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Sarbat Sehat Bima Yojana In Punjab (SSBY) 2020 Detail-
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The Punjab government has initiated the Sarbat Sehat Bima Yojana. The main aim of the scheme is to develop the entire state. The beneficiaries of the scheme are the poor people of the state who are deprived of proper medical facilities in the state. Through this scheme, people belonging to the financially weaker sections of the society will get free treatment. The medical insurance in the name of the scheme will be given by the state government. The scheme also plans to develop private nursing homes that will improve the overall medical sector of the state. Read the following part of the article to know about other relevant details of the scheme. 

Name of scheme   Sarbat Sehat Bima Yojana 
Target group of scheme   Poor people of the state 
Main objective of scheme               Help poor people with improved lifestyle and better medical facilities 
Scheme announced by   Punjab State government 
Scheme launched in   Punjab 
Date of scheme launch   2019-2020      
Scheme has been launched by   Capt. Amarinder Singh
Scheme will be supervised by State Health Agency in Punjab    
Official Website  
Contact ID  

Sarbat Sehat Bima Yojana Punjab Key Features

Giving proper medical treatment for all –

Medical service will be improved in the state so that needy people can avail it free of cost. Even though the service in the private hospitals is better, most people in the state cannot afford it. Therefore, with the implementation of the scheme, every individual of the state can get medical treatment. 

Giving free medical treatment to insurance holders

The insurance holders and their family members can get medical treatment free of cost in Punjab. They can get the service in some particular hospitals in the state.  

Insurance coverage amount

The scheme draft says that every family will get treatment coverage up to rupees 5 lakh. Any member who belongs to the registered family can avail the benefits and use the money as required. 

Time period of policy validity

The tenure of the insurance policy is one year. After the expiry of the policy, an individual can opt for the renewal to enjoy free medical facilities. 

Area of implementation of scheme

The poor people dwelling both in urban and rural areas can become part of the above said scheme. The scheme will take place simultaneously in other areas.  

Number of beneficiaries

According to a rough estimate, the state government is going to assist total of 43.18 lakhs households who can avail scheme benefits. The households should be registered beneficiaries.  

Including journalists in the scheme

 State government announced that reporters and journalists would also be included in the scheme benefits irrespective of their financial condition. Therefore, near about 4500 journalists have been included in the list of beneficiaries.  

Types of treatment

The insurance policy relating to the treatment will be used only if the family member is in need of medical attention. 

Hospitals enlisted under the scheme –

Individual can go to the state-run or aided government hospitals. It may happen that these centers are not able to provide adequate medical assistance the state government has come up with options of private medical institutes. 

Premium payment for the scheme –

The Punjab state government has taken the responsibility of paying the medical insurance premium amount on behalf of beneficiaries. As the individuals are unable to pay the premium amount, it will be given by the state government.  

Sarbat Sehat Bima Yojana Eligibility Criteria

People living in Punjab –

Only the residents of Punjab can avail the scheme benefits. Individuals from other states are not allowed to become part of the scheme. 

No restriction on number of family members –

The families considered eligible can apply for the scheme benefits. Here, there is no restriction on the number of family members from one family that can get the scheme benefits. 

No age limit –

Both children and elders are allowed to become part of the scheme. They can get free medical help under the scheme launched by the state government. 

LPG and BPL categories –

Individuals belonging to low income category and below the poverty level can become part of the scheme. They can easily apply to get free medical facilities under the scheme. 

Individual having blue cards –

The state gives blue cards to families who belong to the financially weak section of the society. Even the families having blue cards can take part in the scheme and avail its benefits. However, there are near about 20.48 lakh people who have this card and they are automatically included in the above said scheme. 

Members belonging to Punjab Mandi Board –

The health insurance scheme of the Punjab government are also applicable for the members related to the Punjab Mandi Board.

Individual belonging to ETD –

Individuals belonging to excise and taxation group can also become part of the scheme. The ETD members can get free treatment and there are near about 4600 households belonging to ETD group. 

Journalists with yellow cards –

The journalists and reporters having yellow cards can become part of the scheme. Journalists and reporters without the card cannot get the scheme benefits. 

No restriction on religion –

As people of all religions belong to Punjab, they can take part in the scheme. There are no limits to religions taking part in the scheme. With this, the state government has allowed for registration of individuals belonging to all religions.

WWB members –

members belonging to worker’s welfare board can get the scheme perks. These are the people who are involved in the construction work. However, the number of such households working on the construction site is nearly about 2.38 lakhs.  

Sarbat Sehat Bima Documents List 

Residential proof –

To avail the scheme benefits, the beneficiaries have to provide details of residential proof. The documents should suggest that they are the permanent residents of the state.  

Punjab Mandi Board certificate –

The beneficiaries belonging to Punjab Mandi Board should produce suitable certificate in support of their claim that they are members of the section of the society.

Proof of blue cards –

To support his or her claim, individuals have to produce blue cards at the time of online registration for the above said scheme. Both the original card and its cop should be produced at the time of registration. 

BPL and LIG certificate –

Beneficiaries should produce their BPL and LIG certificates to ensure the claim that they belong to the category. The related document should be produced at the time of online registration for the scheme. 

ETD certificate –

The individual should get the ETD certificate to justify that they belong to the respective department. This shall help them to get easy benefits. 

WWB certification –

The construction workers also have to provide WWB registration certificate to avail the benefits of the above said scheme. This will be required to check the authenticity of the worker’s identification.  

ID proof –

As ID proof, candidates can produce Aadhaar card, Voter Id card or ration card at the time of registration. These documents are mandatory that they have to produce for better clarification of their identification. 

Yellow card details –

This card should be produced by journalists and reporters. The yellow card is given to reporters and journalists from the state press association. Therefore, it should be produced while registering for the scheme.  

Procedure to download application form for the scheme 

  • An official portal relating to the scheme has been introduced by the state government the registration of the scheme will be done through offline mode. This will be done at the government hospitals. 
  • Upon visiting the official site of the scheme, beneficiaries can get all required information. However, to get access to the site, you have to visit the online site relating to the scheme. 

What are the steps to apply for the scheme in Punjab?

  1. The selected candidates have to visit the nearest selected government hospital along with necessary documents. The list of required documents has been mentioned in the above mentioned part of the article. 
  2. The beneficiary can seek help from the public assistance so that they can complete the registration procedure carefully. 
  3. The assistance will go through the documents for better background check and start to note the details of the beneficiary. The assistant will compare the data stored with the one given in the documents. 
  4. The agent will help beneficiaries to fill up the application form and then take the required documents required for further clarification. 
  5. After this, the beneficiary will get the printed scheme card after proper verification of the details. However, they have to prevent the scheme card when they visit the government hospital to get free medical treatment. 

How can individuals lodge a complaint?

  • For any question or complaint, candidates have to go through the online portal of the scheme. Through the online site, they can easily register and lodge complaints. They have to go through the ‘Contact’ section given on the homepage of the scheme portal. 
  • Following this, the candidate has to provide necessary details such as name, registered mobile number along with the question of complaint, 
  • However, after entering the complaint, the candidate has to click on the ‘submit’ option that will complete the complaint lodging process. 

How can one can for the eligibility of family?

  • To check the eligibility of the family under the scheme, the beneficiary should go through the official portal. Following this, a box will prompt up on the screen asking about family eligibility. 
  • Now, candidates have to click on the box following which a new page will show up. After this, you have to go through the eligibility check page. 
  • Now, you have to fill up the required fields by entering suitable information and then click on the ‘check status’ option. 

How to get access to hospital list under the scheme?

Details of government and private hospitals can be checked from the site of the above said scheme by following easy steps. When names of beneficiaries appear in hospital list, they can avail free medical treatment from both private and government hospitals. However, to get access to the hospital, beneficiaries have to visit the website. Also, the candidates applying for the scheme should be included under SECC 2011 category. Go through the following easy steps to check the list. 

  1. The beneficiaries have to visit the official site relating to the above said scheme and from the homepage, they have to choose ‘hospital’ option from the main menu.
  2. After this, you have to click on the government/private hospital link to get access to the list of hospitals.
  3. Different links are given both for government and private hospitals. Upon clicking on the link of the hospital, the list will show up. Now, to get the details of the hospital further, you have to enter details like specialty and district to get your name in the given hospital list.

How can one get E-cards?

The E-cards will be given to beneficiaries depending on the rules as mentioned by the scheme of Punjab. The e-cards will be given to the beneficiaries of the scheme. The cards are available both from public hospitals and the common service center in the state. Only after producing the e-cards at the government and private hospitals, beneficiaries can get paperless treatment. Therefore, to get access to required information, beneficiaries have to register through the online portal. Therefore, with successful implementation of the scheme, it will be easy for the beneficiaries to get medical benefits.

Therefore, the state government was planning for the launch of the scheme towards the beginning of July. But due to official reasons, the scheme is yet to be implemented. The state CM is of the opinion that other aspects that help in successful implementation of the scheme are already working on the tracks. So, within a few months, it can be expected that the scheme will be successfully launched and help in improvement of the medical sector.

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