days from the date of the submission of Form 1-C.

Bunching of Installments

  1. The candidate will not be allowed to get the benefits of the scheme if she applies for registration after completing 730 days of conception. The date of last menstruation, recorded in the MCP pass will be taken as the actual pregnancy date.
  2. Only if all the conditions and criteria are met by the registered candidates, will they be able to apply for the installment grants. The claim application for each installment can be made separately. They must not be interlinked with one another.
  3. If the candidate has not registered just after the conception of the baby but has not yet crossed the 730 day mark, then an application or registration can be made and the respective installments can be claimed.
  4. For candidates who have not recorded the date of last menstruation but want to claim the money for the third installment, the registration of the claim must be done within a time frame of 460 days, commencing from the day the child was born. If the deadline is crossed, the candidate will not get the grant money.
  5. If any candidate is interested in the bunching process, then the application can be made in various combinations. These combinations will eliminate confusion and make matters easy for the candidate.

Payment procedure of the scheme

  1. As mentioned earlier, the monetary grant will be directly deposited in the account of the registered candidate. The central and the state government officials will not make any payments in the form of cash.
  2. The final go for dispatching the grant will come from the State Nodal Officer. The officer will provide the grant to those candidates, whose names appear on the list that has been sent by the CDPO or the Block level Health Officer.
  3. As the grant money will be deposited in the account of the candidate in the form of DBT. Thus, it is mandatory for the registered candidates to have access to active bank accounts or similar accounts in the post office.
  4. Only selected banks and post offices will have the privilege of providing the services, under the new scheme.

Special cases under the scheme

  1. In case the child dies after birth – There are instances when the registered candidate qualifies under all criteria mentioned in Form 1-C and delivers a healthy child. Due to some unfortunate reason the child does not live to complete six months. It will be treated as a special case and the candidate will get the 3rd installment sum.
  2. In case of twins or triplets – The registered candidate many give birth to twins or have triplets at the time of delivery. But that case will be treated as first ever child birth in the family and the candidate will not get any monetary grant during next pregnancies.
  3. If the candidates migrate – If the candidate is registered in one state but has to move to another before the child is born, she will get the facilities in the new state as well. The candidate will have to furnish the MCP card and the Aadhar Card of the husband for verification. It can be done at the office of the selected Health care center or the office of ASHA or AWC.
  4. False claims – In case the registered candidates make false claims about the pregnancy or the child to lay their hands on the grant money, then the authority will send them a notice to give the money back. If the candidates are unable to do as directed, they will be booked under criminal law.


The scheme is a developed and better version of the JSY and will assist the government in providing monetary assistance to mothers who belong to poor sections. A massive amount of Rs.12, 661 crore will be required to implement the scheme on a pan-nation basis. The central and the state government will sponsor the program jointly.

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  1. Its a great Scheme launched by our PM. But this scheme is out of reach to maximum ladies. Because of wrong guidance of ash workers and health centers.
    This scheme should be fully online.not offline.
    Offline system is not clear.
    Aanganbaadi workers are so lazy to provide information to people.

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