Pradhanmantri Amrut Yojana

Pradhanmantri Amrut Yojana

Angadwadi people will be witnessed yet another nutrition scheme initiated by the CM of Raipur. On 29th of the month of April, CM declared the scheme “Pradhanmantri Amrut Yojana”. This is for the children suffering from malnutrition and also for the women who are pregnant and need extra pound of protein and vitamins. Also there will be another scheme called “Mahatari Janata Yojana” where pregnant women will get fresh nutritious meal to have a healthy life. This second scheme will be launched by the CM on 2nd of the month of May.

Pradhanmantri Amrut Yojana

The Scheme

According to the PAY (Pradhanmantri Amrut Yojana) all the children and pregnant women will get nutritious food to feed them. As the CM said, on every Monday, kids aged between 3 years to 6 years will get flavoured and sweetened milk. Also in angadwadi, those women who are pregnant will be feed by hot and fresh nutritious dietary supplements.

The amount of the milk will be 100ml per kid and the food limit will be 20gm per women. The limit of the food and milk has also declared by the CM of Raipur himself.

Precautions and Preparation

As the scheme is designed especially for the infants and also for the pregnant women only in angarwadi, the authorities have taken special care for storing the food and milk. The CM said the storage and transportation of the milk and other diets should be clean and well maintained.

CM also stated that at any cost the cleanliness will be maintained as these foods are for the infants and pregnant women who have much lower resistance power than ordinary people. Also the authorities promised to provide a better diet to all the children who are suffering from malnutrition and don’t get proper food to survive.

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