Scheme for Poor Talented Players

Scheme for Poor Talented Players 

A series of schemes specially designed for the talented sports personalities who belong to poor families have been started. This initiative has been taken by the Ministry of Sports, Govt. of India. As per the notices from the sports Ministry, these schemes will give more opportunities to the poor players who are talented but do not get support either from their family or locality, or they have the correct guidance and financial support for following their dreams. There are many talented players all across the country who never get proper exposure to sports infrastructure and training facilities. These schemes will help them to peruse their dreams by supporting their training and nurturing activities.

Scheme for Poor Talented Players

Conduction of National Championships at all levels by the National Sports Federations (NSFs)

The organizing body which is responsible to conduct all tournaments and championships related to sports in various levels across the nation is NSF. All the sports championships in Senior as well as Junior levels are conducted by this sports organizing body. It works directly under the Ministry of Sports, Govt. of India. The conduct sports activities for both men and women under different categories like under-16, under-19, etc. They also have the responsibility to conduct all international sports events in this country and giving exposure to the sportsmen and sportswomen of the nation, globally. The system of appointing foreign coaches and equipments are done by this organization.

Scheme for Assisting the National Sports Federations (NSFs)

The Ministry of Sports has decided to provide all sorts of assistance needed to the NSFs for their efficient functioning. The NSFs are the organizing committee of sports in all levels across the nation. They also look after the sports equipments and their procurement activities. There are many foreign coaches and foreign infrastructure engaged in the sports activities of this nation. Several foreign coaches and support staffs are employed in various sports departments across the nation.  To look after the foreign engagements and use them more efficiently, the scheme will totally support the decisions taken by the NSFs. NSFs will also be assisted for conducting more international tournaments in India.

Generation and proper utilization of the National Sports Development Fund (NSDF)

NSDF is a type of fund which is meant for supporting various sports activities. This fund is used to buy all sports equipments for different sports at different levels across the country. The conduction of sports camps and fitness camps for players is done with the help of these NSDF funds. So the Govt. wants to strengthen these funds and look after the proper and efficient utilization of these funds in sports activities. All the elite sports personalities who have some medal prospects in upcoming championships are being given customized training by dedicated coaching staffs with the help of these funds.

 Scheme to develop human resources in sports sciences and sports medicines

The Sports Ministry is keen to launch some scheme which will support the development of human resources in the fiend of sports. The sports science has to be developed further by providing training to the coaching and support staffs engaged in the sports activities of the nation. The knowledge development, skill development and refreshment courses for the coaching staffs, support staffs, referees, sports judges, etc will be done more efficiently. More efficient use of technology in sports activities needs to be widened. Also there the methodology of using sports medicines will be reorganized.

Special scheme for cash rewards for international success of sportspersons

There will be a special scheme to give awards and honors to those players and coaching staffs that will bring medals for India in the international tournaments and championships.

Pension schemes for sports achievers

The Govt. also decided to provide pensions to all the meritorious sports personalities who have brought glory for their states and the nation in both national and international events. The sportspersons will get monthly pensions from the Ministry of Sports for their life time achievements.

Providing financial assistance for medical treatment of sportspersons through National Welfare Fund

The centre has decided to efficiently use the fund meant for providing financial assistance to the sportspersons who are medically unfit and are going through treatments. The Govt. has decided to stand beside the families of those sportsperson.

Sports and games for differently abled persons

The Govt. has decided to strengthen the sports and coaching infrastructure to the differently abled sportsperson of the nation. Assistance will be given to provide them, coaching staffs and materials and promoting their sports.

Khelo India Scheme

A corpus amount of Rs. 215 crore has been allocated for this scheme which will be utilized in searching new talents across the nation, holding up annual sports tournaments in all levels and providing right guidance and training to the talented youths of sports.

Schemes by Sports Authority of India (SAI)

The SAI operates autonomously under the Sports Ministry. It aims to find new talents and provide them proper guidance in the fields of sports. This organization has come up with these following schemes for the sportspersons:

Sl. No. Name of Scheme launched by Sports Authority of India Scheme Objective
1 National Sports Talent Contest (NSTC) To identify young raw talents in sports in the age group of 8 to 14 years.
2 Army Boys Sports Companies (ABSC) Scheme to provide training and infrastructure to sportspersons of age group of 8 to 16 years by joint venture with Indian Army.
3 Special Area Games (SAG) To provide training and assistance to the raw talents of hilly, tribal, rural and coastal areas.
4 SAI Training Centres (STC) Residential and non-residential training centres for talented sportspersons.
5 Centres of Excellence (COX) To nurture the future medal prospects of the country.

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