Ration Card Online Apply Status Correction Haryana @ saralharyana.gov.in

Ration Card Online Apply Status Correction Haryana @ saralharyana.gov.in

The Haryana government has announced to provide the local citizens with e-Ration card facilities where people can apply for the ration cards via online web site. The portal service has been launched by the state government with the aim that people can get convenience of placing their application and verify status easily from their homes. Apart from this the citizens and applicants will also be able to track the current status of heir applications submitted online for Ration cards. So to apply for new ration card the citizens no longer will have to visit the ration card office as they can perform the task from their home.

Ration Card Online Apply Status Correction Haryana saralharyana.gov.in

Application Form And Registration Process

  • To visit the web portal services the applicants have to log on to https://saralharyana.gov.in/. The applicants can make use online web application form to provide with their details. The web portal services are only available for the citizens of the state.
  • To apply for the Ration card online the candidate will first have to get registered on the official web portal. From the main page of the web portal the applicant will have to make the selection of Sign up option available.
  • Once the selection has been made by the applicant he will be redirected towards the second section of the web page. On this section the applicant is expected to provide with details of all their relevant information. Applicants have to provide with details related to their personal information including name, contact details, valid address in the state etc.
  • The form will also request applicants to provide with all other set of information for verification purpose. The detailed information provided by the applicant has to be valid for the process of verification and authentication. In case applicants have entered the information they need to ensure that it is cross checked.
  • Once the details have been entered by the applicants they will have to click the submit option. This will ensure that the information is stored on the server. With this the applicant can ensure that the registration process on the website has been completed.
  • Now the applicant will be provided with their log in details along with ID and PW. These credentials can be used by the applicants for officially logging in to the website. This can be done by the applicant at anytime when needed to complete or apply for the Ration card.
  • In case the applicant is not able to complete the process of application online then he or she can contact the Regional Supply and Food office of the state government.

Haryana Ration Card Online Status

Using the new web portal services the applicant can also track the status of his application form. If any applicant wants to track the current status of the application made earlier he has to follow the below mentioned method.

  • In case candidates want to check wit the status of application they will first have to log on to the official website.  On the main page the applicant has to make the selection of the Track Application option from above.
  • Once the selection has been made then the applicant will be diverted towards a form that has to be filled in with valid details. The applicants will have to provide with detailed information asked on the form related to services required and name and other credentials.
  • It is also important for the applicant to try and provide with details of the ID that they received at the time of applying for the Ration card online. The correct ID for application has to be entered by the applicant in the desired field.
  • Once the reference ID has been provided then the applicant has to click with check status option. The complete status of the application will be displayed on the screen that can be viewed by the applicant.

Haryana Ration Card Online Correction

As the application form has to be filled in by the applicant online so it is advisable to try and provide with most relevant information. Also the applicant has to cross check with the information online before submitting the application. In case any mistakes at the time of entering information then the applicant can directly visit the Ration card center for updating the information manually. Apart from this the applicant also has the convenience of visiting the E-Dish center, Atal Service center or CSC center for making necessary amendments to the form submitted. If convenient the applicant can also log on to the official website and check for amendments section and resubmit the form.


The state government of Haryana has provided with the above mentioned provision for the citizens to help speed up the process of Ration Card application. At the same time as the biometrics are verified online so the government can check and regulate with duplication cards and other fraud cases.


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