Samajwadi Namak Yojana in UP

Samajwadi Namak Yojana in UP (Uttar Pradesh)

Salt is the primary thing that we intake with all the food items. Hence the availability of salt is a prime factor and the good itself is a necessary good. This is why the Uttar Pradesh government has made a scheme to make Salt reach at subsidized rates to the people of Uttar Pradesh.

Samajwadi Namak Yojana in UP

Details of the scheme

  • The Samajwadi Namak Yojana is specifically targeting the APL, BPL and the card holders of the Antyodaya scheme to receive the benefits of this scheme.
  • This means that this policy will be launched across 10 districts and those who belong to weaker sections of the society will get its benefit.
  • The benefit itself is that salt will be made available at subsidized rates. The basic item for livelihood can now be bought at subsidized rates if people have BPL, APL or Antyodaya cards.
  • Already 46.2 lakh beneficiaries have enrolled their name for the scheme. As many as 60% of the APL card holders are registered as beneficiaries.

Which 10 districts and why?

Among the districts that have been selected, there are Meerut, Hamirpur, Moradabad, Faridabad, Sant Kabir Nagar, Mau, Siddharth Nagar, etc.

The 10 districts have been selected solely based on data provided by the government surveys of the region.

According to government research these 10 districts in UP have recorded the highest number of cases of anemia in children below 5 years of age. This constitutes the fact that children need iodine to combat the disease.

As much as 75% of the population there had been suffering from the disease. Not just that, the situation is worse since as per the reports from the National Family Health Survey, 50% of the pregnant women are already suffering from this disease. Also, 24% of the youth less than 20 years of age are battling this disease at present. Also, 73% of the children from 9 to 59 months of age have been affected.

To beat this, the government had to take some quick and effective steps. Hence, the salt scheme is provided.

Implementation of the policy

One of the main things about the policy is its implementation. According to the sources, the implementation has already started. The Chief Minister of the state, Mr. Akhilesh Yadav, has already distributed salt packets to the women of several districts.

According to the rumors, even Ratan Tata is all set to join the Samajwadi Namak Yojana. In fact, Samajwadi has already collaborated with Tata Trust. They will be distributing 1 KG of salt packets in Green and Red colored packets (Samajwadi Party Color).

On the packet, you will find it written “Samajwadi iron evam iodine Mishrit Namak”.

Not just this but the party has also distributed double fortified salt, iron in these districts that have been affected.


Serial No. About Info
1 Grant amount per annum Rs. 48.52 crore
2 BPL and Antyodaya beneficiaries 32,59,000
3 Price for BPL and Antyodaya Rs. 3 per kg
4 Price for APL card holders Rs. 6 per kg
5 Amount of salt to be distributed 60,000 tonnes
6 Salt per kg on 3 unit card 1

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