Saur Sujala Yojana Scheme Chhattisgarh

Saur Sujala Yojana Scheme Chhattisgarh 2018-19 Solar Pump Subsidy, CREDA Registration Online Process, Application Form, Farmers, Eligibility Criteria (सौर सुजला स्कीम)

The western states of India produce a high percentage of agricultural yields. But the farmers here have to face several issues as well. As rainfall in these areas is low, agricultural workers depend on artificial irrigation. Though rich farmers can afford these machines, the same is not true for smaller producers. Even if they purchase or rent these pumps, they have to worry about the hefty electricity bills. Overall, the condition of small and marginal farmers is very bad. But the central government and state authority of Chhattisgarh have decided to launch a new agricultural scheme. The name of this project will be Saur Sujala Scheme. Under this scheme, interested farmers will be given irrigation pumps, which use solar energy to operate. As small and marginal farmers will not be able to purchase these pumps, both authorities will offer a huge subsidy on these machines.

Saur Sujala Yojana Scheme

Launch details

Name of the schemeSaur Sujala Scheme
Launched inChhattisgarh
Launched byPrime Minister Narendra Modi
Date of announcementApril 2018
Date of implementationMarch 2018
Designed and implemented byDepartment of Agriculture Chhattisgarh
Technical assistance offered byChhattisgarh State Renewal Energy Development Agency or CREDA
Target beneficiariesAgricultural labors of Chhattisgarh

Key features of the scheme

  1. Development of agriculture in state – The scheme has been launched with the aim of bringing about development in state’s agricultural status. By bettering irrigation facilities, the state government will be able increase the earnings and yield of farmers.
  2. Increased use of solar power – This project will not only increase prosperity of the farmers but will also make them aware about the utilization of solar power for irrigational practices.
  3. Distribution of solar powered pumps – The scheme highlights that all interested agricultural workers that apply for this scheme will receive irrigation pumps. These pumps will be offered at highly subsidized rates.
  4. Capacity of pumps – The government has decided that it will distribute pumps in two power categories. One will have a capacity of 3 HP while the other will have a capacity of 5 HP.
  5. Actual cost of pumps – The actual cost of the solar powered pumps of 3HP capacity is Rs. 3.5 lakhs. The price of solar powered pumps with 5 HP capacity is Rs. 4.5 lakhs in the market.
  6. Subsidy offered by government – It has been highlighted in the scheme details that government will offer anything between 90% to 95% subsidy to all applicants.
  7. Total payment farmers need to make – For attaining a 3HP pump, farmers will have to pay anything between Rs. 7000 and Rs. 18,000. But agricultural workers who desire to get 5HP pumps will have to shell out anything between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 20,000.
  8. Total number of beneficiaries – It has been estimated that this scheme will offer perks to as many as 51,000 farmers of the state.
  9. Separate arrangement for small and big farmers – Small and medium agricultural labors will receive solar pumps, which have a capacity of 3HP. But farmers who own larger farms and require more irrigation will be given 5HP powered pumps.
  10. Payment through bank draft – Agricultural labors will have to make their share of the payment via bank draft.
  11. Installation of solar pumps – Providing all parts of the solar-powered pumps and its installation will be done by technicians of Chhattisgarh State Renewal Energy Development Agency or CREDA.

Eligibility criteria and important documents needed

  1. Residential criterion – The scheme will be specially implemented for the agricultural labors of Chhattisgarh. Thus, applicants must be permanent residents of this state and also submit such residential documents.
  2. Identification details – Voter card, ration card and other legal documents must be attached with the application form, which contain identification details of the agricultural worker.
  3. Agricultural certificate – As the scheme is only for farmers, all candidates will have to submit land or farm details. They must offer documents, which support their claim of being a full-time farmer.
  4. Aadhar card – Applicants have to attach their Aadhar card’s photocopy as well.
  5. Power connection bill – To get the benefits of this unique scheme, applicants need to submit a photocopy of their electricity bill.
  6. Caste certificate – As there is special reservation for backward castes, all applicants must attach a photocopy of their caster certificates as well.
  7. Photograph of installation area – Applicant will also have to attach a photograph of the area where the installation of the solar powered pumps will be done.
  8. Demand draft – As a certain amount of the payment will have to be done by the farmer he needs to submit the receipt of the demand draft. Acquired from the bank.

Application form and application process

  1. All applicants interested in attaining the benefits of this scheme will have to attain the application from online. Applicants will have to log on to the official site of CREDA by clicking on the link and attain the form. Or applicants can click on the link to get the home page.
  2. From here, candidates have to click on the particular link that will help them to download the enrollment form.

To get to the digitized registration form directly, farmers can click on the link

  1. Farmers can also get the registration forms from Block development Office or Agricultural offices.
  2. Then they have to get a print out of this registration form. Once this is done, applicants need to fill in the details and attach all relevant papers.
  3. These documents have to be submitted to the nearest agricultural office
  4. It is the responsibility of officers to check these documents, tally the details and create a list of beneficiaries.
  5. These candidates will be notified accordingly and soon installation of the solar-powered pumps will be done.

Schemes like these will help the farmers take a step towards betterment of agricultural practices, with implementation of science and technology. Using solar powered pumps will not only meet their irrigational needs but will also save money as they will not have to pay high electricity bills. Frames of Chhattisgarh are waiting for the implementation of this scheme as it will offer new opportunities for them.

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