Should We ban Chinese Products?

Should We ban Chinese Products?

China products are being brought in as raw material or finished components of large amounts. Indian production is more or less is assembling, brought in products then sale in the market or even export like Micromax.

S.No Facts about Chinese Products Detailed Information
1 Chinese manufacturing growth in years 1998 – 2002 12% a year
2 Rank which china holds when it comes to manufacturing good 4th in world
3 Number of Companies investment in China 400 companies from top 500 companies invested in china
4 China’s Exports and Imports Largest on Exporting, and Second largest on Importing goods
5 Benefits of Man power in china Due to huge man power, investors able to manufacture products in quick time with low cost

Should We ban Chinese Products?

Stop Using China Products (Boycott Made in China or quit using China products, Say “no” to China goods) is a slogan used by Internet campaigns that advocate a boycott of products made in China…Countries such as India, Philippines, and Vietnam have called for not using Chinese products, as have separatist movements in China itself.

With its heavy manpower, china manages to manufacture products under low man power cost also many of their products are manufactured with low quality raw materials; owing to that reason china offers their products at cheap rates. However, top fortune companies from all around the world prefer to invest in china mainly because of the availability of cheap man power. In addition to that, Chinese people are heavy workers and follows stick orders in regular manner which boost investors to manufacture in quick time span.

At the same time, on considering the quality issues boycotting the products which are manufactured or assembled from china is not possible. Since, majority of higher end companies are using china man power to assemble their manufactured products. This makes china a second largest importing country and largest exporting country in the world.

Results of Banning Chinese products

  • There are so many plants in China set up by Indian Govt to reduce production cost. China government can make trouble for them.
  • The population in India is growing day by day so it may create problem to meet demands of every people as supply side in India is weak. Therefore, there will be limited supply of goods through imports, it would lead to accelerated inflation.
  • For raw materials India mainly depends upon China. As China raw materials are cheaper as they have advantage of monetary system of scale and scope. So manufacturers may starve for this.
  • China Yuan is famously called basket of Reserve Currency. It may make pressures and cause deflation of our Rupee.

Finally, India can make indirect Business barriers through imposing Countervailing responsibility or Anti-dumping responsibility in a transparent manner as per provisions of WTO Contract.

Ban On Chinese Product in India will affect China?

  • Being a universal work place, china became man power hub for majority of top companies. If India prefers to ban products from Chinese, then we many find any western alternative which may expensive in most of the cases as per Indian standards.
  • It’s not possible for country like India to manufacture the entire needed products buy its own. So, eventually it’s inevitable to avoid importing products from our neighbour china, where it’s much cheaper.
  • China Might Hurt as most industries relies on Purchases from India to keep the industries running. India with its inhabitants and demand creates China lately dependent on India markets. However, this is unlikely to happen as now major industries and brands have been production in China and of-course India has a binding agreement with WTO creates it nearly impossible to ban imports.

Following is a list of top five imports of India from the world:

  • Crude oil: The import of Crude petroleum to the country is about 34 % of the overall inward shipments.
  • Gems and valuable metals: The country also imports diamonds which is about 12 % of the overall imports.
  • Machinery: As a result around 10 % of the overall imported material of the country.
  • In past September 2015, the electronic equipments especially the Smartphone reaches new high of USD 4.38 billion dollar. The import ratio of electronic products reaches 7% in total value
  • The traditional land India, always imports ornaments like gold and so. When it comes to Jewels, Indian won’t compremise on picking quality products especially jewels desgined with semi-precious stones, diamonds and so. In fact, imports of ornaments reaches 5%.

Today China is with Pakistan in its all type of Terror activities to bleed India, which is mean politics that China is playing with India,India becomes unsafe for western countries who want to invest in India. By this Indian economic situation will be weak as foreign counties will hesitate to invest here.


It doesn’t matter whether about India economy would grow if Chinese products gets banned. In general as long as quality products gets imported from our neighbours its always good sign for trading. However, it doesn’t mean that India should supports importing non-quality products.

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