Sakhi Recharge Coupon Yojana for women

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Vodafone launches Sakhi Recharge Coupon Yojana for women in Haryana state

The government of Haryana has introduced a new coupon Recharge Scheme by Vodafone (Sakhi). Under the scheme it is certain that women in the state can process their mobile recharge without giving out their mobile phone numbers. This is done with an aim to offer more security and privacy for the women in the state.

Sakhi Recharge Coupon Yojana for women

Aim of the Sakhi Recharge Coupon Yojana

The scheme aims at providing security for women subscribers. When recharging the mobile phones women don’t have to worry about providing their real phone numbers to the retailer’s outlets.

Why we need?

In present time it is obvious that more number of people are used to using mobile phones and to get it recharged it is certain that they have to share their mobile numbers with the recharge outlet. There are chances that recharge outlet owners can possibly harass women by keeping a note of their mobile phone numbers.

There are also incidences where recharge outlet owners have been known to share these numbers with others. For the local law and order authorities, this certainly is one of the major problems. The government of Haryana state has thus opted to offer a new recharge scheme by Vodafone users such that women users may not have to provide outlet owners with their mobile phone numbers when recharging the mobile.

Who launched the scheme in the state?

The scheme was officially launched by Kavita Jain, who is the Women & Child Development Minister in the state of Haryana. The official scheme was launched by the government in Chandigarh City.

Launch Date of the scheme

The state government had officially launched the new scheme for women to be implemented from May 31st 2017. The scheme was launched by the government for all Vodafone women users in the state.

Eligibility Criteria under the scheme

To get full benefit of the scheme it is certain that you may have to fit for two eligibility criteria.

  • To be eligible you have to be Vodafone subscriber. So if you are using Vodafone then it is certain that you can benefit from this scheme.
  • As the state government has announced the launch of the scheme for the women of the state so it is certain that only women subscribers are eligible under the scheme who is the residents of Haryana state.

How the scheme works for subscribers and implementation?

To get subscribed under the scheme it is certain that you may have to follow the below stated steps:-

  • After generating the SMS you need to type in “PRIVATE” message and then send it to number 12604.
  • The system will send you an automatically generated 10 digit code on your mobile as verification process.
  • This code will automatically be verified by your handset and assigned in place of your original phone number.
  • It is important that you save this 10 digit code on your handset so you can provide it to the recharge outlet owner at the time of getting the phone recharged.
  • So the moment you provide this number you just don’t have to provide with your original phone number.

Limitations of the scheme

The new scheme is open for any women subscribers. So if you are enrolled with other phone companies then you may not get this benefit. It is certain that all other operators may in near future offer with such benefits for subscribers.

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