Pradhan Mantri Yuva Yojana (PMYY)

Pradhan Mantri Yuva Yojana  (PMYY)

The young citizens of the country are the future of the country who will take India to a brighter and successful potion in the world. So it is important that the youth of the country is made strong and trained in a way that they can get involved in progressive activities. For this to happen it is important that government id India proves the youth of the country with full support and creates and better environment for young entrepreneurs. Keeping this in mind the PMYY has been launched by the government of India.

Pradhan Mantri Yuva Yojana
S.NoThings Need to KnowDetails
1Name of the schemePradhan Mantri Yuva Yojana
2Scheme launched byMinistry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi
3Objective of the schemeProvide entrepreneurship training to then youth of the country
4Target group for the schemeYouth of the country
5Scheme launch dateNovember 2016

The PMYY is a flagship scheme of the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship and under this scheme the Ministry will impart entrepreneurship education to the youth of the country in the coming five years.

Objective of the scheme

This scheme is in par with the Prime Minister’s dream of creating an India where youngsters do not search for jobs but instead are the ones to create more job opportunities. So to help the youth of the country in becoming successful entrepreneurs, the Ministry has decided to partner with various institutions and to impart entrepreneurship education and training to the youth. By doing so the youth will be able to open up and manage own businesses and will slowly the country will overcome the problem of unemployment.

So the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, for the coming five years, will conduct training programs through the online medium to train the youngsters for entrepreneurship.

Features of the scheme

Here are some of the important features of the scheme that have been announced by the Ministry.

  • The scheme will be effective for the coming five year which means from the financial year 2016-17 till the financial year 2020-21. It has been estimated that the total cost of the project would be around Rs.499.94 crore.
  • The Ministry has targeted to reach out to around 7 lakh students across the country and train then with the help of 3050 institutes that the Ministry will partner with.
  • It was revealed during the launch that two of the institutes that were a part of this Yojana are NIESBUD and IIE. These two institutions have provided entrepreneurship training to over 7 lakh student across the world
  • For imparting entrepreneurship education to the students around 2200 institutes of higher learning, 500 ITIs, 50 entrepreneurship development centers and 300 schools will be made a part of this Yojana. Together massive Open Online courses platform will be created and the students will be trained.
  • It is being planned that the state governments of the country will be given Rs.7000 crore so that they can team up with the local skill development centers of their state for this Yojana.
  • To make this Yojana successful it has been said that the state has to coordinate with the center in order to maintain the standards of training under this Yojana. Also the Sector Skill Councils will work together with the local authorities in order to figure out job aggregation.
  • Under this scheme the students who want to become entrepreneurs will be provided with a convenient access to the information and mentoring network that will be created as a part of this scheme.

The Government of India is of the view that creating entreprenurs in the cuntry will lead to the economic development of the country and thus lead to the social development of the coutry. So the ebst efforts will be made to impart entrepreneurship training.

Launch of the scheme

On the event that was condtued to mark the second foundation day of the Minsitry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, the PMYY was launched by the head of the Ministry. The main obejctive of the Minsitry and this Yojana remains to train youngsters and encourage them to become entrepreneurs.

By doing so, the startup businesses in the nation would face rapid growth and it would be perfect solution to deal the problem of unemployment.

The PMYY will be in active for how many years?Five years (2016 – 2021)
Estimated Cost for offering sufficient infrastructure for this schemeRs. 500 Crore
Estimated number of youths will get trained under this schemeAround 7 – 8 Lakh potential youths across the nation
Number of Institutions about to amend under this schemeAround 3000 Institutes across the nation

The Minister of the Skill Develoment and Entrepreneurship deparment said that intitiative would bring together interantional and national learning practices together inorder to imaprt entrepreneurship education to the younsters of the country so that promisiing entrepreneurs can be produced after the training.  He also said that the institutions involved in this Yojana have been successful so far and he is hoping that in the coming years these institutes will produce some of the best entrepreneurs of the country in the coming five years.

On the launch event Rajiv Pratap Rudy also launched the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana 2.0 and announced the guidelines for it. Certain allocations of funds were also made for this scheme on the launch event.


With such effective scheme of boosting young and talented adults across nation to guide them towards the entrepreneurship would surely create a positive impact on nation economic growth. Experts across the nation suggest that government must take intensive care on processing the scheme effectively.

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