Raita Belaku (Raitha Belaku) Scheme Farmers Income Karnataka 2022

Raita Belaku scheme in Karnataka

The CM of Karnataka Mr. Siddaramaiah has submitted his last budget today 16th of February 2018. With so many attractive welfare schemes and policies announced in the state assembly house, the Raita Belaku too included in one among the most attractive welfare schemes of state farmers of Karnataka.

The Karnataka State Budget for FY 2018-19

Being the last budget submission, the CM of Karnataka itself prepared the current budget.  With the state assembly election is about to be held in the financial year 2018-19, the budget documents and welfare schemes are carefully prepared by the state Chief Minister.

The most highlighting points another than this Raita Belaku scheme is the budget allocation of about 27Cr to the state educational sector and about 7Cr for the various health schemes announced for the state people of Karnataka.

About Raita belaku Scheme

Well, the newly proposes farmer’s welfare scheme Raita Belaku offers financial assistance to the farmers. The main motive of the announcement of this scheme in the state budget for the FY 2018-19 is to provide essential income to the state farmers who owing dry lands.

With the judgment verdict of SC announced today on 16th February 2018 over the Cauvery issue on sharing water with the neighbor state Tamil Nadu, the announcement of this scheme from the CM of Karnataka attracts lot of attentions among the state people.

Key Features

  • The scheme mainly promotes the income growth of the state farmers of Karnataka and to empower them by making them free from their dependency from their agriculturally dry lands. By doing so, they can enjoy the fruitfulness of economical independency from their dry lands.
  • The scheme offers the approximate annual income of about 5 thousand to 10 thousand rupees for a hectare to the farmers who own the dry lands as their agricultural or economic source.
  • The scheme announced by the Karnataka state CM, covers about 70, 00,000 dry lands owned by the Karnataka farmers. With the announcement this scheme, all of them can be beneficial.
  •  In order to make this scheme as successful one and to implement in better form, the state government is about to allocate Rs. 3.5 Cr. The budget allocation too included in the announcement of the scheme by CM.


On calculating the total number of areas of cultivating lands covered under this scheme and the number of farmers being benefited by the scheme, the scheme is pointed as the nation’s biggest welfare scheme by the CM of Karnataka state.

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