Samajwadi Rozgar Yojana

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The Samajwadi Rozgar Yojana has been developed by the government, with the objective of attracting the youth of our country. The scheme is actually for generating jobs and to help the developing small traders. It is a fact that a huge number of individuals in our country are unemployed even after being academically qualified for different form of jobs. We cannot deny that the economic condition of our country is not very stable. In such a scenario, instead of being dependant solely for the government or other private sector jobs, a large number of individuals are looking to start up their own business.

Samajwadi Rozgar Yojana

A big help for start ups

The Samajwadi Rozgar Yojana is going to be extremely beneficial for the small and developing traders and business organizations. These small traders and organizations need constant support from government. With the development of these organizations, it will lead to the generation of a lot of jobs in our country. One of the major aspects of this scheme is a person who possesses 1 lakh rupees is liable to start a business of 25 lakh. The rest of finances shall be arranged by the government. This is beyond doubt a great feature for the individuals who are not able to start up their own business due to lack of necessary capital.

Suitable for urban areas but not in rural areas

But at the same time, we need to consider the scenario that the major effect of unemployment and economic instability is observed in the rural areas. The farmers, artisans, craft workers, or other small trade workers work really hard to attain one square meal. In such circumstances, it will be really difficult for them to accumulate 1 lakh rupees. And this Yojana clearly states that, you need to have 1 lakh rupees to become eligible for attaining 25 lakh rupees. This scheme might turn out to be feasible in the urban areas, but it must be remembered that a major part of our country solely depends on farmers, peasants, artisans and small trade workers. This scheme might not be really effective in the rural areas.

Creating good scope for employment

On the other hand, it can be said that, there are chances a lot of people shall be employed at certain levels of organizations once this scheme is able to help the start up enterprises. According to the calculation, if this scheme is able to develop 1000 units of business enterprises throughout the state, and every unit employs 50 people, then there shall be the employment of 50000 people. This can possibly be a great result of this scheme.

Certain factors

Again, to run a business organization and to work within that organization an individual requires certain knowledge and skills. Such knowledge, skill or experience of working within an organization, cannot be availed in rural areas. Majority of people in such areas are not educated or literate enough, and a company cannot employ only labors. Though this is a great attempt from the government to reduce unemployment rate of our country but there are still certain factors within this Samajwadi Rozgar Yojana that needs to be considered.

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