Prime Minister Scholarship Scheme (PMSS) 2022

List Of Prime Minister (PM) Scholarship Scheme 2020 Pradhan Mantri Application Form Process, Online Download, Eligibility Criteria, Student list, Renewal form, Last Date

Soldiers protect the boundaries as well as the sovereignty of ant nation. When it comes to defending the freedom of their country, they don’t hesitate to lay down their lives in the battle field. But they don’t get enough remuneration or lucrative pension packages. Thus, the families of ex-servicemen and those who lose their lives on the warfront often face financial trouble. Prime Minister Modi has announced that central authority will take necessary measures to ensure that these families don’t suffer from economic constrains. The Prime Minister Scholarship Scheme will offer educational grant to those families to ensure proper education of their children.

Prime Minister Scholarship Scheme

Launch details

The scheme was launched by the central government for the first time during the financial year 2006 – 2007. The application process for the academic year 2019–20 will start as per schedule. All implementation related activities will be monitored by the Ex-Servicemen Welfare Department. It is an initiative that is taken by Defence Ministry of India, under the watchful eyes of Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman.

Key features of the scheme

  1. Academic development of students – PM Modi wants to ensure that all children get the chance to complete their education. Financial constrain should not come in their way. The best way to honor ex-military members is to offer them financial assistance for education of the children.
  2. For ex-members of army, air force and navy – Only those students will be able to apply for this scheme whose parents were associated with army, navy or air force. Children of ex-military personnel as well as those who lost their lives on the line of duty will be able to apply for this educational grant scheme.
  3. All-India implementation – This scheme is designed by the central government. It will be implemented in all parts of the country simultaneously.
  4. Both boys and girls – It has been mentioned in the draft that both boys and girls of ex-servicemen will be allowed to submit their application under this scheme.
  5. Total number of grant holders – For the time being, this scheme will award financial grants to 5500 candidates on an annual basis. The central department may increase the number in future to offer assistance to more families.
  6. Financial grant offered –Recent changes by PM Modi boys will stand a chance to receive 2500 Rs (Earlier Rs 2000) and female candidates will receive 3000 Rs (Earlier Rs. 2250) on a monthly basis. Thus, male and female candidates will receive 30,000 and Rs. 36,000 every year respectively. .
  7. Tenure of scholarship – To make sure that the children of ex-servicemen do not face any financial trouble while pursuing their education, the department will offer scholarship for 1 to 5 years. Most academic and vocational courses get over within this period.
  8. Courses covered under the scheme – Both professional as well as academic courses have been included in the scholarship list. It ensures that students can pick the subject that they wish to pursue without any hesitation.
  9. One application per candidate – One candidate will not be able to fill and submit forms for several courses. Each candidate will be permitted to submit a single form.

Courses identified for financial grant

As mentioned, students pursuing academic degrees in colleges as well as those who desire to enroll in professional or vocational projects will get economic support from the central authority. To get more information about the list of courses, highlighted under this scholarship project, one has to click on the link Integrated courses have also been included in this list.

Eligibility for the scheme

  1. Initial marks related criterion – The scheme draft states that all students, interested in pursuing higher education must score at least 60% in the last examination. Otherwise, their applications will be rejected.
  2. Marks related criterion for consecutive years – After the first year, all selected candidates must receive at least 50% in their respective courses. Failure to do this will result in the automatic cancellation of the grant.
  3. Degree related criterion – Only students opting for graduation degree will be able to apply under this grant scheme. Only a few master degree programs have been identified under the scheme.
  4. Widow and unmarried children – Both widows and dependent children will be able to opt for this scholarship scheme. In case the wife marries again, then the child will not get the financial grant.
  5. Not for earning candidates – The scheme will not offer any financial benefits to those candidates who are still working with any branch of the armed Indian forces.
  6. Qualification related criterion – Depending on the course the applicant is pursuing, he/she needs to meet the required criteria. All candidates who desire to opt for MBBS need to pass class 12. In case the applicant has enrolled in B.Tech/BE courses, he/she must have class 12 passing certificate or a diploma degree. For candidates interested in B.Ed or MBA, a minimum qualification of graduation is required.
  7. Not for studying abroad – If the children of ex-servicemen are studying in foreign universities, they will be barred from applying under this educational grant scheme.
  8. Not for stipend solders – In case the wards of ex-servicemen get any type of stipend from the course, then those candidates will not receive this financial benefit.
  9. Not for distance courses – Only students, pursuing regular courses in colleges will be able to receive this financial award. No distance academic course will be considered under this program.
  10. Not for normal master degree programs – All candidates, pursuing normal master degree from any university, will not be allowed to apply for this financial grant scheme. An exception has been made only for MCA and MBA candidates.
  11. Not for para-military or civilians – This particular scholarship program has been designed to offer benefits for ex-service members only. Members associated with the para-military forces as well as common citizens have been kept out of this scheme.

Documents necessary for the scheme

  1. Aadhar card – It is mandatory for all applicants to upload a digitized copy of their Aadhar card. It will contain all identification details. It will also help the authority to do a background check with ease.
  2. Birth certificate – While applying for the scheme, all applicants need to furnish their birth certificates as well. As the entire process will be carried out online, one has to scan the birth certificate.
  3. Academic certificates – It has been mentioned that only students who receive a certain percentage in exams, will get this financial grant. Thus, every applicant needs to upload scanned copies of school certificate and mark sheet to prove that he/she is a deserving candidate.
  4. Bank account details – Each registering student needs to possess an active bank account. Bank account details, like bank and branch name, account code, bank address must be provided. For this, the candidate must scan and upload the first page of the bank account passbook.
  5. Certificate from the dean – each applicant also needs to scan and upload a Bonafied certificate with the registration form. It must contain the signature and seal of the dean/principal/registrar of the higher educational institute.

Payment procedure under the scheme

Grant amount will be transferred in the account of the selected applicant on a monthly basis. As soon as a candidate is selected, he/she will receive the first installment automatically. To continue getting this grant, applicants must fill and submit Payment-cum-renewal form. Along with this, a Bonafied certificate is also necessary. Once this is done, the department will send the grant amount directly to candidate’s active bank account. If the bank account is not officially linked with the applicants Aadhar card, then the grant will be discontinued.

How to get the application form Download?

The central government has stated that all interested and deserving candidates will have to get the application form from the official online portal. To download the registration form, each applicant has to click on the link . To acquire other scheme related details, applicants need to click on the link .

How to apply for the scholarship?

  1. All candidates who have received the specified marks and fulfill required criteria will have to click on the official link of the scheme site. The link address is .
  2. As soon as the site opens, applicants have to click on the link that is marked as “Pradhan Mantri Scholarship Application Form.”
  3. When the registration form opens, you will find several boxes. Each box needs to be filled with certain details like name, age, ESM service number, Ex-servicemen Identification code, academic details of the applicant, scored marks and more.
  4. The applicants must take care while filling these fields. Entering any wrong data will result in the dismissal of the application.
  5. The registration form had two parts. Once the applicant has filled in both these parts, he/she needs to save the form by clicking on the button that is marked as “Submit.”
  6. After these details have been scrutinized by the concerned authorities, selected candidates will be informed accordingly.

Scholarship renewal process

All applicants must submit the scholarship renewal form, to continue getting the grant. For this, candidates must log on to the official website and click on the link that will offer them access to the online renewal process. Some document will be necessary during the renewal process as well. It is mandatory to scan and upload digitized original format of the Bonafied certificate that was signed by the dean. Along with this, the mark sheet and exam passing certificate must be uploaded as well. These documents must contain the signature of the applicant. The mark sheet of both academic years and semesters are necessary, to ensure that the candidate has received at least 50%.

Terms of selection

  1. Priority will be given to the widows or dependent wards of ex-servicemen or members of coast guard force who lost their lives while in action.
  2. After this, the department will pick children or widows of those ex-servicemen or coast guard force, who suffered from any injury, while they were on duty, and hence been rendered handicap or disables in any way.
  3. Then preference will be given to the family members of those soldiers whose death was caused by army related causes, while in service.
  4. Then comes the turn of family members of former soldiers, who suffered from any injury became disabled.
  5. Those candidates will be directly enrolled in this scheme, whose husbands or fathers were able to come to the service of the nation, and received any gallantry awards.
  6. Children and widows of former coast guard members as well as ex-servicemen will also be selected who fall in “Personnel Below Officer Rank” category.

Contact details and Helpline Numbers

Interested individuals will be able to receive any information, regarding this scheme by dialing the toll free helpline number 011 – 267 – 110066. Applicants can also get in touch with the respective department by dropping a mail on the ID or or The website address is office of is located at:

Joint Director Training & Scholarship

Kendriya Saikin Board

West Block-IV, Wing-VII, 2nd Floor

R K Puram, New Delhi-110066

Whether the soldiers die on-duty or pass away after he/she retired from the force, it becomes hard for the family members to cope with the expenses. It has been seen that on several occasions, their wards are forced to quit school due to financial constraints. This unique scholarship scheme will help these families and will ensure that no son or daughter of an ex-army member has to give up his/her education due to lack of money.

List Of All Prime Minister Scholarship Schemes 2019-20


Scholarship NameBeneficiaries Start DateLast Date

Ministry Of Minority Affairs

1Pre Matric Scholarships Scheme for MinoritiesMinority GroupsJuly 
2Post Matric Scholarships Scheme for MinoritiesMinority GroupsJuly 
3Merit Cum Means Scholarship For Professional and Technical Courses CSMinority GroupsJuly 

Department of Empowerment of Person With Disabilities

1Pre-matric Scholarship for Students with DisabilitiesDisableJuly 
2Post-matric Scholarship for Students with DisabilitiesDisableJuly 
3Scholarships for Top Class Education for students with disabilitiesDisableJuly 

Ministry Of Social Justice And Empowerment

1Top Class Education Scheme for SC StudentsSC Soon

 Ministry Of Labour And Employment

1Financial Assistance for Education of the Wards of Beedi/Cine/IOMC/LSDM Workers – Post-MatricLabour July 
2Financial Assistance for Education of the Wards of Beedi/Cine/IOMC/LSDM Workers – Pre-MatricLabourJuly 
3Aam Aadmi Bima Yojna Scholarship for Andhra PradeshLabourOffline

Ministry Of Tribal Affairs

1National Fellowship and Scholarship for Higher Education of ST Students – Scholarship (Formally Top Class Education for Schedule Tribe Students) – only for scholarshipsTribalJuly 

Department Of School Education And Literacy

1National Scheme of Incentive to Girls for Secondary Education(NSIGSE)                 SoonSoon
2National Means Cum Merit Scholarship July 

Department Of Higher Education

1Center Sector Scheme Of Scholarship  For College  And University Students  July 

WARB, Ministry Of Home Affairs

1Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme For Central Armed Police Forces And Assam Rifles July 

RPF/RPSF, Ministry Of Railway

 Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme For RPF/RPSF SoonSoon

University Grants Commission

1ISHAN UDAY – Special Scholarship Scheme For North Eastern Region Soon


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