Saksham Yuva Yojana in Haryana 2022

Saksham Yuva Yojana Scheme in Haryana 2020 [Apply Online, Registration Form Download, Check Status, Portal Login] for unemployed youth

In countries like India which is in the stage of promising developing status, unemployment is the major threat. The unemployment problem pulls the nations growth to ground. In order to overcome the problem, both the central and state governments launches so many schemes and plans to drive unemployed youths towards the business and to get them employed by developing their skills with assisting them in various level.

Saksham Haryana Yojana

Recently, the state government of Haryana introduces the Saksham Yojana in which the state chief minister Mr. Manohar Lal plans to improve the ability and potential of the unemployed youths of the state Haryana.

Introduction of the Saksham Yojana In Haryana State

Recently, the Haryana state government celebrates its golden jubilee celebration in state wide. During that function, the state’s chief minister Mr. Manohar Lal announced about the scheme Saksham Yojana. He also hinted that the scheme is about to launch on sorting the unemployment problems prevails in the state.

S.No Things need to know Detailed Information
1 Scheme Name Saksham Shikshit Yuva Sammanit Hua Scheme
2 State which introduced this scheme Haryana
3 Motive To decrease unemployment problem
4 Benefits Unemployed youths gets Rs. 9000 for 100 hours of work
5 Who are eligible for this scheme? Unemployed PG degreed youths

After quoting about the scheme for unemployed youths of Haryana state, the CM of the state added that the scheme requires online registration which the eligible youths needs to be register their details in online, to avail benefits of the scheme.

Features of the Saksham Yojana

  • Under this scheme, proper opportunity will be offered to the young talented unemployed youths of the Haryana state to shine for grabbing their career job.
  • The scheme involves the participants of private companies for developing the working abilities and potentials of the unemployed youths who completed their PG courses.
  • With this scheme, the eligible PG students who are not employed from the Haryana state will be paid Rs. 9 thousand as their pay for working about 100 hours with this upcoming scheme Saksham Yojana.
  • The state government of Haryana have invested about 320 crore of Indian money in this scheme as it strongly believes as it’s the kind of investment which can be retrieved in form of employment of those unemployed youths.
S.No Facts of the scheme Saksham Yojana Details
1 Scheme Launched by Haryana CM Mr. Manohar Lal
2 Date of Launch October month in 2016
3 Expected number of Beneficiaries for receiving unemployment allowances Around 1100
4 Amount provided as unemployment allowances Rs. 9000
5 Threshold Income limit for applicants for this scheme Rs. 3 lakh

Benefits and Eligibility factors of this Saksham Shikshit Yuva Sammanit Hua Scheme

As the entire nation keen on providing valid assistance to the unemployed youths, the introduction of this scheme in the state of Haryana is purely beneficial for the eligible young unemployed youths of the state. The state government had allotted huge sum of amount for the development of the unemployed youths of the state. With respect to the data retrieved from the government officials around 8 lakh youths are registered as the unemployed person in the Haryana state when compared with many state those numbers are large.

Here are the list of few factors which decides the eligibility of the applicants to this scheme

  • The applicant must be a permanent resident of the state Haryana, and should not be employed in any private concern at the time of applying for this scheme which offers unemployment allowance.
  • The applicant must be completed his or her Post Graduate Courses from the universities which are operating in the state of Haryana like Haryana University, Delhi University, Chandigarh University and so.
  • The eligible applicants are required to apply for this scheme by their own via online mode, in order to avail the allowance benefits offered by the state government.
  • The Haryana government joins hands with private sectors and launched a special online portal for carrying the registration process of this scheme. Youths are requested to apply via the specially launched portal and no other form of applying will be entertained.
  • The applicant’s family must comes under the income threshold limit set by the state government which is below 3, 00,000. In detail, the total income of the applicant’s family must be below that fixed limit.

How to apply for this scheme?

In order to avail benefits offered by the state government, the eligible applicants are required to apply via the special web portal which is launched for this purpose by the Haryana government along with the involvement of private sector.

By providing the valid documents which are listed in that portal the data of the applicants will be registered and the state government of Haryana plans to offers jobs for the registered unemployed youths in both government and as well as in the private sectors in nearby future. It is strictly advised to the applicant to provide valid mobile number and mail ID by which all the future contact will be carried.

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