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Seva Setu Programme in Gujarat 2020 Various Govt Scheme Services in Doorstep 

People living in the urban areas get several facilities easily. But the same is not true for the people, residing in villages. They face several difficulties when attaining information or specific governmental services. To change this situation, the state government of Gujarat has implemented the Seva Setu Programme in 2016. The main objective of this project was to bridge the gap between the government and the common people living in rural and urban areas. Government representatives will reach the homes of rural folks and offer assistance.

Seva Setu Programme in Gujarat

Launch details

Name of the schemeSeva Setu Programme
Launched inGujarat
Launched byVijay Rupani, Chief Minister
Date of implementation2016
Implementation of 4th phaseAugust 2018
Supervised byGujarat State Government
Target beneficiariesRural residents

Key features of the scheme

  1. Bridge communication gap – The primary objective of the state government is to make information and services easily available to the rural as well as urban people. Under this program, citizens attain information and get their queries cleared.
  2. Door to door service – Citizens will not have to go to any government office. State government representatives will come to the homes of citizens and ask them if they require any assistance with government documents.
  3. Solution for problems – Once the government representatives record the doubts, they will submit the requirement to the respective departments. The issues will be resolved within 118 days.
  4. 4 important aspects – The four main elements of this program are transparency, decisiveness, sensibility and progressiveness. It will make governance free and fair, with unrestricted information for all.
  5. Free service – Citizens will not have to pay any fee to attain these services.
  6. Implementation in phases – The state government has announced that the implementation of this scheme will be in phases. Three phases have already been completed with success. This year, state government will implement the 4th
  7. Important initiatives – For good governance and assistance of commoners, state has implemented initiatives like Lok Darbar, Swagat Online, Swagat, Seva Setu, Apno Taluko Vibrant Taluko, Jan Seva Kendra and Garib Kalyan Mela.
  8. Total beneficiaries – As of now, around 33.76 lakh Gujarat citizens have received assistance under this program.

Implementation of the 4th phase

The state government has completed necessary arrangements to implement the fourth phase of this scheme. It was impossible to reach so many people at the same time. Implementing the scheme is sections offers flexibility to the state government. This time too, state government will construct temporary camps in every taluk and encourage people to get their queries cleared.

Services available under the scheme

  1. Issuance of the Aadhar card
  2. Issuance of the caste certificate
  3. Issuance of Income certificate
  4. Financial background related certificates
  5. Issuance of Voter and Ration cards
  6. Land and property survey reports
  7. Issuance of MA Vatsalya card
  8. Assistance documents for widows
  9. Application for Mukhyamantri Amrutam card
  10. Enrollment for Janani Shishu Suraksha Karyakram
  11. Apply and gain benefits under Janani Suraksha Yojana
  12. Enroll and attain perks of Samekit Bal Vikas Yojana

Projects of the scheme

  1. Aam Sabhas – These are special camps, which take place in rural areas, at regular intervals. Here, villagers can freely talk about their problems. If any person is not getting the perks of any developmental scheme, then government representatives will take necessary action accordingly. Apart from this, these camps also inform rural people about the new developmental schemes, which have come up in recent times.
  2. Citizen Care – A citizen can face an issue at any time. If the camp is not in session, then the individual can call on a specific number. This helpline number is manned by Seva Setu members. They will record the difficulty and offer necessary help to the rural folks.
  3. Mother Care – Another telephonic and automated web-based scheme that is active under this scheme is the Mother Care project. This has been designed and implemented for women who are expecting or nursing their infants. A number of tests and vaccinations are necessary before and after child birth. The Seva Setu team sends necessary information and reminders to these women through phone calls and SMS service. This is done on a weekly basis.
  4. Child Care – A special project has been designed to maintain health and wellbeing of children. Under this, state government’s Seva Setu team monitors the children who are less than 2 years of age. The main responsibility of the team is to measure and monitor child growth. They also measure the height, weight and body circumference to detect if the child is suffering from malnutrition. The detection is the first phase. If the detection yields positive results, then the team has to rehabilitate the kids. This is the second phase of this project. The children may be admitted to the Nutrition Rehabilitation Centers to combat malnutrition and other issues. This project ensures that the future generation of the state is healthy and strong. It also reduces child mortality.
  5. Meri Kahani Meri Zubani – Under this project, the Seva Setu team get in touch with real individuals who fought with one hindrance or another to attain success. The team highlights inspiring and informative stories of real people. These stories offer inspiration and courage to other people as well.
  6. Pahel – As the name suggests, this project, under the Seva Setu program helps the government Seva Setu representatives to get in touch with the administrative heads of each taluk. The two teams join their forces and implement several developmental schemes, initiated by central and Gujarat authorities.

The state government is hopeful that just like the previous three phases, the fourth phase will also succeed in yielding positive results. With this project, people living in remote areas need not worry about traveling to the cities to submit applications or grievances to the authorities. The Seva Setu representatives will reach these areas and collect the details and do the needful on behalf of these villagers.

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