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Rythu Bandhu Scheme [Pathakam] Telangana for Farmers 2020 KCR [Farmers Investment Support Scheme] (FISS) Application Form Download, Eligibility Criteria, Documents, Beneficiary Farmers List, Cheque Amount Transfer Status, Pattadar Passbook Download Status, Mobile App, rythubandhu.telangana.gov.in

Telangana is one state in South India that heavily depends on agricultural practices. A significant percentage of people are associated with agriculture in one form or another. But like other parts of the nation, financial issues loom large on the small and marginal farmers in the state. In a stride to assist these agricultural labors financially, the state government of Telangana has come with the Rythu Bandhu Scheme. It will offer additional funds to help farmers during the two main crops.

Rythu Bandhu Scheme- Telangana Farmers Investment Support Scheme (FISS)
NameRythu Bhandhu Scheme
Launched Date2018
Announced ByKCR
One More Scheme For FarmersRythu Bheema Pathakam
Implemented ByAgricultural and Farmer Welfare Department
Total Amount10,000 per year
Beneficiary Farmers

Main objective of the scheme

Maximization of agricultural produce is a must if the state wants to bring about a positive increase in the GDP. But without financial assistance, farmers will not be able to ensure a good harvest. It is here that schemes like Rythu Bandhu Scheme will rescue the farmers from their plight. It will also bring about several other advantages for farm and land holders.

Key features of the Rythu bandhu scheme

  1. Development of agriculture and farmers – Agriculture is the base of most states in India. When a state increases its agricultural production, it will also be able to add more money into its coffers. Thus, the new program will help farmers in increasing the agricultural output.
  2. All types of farmers – The state government has not made any discrimination between the farmers. Only small and marginal agricultural workers, who require financial assistance, will be able to apply. But they may belong to OBC, general, ST, or SC castes. Even Pattadars, registered under the Forest Rights Records will be able to apply.
  3. Two main crops – In India, farmers mainly get two main cropping seasons. The Rabi and the Kharif crops generate the most profits. Thus, Telangana authority will offer financial assistance during the sowing of these crops.
  4. Financial assistance – When the farmer welfare program was firs implemented in the state, selected beneficiaries used to receive Rs. 4000 for every acre of their cultivable land, before the Rabi and Kharif crop seasons. The Chief Minister of the state, KCR has made a recent announcement that has given farmers another reason to rejoice. The state government declared that from 2019 onwards, beneficiaries of the Rythu Bandhu Scheme will receive Rs. 5000 for every acre of cultivable land in Every Season. The money will be transferred in the bank account of the selected beneficiaries.
  5. It has been announced that all selected  farmers will acquire a sum of 10000 from Telangana government. This monetary grant will be offered on an annual basis.
  6. Payment installments – The payment of the financial aid will be given in two equivalent installments. One installment will be offered during Rabi season and the second installment will be given during Kharif season.
  7. No upper limit of land holding – Nothing has been mentioned about the maximum amount of land that the farmers can possess. Survey suggests that most farmers do not have more than 10 acre land holdings.
  8. Total land area under the scheme – State estimate suggests that this scheme will cover around 1.42 crore acre areas. That way Telangana government will be able to reach out to most needy farmers.
  9. Total number of beneficiaries – With the implementation of this program, the state will be able to assist 58 lakh agricultural workers.
  10. Land ownership proof – Along with the financial aid, state authority will also offer Pattadar Dharani Passbooks. Every agricultural worker will receive this passbook. 17 safety features of this passbook and will assist in identifying the ownership of the land. This passbook will be able to replace all other farm ownership documents.
  11. Payment via bank account – The state will hand over the financial aid via cheques. When the farmers or pattadars drop these cheques in banks, where they have accounts, the money will be deposited in respective accounts promptly.

Eligibility for the TS Rythu Bandhu scheme

  1. Residents of Telangana – Only those farmers will be able to apply for this scheme who have legal residential papers of Telangana. It has been developed for helping agricultural labors who are residents of the state.
  2. Not for rental farmers – The scheme has been designed and developed for people those farmers who own the farm plot. In case the farmer is working on rental contract, them he will not be allowed to get the scheme benefits.
  3. Not for wealthy agricultural labors – The scheme will offer financial assistance to small and marginal agricultural workers. These farmers need most financial assistance. Thus, wealthy farmers have been kept out of this program.

Documents Required –

1. Residential proof documents

2. Agricultural land ownership and measurement documents

3. Aadhar card of the farmer

4. Caste certificate of the applicant

5. BPL certificate of the candidate

6. Details of the bank account

Implementation in phases (Application Forms Process)

The implementation of this scheme will be done in two different phases. It has been done to offer financial assistance to the selected farmers during the sowing of Kharif and Rabi crop. In the first phase, the state government has started the distribution of bank cheques on  of May, 2018. The second phase of cheque distribution will commence from 18th November.

Guidelines for the scheme

  1. All the cheques, which will offered by the state to the farmers, will be handed over to them, without the use of middlemen. The same will be done for the pattadars.
  2. Another rule states that the maximum subsidy that the agricultural workers can acquire is Rs 4000. There is no other bigger figure mentioned in the scheme draft.
  3. It is also mentioned the Telangana government will offer cheques for providing subsidy for selected pattadars. The cheque can contain a maximum of Rs. 49,999. More such cheques will be issued in case more funds are necessary.
  4. The state will keep a close watch on the progress report of the implementation of this scheme. The responsibility of this task has been placed in the hands of a special reporting group.

Additional benefits of the scheme

  1. Rice cultivation is also popular in this part. With modernization and mechanization of farm tolls, the farmers will be able to produce more crops. Thus, the government will supply rice planting gear under this project.
  2. Once the farmers take part in this scheme, they will be provided with a guideline booklet. It will contain detailed information about the role of FCC and Minimum Support Price payment strategies.
  3. The scheme will also work towards the formation of an agricultural platform. It will make it easy for the state authority to disseminate scheme related information.

Budget for the scheme

The state authority plans to bring in as many farmers as possible under the scheme. As the number will run in lakhs, the CM has already allocated around Rs. 12,000 crore for operating the farmer support scheme successfully. This budgetary announcement has been made to meet the financial requirement for 2018 – 2019 tenure.

Keeping everything in mind, the state government’s initiative will come as a welcome change for the farmers. If the state succeeds in offering more financial assistance to the small and marginal agricultural labors, they will be able to increase overall crop production, without worrying about financial constraints.

RGB Colour Model Slip

To avert the repercussion, the farmers are provided with colour slips based on articulateness of land data. The former colour tokens would assure that only such possessors stop over the distribution centre and procure a cheque or passbook.

As per the ‘RGB Colour Model’, the farmers have been acclaimed and assigned the red, green, blue and white tokens.

Farmers possessing a white token will be entitled to receive both

  • The incentive cheque
  • Pattadar Passbook

The token comprise of details of the possessors, inclusive of the bank details and the date of encashment of the cheque. The token system has been introduced to ascertain effective and even efficient queue management.

Donation for success of the scheme

Apart from the new initiative, the state is also getting a lot of donations from several interested candidates. These parties are donating cash for the successful implementation of the farmer development program. Apart from the donations, acquired from the people living inside the country, NRI individuals have also pitched in to show their support to the scheme.

Web Portal Mobile App 

The Telangana Information Technology Minister announced that the state government has already launched a new site. If a candidate is interested in making any financial donation towards the scheme, then he/she will have to log on to the new Rythu Bandhu portal. Apart from that, the state will also come up with a special smartphone application. It will make the entire process easy. When the common people join hands with the state authority, the scheme is bound to become successful.

This type of Investment support scheme also launch in Odisha, name is Kalia Scheme and West Bengal name is Krishak Bandhu. Under these scheme farmers gets some financial assistance in each season.

Update –

#Giveitup initiative

As per the decision of the state government, several wealthy farmers who own many acres of land had also received the financial assistance from the state government. But they have returned the cheque to the local authority. They are of the opinion that the state must use the cash for the development and reform of financially weak farmers. The initiative has been named #Giveitup initiative.

Free meal and water facility 

Telangana government, under rythu bandhu scheme, has encouraged the farmers to take two crops per year. Farmers will be getting passbooks and cheques in meeting point. Hence government is providing drinking water facility to the farmers. Also meals are offered under Narsampet Assembly constituency. This is all cause of the generosity of Mr. Peddi Sudarshan Reddy a senior TRS leader and chairman of Telangana State Civil Supplies Corporation (TSCSC). Meals are served Golakonda, Redlavada, Ameenabad, Laknaplly, Ramapuram, Thimmampet, Mohammadpur, Machipala, Ashok Nagar and Budharaopet villages on Tuesday and will continue till May 18. Farmers are grateful to Mr. Reddy for his kind gesture. Also in Mahabubabad and Thorrur buttermilk and ORS packets are been handed over to the farmers by the local DSP Rajaratnam.

Farmers have complaint that there has been a lot of spelling mistake in there passbook. Government said thay would try to correct the mistake as soon as possible.

Recently, Telangana authority announced the release of the second phase of funding. It has sanctioned a whopping ₹5,925 crore. Even after stringent criticism, state authority maintained its stand of not including those farmers who don’t possess their own farms. Farmers will be able to utilize the money for purchasing good quality seeds and fertilizers, which will ensure better harvest and more income at the end of Rabi seasons.


How can I check my Rythu Bandhu scheme?

The farmer must click on the link https://treasury.telangana.gov.in. It will give him access to the official Treasuries and Accounts portal of Talangana.
On the top, the farmer will see several tabs. One of the tabs is marked as ‘eKuber.’ Candidates need to click on this tab.
It will activate several other options. From here, the farmer must click on the option that says ‘Scheme Wise Report.’
The farmer must select the year from the drop down list alongside the year field.
Then he needs to select the particular Rythu Bandhu scheme from the drop down list, alongside the scheme field.
Then the farmer must type in the PPBNO code.
After this, he needs to click on the “Submit” button.
It will bring up the scheme application status with the name of the beneficiary.

How the Rythu Bandhu scheme in Telangana benefits the farmers?

Applicants will attain Rs. 5000 for every acre of farm land that they own. They will be able to purchase high quality seeds and fertilizers to increase their yield. The financial assistance will be offers twice, for the two cropping seasons. Agricultural workers will also attain life insurance policy worth Rs. 5 lakhs. It will be available if the farmer meets with an accident and is rendered disable.The monetary grant will be deposited in the bank account of each beneficiary.

What is the ‘Give it Up!’ option in this scheme?

If any farmer wants to delete his name from the beneficiary list of the scheme, then he must click on the “Give It Up” option, available on the official portal of the scheme.

How to get New Pattadar Passbook under this scheme?

The farmer who wants to apply for a new Pattadar Passbook will have to go to the land registration office. The officers will scrutinize the land documents and issue a white token. Once the farmer gets the white token, he can fill in a form for the issuance of a new Pattadar Passbook.

What is the helpline number for the scheme?

Any interested candidate can call on the helpline number to acquire scheme-related details. You can call on the toll-free numbers 98489 02520 and 040-27620211 to get clarification for doubts.

From where will a beneficiary attain the claim form? 

The beneficiary will have to click on the official portal address. Then he needs to click on the option link that says ‘Claim Form Download’ to gain access to these forms.

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