Pre Matric – Post Matric Scholarships Scheme for Minority Students

Pre-Matric and Post-Matric Scholarships for Minority Students Application Process, Online Form, Eligibility Criteria, Last date 

With time, several changes have taken place in the education sector in India. Higher education is rather expensive. Not all have the financial power to meet these requirements. Poor families, belonging to the minority communities often find it difficult to arrange necessary funds for paying school fee. Central Minority Welfare department will offer special grants to these students if they meet some criteria. It has implemented two unique scholarship schemes, namely Pre Matric Scholarship Grant and Post Matric Scholarship Grant. The online application for both these grants is now on.

Pre-Matric and Post-Matric Scholarships for Minority Students

Launch details

Name of the schemes Pre Matric Scholarship Schemes for Minorities and Post Matric Scholarship Schemes for Minorities
Launched in India
Launched by Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi
Announcement date 2012 – 2013
Current implementation phase for 2018 – 2019 academic year
Target beneficiary Minority students
Supervised by Ministry of Minority Affairs
Start of online application 23rd Jul
Online application closes on 30th Sep
Publication of final list November 2018

Objective of the scheme 

  • Educational development – The central minority welfare department has developed and implemented this scheme to ensure that poor candidates get necessary financial assistance to complete their basic education. Only then will they be able to opt for higher education.
  • Encouragement for parents and students – This unique educational grant will not only encourage students, but will play a positive role in boosting the moral of guardians. Parents will no longer need to worry about arranging extra funds for paying their kids’ school fees.

Key features of the scheme

  1. For specific students 
  • Under the Pre Matric Scholarship Scheme, students studying in class 1 to class 10 will receive specific scholarship amounts.
  • Under the Post Matric Scholarship Scheme, students of 11thand 12th standard along with college and university candidates will receive financial grants.
  1. Identified minority communities – Only those students who belong to Buddhist, Jain, Christian, Parsi, Sikh and Muslim communities will be able to enroll under this scheme. These are the identified minority communities in the nation.
  2. Female reservation – Minority families often don’t send their female wards to school to cut back on expenses. The central authority will give this scholarship to 30% female applicants only. It will increase the admission of female candidates to schools.
  3. Assistance till matric level – Under this particular scheme, minority students will receive scholarship from 1st standard to 10th In case they want to continue higher education, they have to apply under Post Matric Scholarship Schemes for minorities.
  4. Money in bank account – To eliminate all complexities and to ensure that only the correct applicant receives this financial assistance, central authority will deposit this money in respective accounts.

Grant amount for students under Pre Matric Scheme

Purpose of the grant Students who don’t stay in hostels Students who stay in hostels
Grant for payment of admission fee (class 6 to 10) Rs 500 per year Rs. 500 per year
Grant for payment of tuition fee (class 6 to 10) Rs. 350 per year Rs. 350 per year
Grant for maintenance of applicants (class 1 to 5) Rs. 100 every month NIL
Grant for maintenance of applicants (class 6 to 10) Rs. 100 per month Rs. 600 per month

Grant amount for students under Post Matric Scheme

Purpose Students Who Need Hostel Facility Day Boarder Applicants
Grant for payment of tuition and admission fee (class 11 and 12) Rs. 7000 annually Rs. 7000 annually
Grant for payment of tuition and admission fee for vocational and technical candidates (class 11 and 12) Rs. 10,000 annually Rs. 10,000 annually
Grant for payment of tuition and admission fee for graduate and post graduate applicants Rs. 3000 annually Rs. 3000 annually
Grant for maintenance payments (class 11 and 12) Rs. 380 monthly Rs. 230 monthly
Grant for maintenance payment (UG and PG) Rs. 570 monthly Rs. 300 monthly
Grant for maintenance payment (MPhil and Ph.D) Rs. 1200 monthly Rs. 550 monthly

Common eligibility and documents necessary

  1. Applicable for minorities – This scheme has been designed and developed to offer financial assistance to minority students. All interested candidates must possess their minority caste certificate. Absence of this paper will bar them from getting the perks.
  2. Marks related requirement – Any applicant who desires to attain this financial assistance will have to score at least 50% marks in the last examination and get promoted to the next class. So, mark sheets must be furnished for inspection.
  3. Type of school – It has been highlighted in the scheme draft that minority applicants that have taken admission in government schools as well as private educational institutes will receive this financial assistance. Thus, official papers of the school must be furnished during final scrutiny.
  4. Two applicants from every household – The central authority desires to reach out to as many students as possible with this benefit. Thus, it has been mentioned that only two eligible candidates will be selected from every household.
  5. Bank account details – It is mandatory for all applicants to have a bank account in their names. Once an applicant is selected, the central government will transfer the grant amount in the respective account. Account number, bank and branch name, branch code, branch address are some necessary information.

Difference in eligibility criterion

Income related criterion for Pre Matric – Only belonging to the minority community is not enough. If the annual income of the parents of any applicant crosses the mark of one lakh, then he/she will be barred from getting Pre Matric Scholarship.

Income related criterion for Post Matric – For Post Matric Scholarship the income of parents must not go above 2 lakhs mark during one financial year. Thus, it is mandatory for all enrolling students to furnish the family income certificate.

How to apply for the educational grant?

  1. For easy and hassle-free enrollment, central government has allowed online registration. All applicants will have to click on and get the digitized application form.
  2. As the page opens, applicants will see four separate tabs. They need to click on the tab that is marked as “Central Schemes”
  3. Under this section, there is a sub-section that is marked as “Ministry of Minority Affairs.” Applicants will have to this option to proceed.
  4. Clicking on the option will produce three different options. Candidates will have to pick according to their academic level. If one desires to opt for higher education scholarship, then he/she has to click on “Apply” button alongside Post Matric Scholarship Scheme for Minorities.” Otherwise candidates will have to click on the “Apply” button that is present alongside the ‘Pre Matric Scholarships Scheme for Minorities’ option.
  5. As soon as the candidate clicks on “Apply” button, the primary login page will open in a different tab.
  6. If the candidate has not logged in before, then he/she has to click on the link marked as “New Student? Register Here.”
  7. It will bring up the guideline and enrollment instruction page. At the end of this page, there is a green “Continue” button. To proceed, applicants have to click on this button.
  8. This will bring up the primary registration form for 2018 – 2019 academic years. All individuals must type in personal, contact and bank account related details.
  9. Once all details are filled in, the candidate has to click on the red “Register” button. It will trigger the site to send user ID and password via SMS and e-mail.
  10. Here after, candidates will have login with these credentials and verify with the OTP.
  11. Once the verification is done, candidates will get access to the actual registration form.
  12. Make sure that all fields are filled in meticulously with correct information.
  13. At the end of it all, applicants will have to click on the “Save & Continue” button. It will save the applicant in the database for future scrutiny.

Primary, secondary and higher education is a must for all students. Without this education, it will be impossible for candidates to attain suitable jobs. Even admission in vocational courses requires a minimum qualification. The financial assistance that the central authority offers to the minority communities will enable the parents to pay school and college fee in time. Thus, the applicants can concentrate on their studies, without worrying financial hindrances.

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