Purushothapatnam Lift Irrigation Scheme in Andhra Pradesh

Purushothapatnam Lift Irrigation Scheme in Andhra Pradesh (Jalasiri Harati scheme) UPSC

The state government of Andhra Pradesh has recently launched an irrigation scheme namely Purushothapatnam Lift Irrigation Scheme in the state. The scheme aimed at using the water from Godavari River for irrigation system and using it as drinking water. The first phase of the scheme has already completed as well.

Purushothapatnam Lift Irrigation Scheme

Launch Details

The scheme was officially launched on Jan 2017. The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Mr. N. Chandrababu Naidu has started “Jalasiri Harati” scheme under which 28 irrigation projects will be completed. Purushothapatnam Lift Irrigation scheme is one of them that had completed its first phase on 15th of August. CM Naidu has switched on the pumps on the occasion of Independence Day this year to implement the scheme around the Godavari River.

Benefits of the scheme

  • The scheme is launched to facilitate the farmers in their farming. Areas where adequate water supply is absent are highly suffering from low production. Initiating such projects and schemes will make water supply much easier to the fields.
  • This scheme will largely benefit the poor people across the state. Poor farmers who depend on the agricultural production for survival can enhance their produce with enough water flow under this scheme.
  • With adequate water flow to the fields, the quality of soil will also gets enhanced. This will lead to more efficient production and high quality products in agricultural areas.
  • Apart from this income distribution among the poor people will also get balanced. Equal income distribution will help the authority to lowering down the poverty density in various areas.

Key Features

  • Under this scheme the water lifted from the Godavari River will be used for farming of the adjacent areas and also it is expected to purify for drinking purpose.
  • PLI scheme is designed for two phases among which one phase has been completed last month. In these two phases 11 districts will be benefitted from the scheme.
  • It is a state run irrigation program to encourage the farming around the Godavari River area. It will be one of the many initiatives that have taken to enhance the primary sector of the nation.

Purushothapatnam Lift Irrigation Scheme Area

  • The scheme will be implemented in the adjacent areas of the Godavari River. According to the reports nearly 2.15 Lac acres land will get the benefit of irrigation under this project. The areas such as Rajanagaram, Pithapuram, Peddapuram, Jaggampeta and Prattipadu are the main districts to be covered under the project.
  • Nearly 20,000 acres land around Polavaram Canal will be covered through this scheme. The water through the PLIP will be connected to the canal to reach the adjacent farming lands.
  • Also the irrigation project will benefit more 67,000 acres for direct connection to the productive lands. In the third district of the state, 5 regional assemblies will be covered in this 67000 acres land under this scheme.
  • Mostly upland regions will be focused in this scheme. Those areas where water supply in the lands hasn’t reached yet will be covered under the scheme.

How this scheme works

  • On the inauguration of the scheme, CM Naidu has switched on two pumps. They have capacity of 750 tmc water flow. At the first the pumps will be switched on. Each pump will lift nearly 350 tmc water from Godavari River. Total of 700 tmc water will be released at a time.
  • The water flow will be channelized through Yeleru Project. Once the water is lifted, it will reach to the nearby canals and also reservoirs where the water for farming can be stored or utilised.
  • Also according to the Chief Minister, there will be more 10 pumps to be installed soon under this project. Taking such step would smooth the path of utilising the water supply to the lands. This will enhance the level of agricultural production in and around the Godavari River.
  • 50,000 Acres land is divided in two parts, one consists of 7000 acres and another part consists of 43000 acres. Both the parts will get water supplied through the Yeleru Reservoir.


The estimated budget for this project is set at Rs. 1638 Cr. The state government has already granted Rs. 550 Cr for the development of the scheme. As mentioned that the scheme has two phases, one phase has already being finished with Rs. 550 Cr and another phase is yet to begin.

During the time of Naidu-led party rule, the state government of Andhra Pradesh has spent Rs. 44000 Cr in various projects and schemes. Along with PLIP there is other projects in-line which will cost nearly thousand Cr.

First Phase Completion Details

The project has been started on the month of January in 2017. During mid of August the first phase of the project has been declared to be finished. On the occasion of Independence Day CM has switched on the pumps and the project has started implementation officially.

However no water had been supplied on that day. From the very next day water supply has been started. In the first phase two pumps were installed that can supply 700 cusecs of water at a time. The second phase will be expected to finish around the month of October as per the reports under the scheme.

In the first phase the water will be pumped and lifted from the Godavari. Then it will reach and store in the cistern 2km before the main canals. After the second stage is being performed the water supply will meet the canals and through them reach to the lands.

Through the Purushothapatnam Lift Irrigation Scheme soil quality will get better than before. Also it will help utilising Godavari’s water in cultivation of crops and such. Also the authority is planning to use the water for drinking purpose across the state. Though no initiatives have taken yet to purify the water, the state government is keen to facilitate people using the Godavari River. The use of water, equal income distribution, enhancing soil quality and maintaining high yields will lead to better economy and developed agricultural sector in Andhra Pradesh.

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