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Tamil Nadu state government has recently launched a new scheme for the inhabitants of the state. The scheme namely Free Set Top Boxes Scheme has been launched to provide better cable TV connection to every household. Under this scheme the set top boxes will be given free of cost.

 Free Set Top Boxes Scheme Tamilnadu

Launch Details

The scheme Free Set Top Boxes has launched in Tamil Nadu on September 2017. It was launched by the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Edappadi K. Palaniswami. Free set top boxes will be provided by TamilNadu Arasu Cable TV through the local operators. The entire scheme will be supervised by Control Centre Chennai.

Key Features Of the Free Set Top Boxes Scheme

  • Objective: The main objective of the scheme is to provide better and hassle-free cable connection to all the household of the state. Also Arasu is the only government led cable company in the entire nation that has awarded to distribute digital cable channels across the state.
  • Cost: The set top boxes will come for free. Only a minimum of Rs. 200 will be charged as the activation fee. It will be one time and the revenue will go to the local operators.
  • Distribution: The boxes will be provided by the Arasu Cable Network. Distribution of the same will be placed through the local operators. Network and connection will be handled by Chennai Control Centre. Within 3 months the boxes will be distributed.
  • Subscription: TACTV already has 70.52 subscribers across the state. Nearly 27,000 local operators are connected with this government-run company. The scheme will help to gather more subscribers after implementation.
  • Channels and facilities: There will be 180 channels that a subscriber can get in this scheme. If the box runs in digital mode then the user will get all the 180 channels. Guarantee period of these boxes is 3 years from the installation of the boxes. The channels will be available in packages.
  • The scheme Free Set Top Boxes in Tamil Nadu is a step towards digitization cable network. Along with this scheme the CM has given a nod to MPEG 4 control room. This is for the digital signal transmission.

Package Under Free Set Top Boxes Scheme

There are 4 packages available under the scheme. All these packages are available at monthly fees. The lowest fee is Rs. 125/- and the highest fee is Rs. 275/- per month. The package details are as follows:

  • Package 1: It is priced at Rs. 125/- per month. Total of 180 channels are available among which 22 are pay channels and rest 158 are free channels. This includes regional channels as well.
  • Package 2: It is priced at Rs. 175/- per month. Under this package the user will get 230 channels in total. With the same number of free channels that is 158, this package offers 72 pay channels.
  • Package 3: The total price of this package is Rs. 225/-. Like other two packages 158 free channels will be available in this package. Apart from the free channels 102 pay channels will be available. Total 260 channels will be available at the rate of 225/- per month.
  • Package 4: The last package is priced at Rs. 275/- per month. Under this package the user will get 300 channels where 158 channels are free. The rest 142 channels are pay channels.
  • GST Rate: These rates don’t include GST (Goods and Services Tax). The GST rate will be levied on the pack price individually at the time of payment.

During the month of April 2017, the state government has issued licence to TACTV for DAS boxes. This is the first time in India that a government-run cable network company gets such license. The scheme was initiated on the basis of Amma led AIADMK election manifesto promise that the government did about DAS or Digital Addressable System in the state.

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