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Rythu Bheema (Bhima, Bima) Scheme Pathakam in Telangana 2021 Eligibility Criteria Application form process Free insurance Farmers Download Claim Form

Most state in India depends on farming or crop cultivation. It is labor intensive, and you will find a high percentage of people who are associated with this trade. In Telangana, the total number of farmers is a whopping 75 lakhs. Not all of these cultivators are wealthy. The state has now turned its attention towards poor farmers. With the implementation of Rythu Bheema Yojana, Telangana state authority will provide life insurance policy to financially weak cultivators.

NameRythu Bheema Pathakam
Declared OnMay, 2018
Launch Date Aug  2018
Announced ByKCR [CM Of Telangana]
Occasion4th anniversary of Telangana state creation
Supervision Of Pocharam Srinivas, Telangana Agricultural Minister
AimFree Insurance Scheme to Farmers’ Family
Official sitehttp://rythubandhu.telangana.gov.in
Rythu Bheema Pathakam Scheme Telanagana

Key features of the project

  1. Betterment of agricultural labors – Telangana state desires to generate more revenue from agriculture. That will not happen until it offers adequate support to farmer families. Rythu Bheema and Rythu Bandhu schemes together will make this possible.
  2. Insurance policy scheme – The Rythu Bheema project allows the state to reach out to eligible agriculturalist, and offer then adequate life coverage insurance policy. To generate so many plans, Telangana authority will collaborate with LIC.
  3. Small and marginal growers – As per the decree of Telangana authority, one has to fall in the category of either marginal and/or small cultivator to attain the perks of this scheme.
  4. Coverage amount of the policy – In case an insured crop grower passes away, the state will offer 5 lakhs to the family as compensation. The funds will offer temporary support to such households.
  5. Supports to farmers’ families – Several cultivators, earn their livelihood to feed the family members. In case the main earning member passes away, the family is left without any financial aid. With this project, the state will offer money to the family of deceased cultivator.
  6. Estimated beneficiary number – As per land records, a whopping 58 lakh cultivators own and practice cultivation on their own land. As per the rules, all these individuals will be brought under the project.
  7. Premium payment by Telangana management – An insurance policy that offers 5 lakhs coverage will cost anything between Rs. 4000 to Rs. 6000 as premium. It will be too taxing on poor farmers. As it is a project to help farmers, all premium payments will be taken care of by Telangana state government. These premiums are payable on a yearly basis.
  8. Rythu Bandhu project’s extension – Rythu Bheema and Rythu Bandhu programs are extensions of one another. In case a certain farmer gets selected to acquire the benefits under Rythu Bandhu project, he will automatically receive Rythu Bheema policy.

Eligibility criteria for application

  1. Resident of Telangana – Only those agricultural labors will be allowed to enroll and attain the policy coverage that possess proper Aadhar or Voter card. It will ascertain that the benefits go to Telangana residents alone.
  2. Only for agricultural workers – Only those, who are completely associated with the profession of agriculture, and have adequate documents to prove this, will attian the policy coverage.
  3. Not for rental farmers – The scheme has kept rental farmers out of this insurance coverage scheme. The applicant must have the ownership of the plot on which he grows the crops.
  4. Not for wealthy farmers – The state desires to offer life coverage policy to only poor agricultural labors. Thus, it has kept wealthy agriculturalists out of its umbrella.

How to apply for the project?

  1. The agricultural department is yet to mention the application procedure.
  2. Most agricultural workers are not good with computers. So, it is expected that offline application mode will be present.
  3. For speeding up the application process, the state may consider online application as well.
  4. All nitty-gritty of enrollment process will be published shorty.

Claim settlement details

Under this insurance scheme, Telangana state government decided to offer an insurance of 5 lakhs to the poor farmers. The happy occasion of its implementation was saddened by the news that two insured agricultural workers passed away on the very same day. According to the high officials of LIC, it transferred the money to the account of the insured farmer within 24 hours. The official also said that it will try to settle the claims with the next 24 hours. Otherwise, once the insured’s family makes the claim and submits necessary papers, the money will be sent to the deceased account within 10 working days.

How to claim the insurance amount?

  1. Once the insured farmer passed away, it is the responsibility of his family members to collect the death certificate and the insurance papers.
  2. These papers must be submitted to the LIC office.
  3. Once the documents have been submitted, LIC will use electronic platforms to check the documents and settle claims as fast as possible.
  4. In time the entire claim settlement process will be digitized for even faster response.

Download claim form

Claim Form for Telangana State Rythu Bandhu Group Life Insurance Scheme (Rythu Bima) 

Budgetary allocation for the project

As Telangana is an agricultural intensive state, it is obvious that several lakhs will be associated with farming profession. Ensuring life insurance policy for all these agricultural workers is not a mean task. For that, Telangana CM must make special monetary arrangements. To meet financial requirements, the state will put together a Rs. 500 crore fund, annually. It will assist in offering insurance policy under Rythu Bheema Yojana.

The scheme has offered respite to poor farmers and their families. They no longer need to worry about financial support in case the agricultural worker passes away suddenly. The insurance money will support the family for some time, until they regain footing.


After extension of the Rythu Bandhu scheme for forest dwellers, the state government has taken the initiative to extend the same for the farmers with Recognition of Forest Rights (RoFR) as well. Plans have been set in such a way that the farmers would be made eligible to apply for the scheme that requires only Aadhaar identity. Further, it can be said that 93,000 individuals possess RoFR title certificates. The aim purpose of the state government is to pay the premium on behalf of farmers.

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