Scooty for the school girls of Jammu and Kashmir Scheme

Scooty for the school girls of Jammu and Kashmir Scheme

Well, we all are aware about the conditions of people in Jammu and Kashmir. Due to certain antinational terrorist organizations, there are common people who have to face the most trouble. The children are not able to go to schools and colleges for completing their education. The situation has become really worse. Under such circumstances, the government is trying as much as possible for controlling the situation and help the common people. And this is why the Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister has launched the Scooty for college girl’s scheme. Due to the present unrest in Kashmir, a lot of children are not able to attend classes since the transport facilities are not available for people nowadays.

Scooty for the school girls of Jammu and Kashmir

The uniqueness of the Scooty scheme

But this Scooty for college girls is going to be a unique scheme. The reason is girls will now have a separate and unique mode of transportation for attending schools and colleges. This will not prevent them in attending heir college classes and get proper education just because of improper transport facilities. Now that being said, J&K Chief Minister travelled on a Scooty for popularizing its usage. The women’s colleges are distributed with scooties.

The details about Scooty scheme

At present there are two women’s colleges where the scooties were distributed. First is the Women’s college Parade and second is the Women’s college Gandhi Nagar. Both the colleges have been allotted with a total of 150 scooties. A total of 312 applications were there for the scooties, but only 150 were selected. According to the reports, the college going girls will be offered with a subsidy of purchasing scooties for the convenience of their travel. The basic idea is to make the girls independent in terms of mobility.

The criteria and subsidies

There are certain criteria for the selection of distribution of scooties and it has been announced that there will be similar women centric initiatives taken up by the government and this Scooty scheme is one of them. Akhtar also announced that the Scooty scheme is going to be a tool for revolution against the dictating terms and the imposing terms on them. She rode a pillion on NCC girl cadet’s Scooty at Parade. A lot of people do not see a CM riding a Scooty and it will definitely offer some moral boost to the college going girls.

According to the words of the present CM of Jammu and Kashmir, the women in today’s world have to face the biggest challenge and they are the worst victims of violence and abuse. It is our duty to restore it. This is an initiative to help women complete their education even if they have to travel a long distance for completing their studies.

A tabular overview about Scooty scheme for women

SL NO Facts to know Brief details
1. Eligibility for Scooty scheme A family needs to have annual income of Rs 4 Lakh.
2. The subsidy offered College going girls will be provided with 50% subsidy during the purchase of a Scooty.
3. The percentage of marks A student should have 65% marks in 10+2 exams for attaining the Scooty scheme.
4. Courses A degree course not less than three years is eligible
5. Announcement date 2016

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