Lockdown Shramik Special Train List : Online Booking, Fare and Registration

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Recent reports published by the Central Health Ministry highlights that the number of Coronavirus affected people in India has already reached an alarming figure of more than 42,000. Medical professional opine that more tests, done on the asymptomatic people increase the count further. It seems that without a potent medicine or vaccine, it will become impossible to eradicate the deadly virus. In India, migrant labors and students leave their native states, and travel to other regions for employment and education respectively. However, the ever expanding lockdown has made it impossible for these people to go back to their families. The central government has taken an initiative to send these migrant labors to their native states. The implementation of the Shramik Special Trains project will play a crucial role in this.


Reasons behind scheduling Shramik Special Trains

The migrant labors work and live in other states for earning better wages. They send the surplus money to their families in the native states. The announcement of the lockdown has taken away the employment opportunities. The migrant workers do not have any savings to survive without money till everything comes back to normal. These labors are desperately trying to get back to their families. As the inter-state buses and trains are no longer operational, they are stuck in the other regions. With the implementation of the Shramik Special Trains the migrant labors can board the trains, which will take them to their home states. The non-contaminated migrant labors will be given the permission to reunite with their families.

Details of special train scheme

Name of the program

Shramik Special Trains

Launched in


Main operating department

Indian Railways

Program will be monitored by

Ministry of Home Affairs

Implementation date

1st May 2020

Target beneficiaries

Stranded migrant workers

Number of trains


Trains scheduled by the Indian Railways

There are no extra points for guessing that the migrant labors and their family members are worried about each other. As mentioned in the official draft, published by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the respective state governments have been ordered to collect details of these workers. Then, the details will be used to create the list of beneficiaries. After this, the tickets will be issued, and the migrant labors will be given the permission to board the trains, which will take them to their destinations. Here are the details of the six trains, scheduled by the Railways so far:

  1. Lingampalli to Hatia
  2. Aluva to Bhubaneswar
  3. Naski to Lucknow
  4. Nasik to Bhopal
  5. Jaipur to Patna
  6. Kota to Hatia

Scheduled trains for Bihar

Name Of The Train

Starting Point

Date Of Departure


Date Of Arrival

Bangalore Danapur Special


3 May 2020


5th May 2020

Bengaluru Danapur Workers Sp.


3 May 2020


5th May 2020

Kota Gaya Special


3 May 2020


4th May 2020

Kota Barauni Special


3 May 2020


4th May

Rules highlighted by Ministry of Home Affairs

  1. It is mandatory for the state government to do a thorough checkup of the migrant labors. Only those, who are completely fit, and are devoid of the Coronavirus symptoms, will be given the green pass to board the special trains.
  2. The draft also points out that the state government needs to take precautions to avoid large gatherings of migrant labors near the railway stations. They must be divided in small groups to avoid contamination.
  3. The state authority must provide properly sanitized busses for bringing the migrant labors to the railway stations. The migrant labors must sit, following the social distancing rules. The same rule needs to be followed strictly while allocating seats in the trains.
  4. All the passengers will be instructed to wear masks, and never to take them off, both in the bus and the train.
  5. The cost of one meal and bottled drinking water will be sponsored by the state government that is sending these migrant labors. The other meal will be provided by the Railway department, free of cost.
  6. When the train arrives at the destination, the migrant labors must produce their identification documents.
  7. They will be escorted to the medical camps, where thorough tests will be done to make sure that they are not silent disease carriers.
  8. If any migrant labor has the symptoms, he will be sent to the COVID – 19 treatment centers. Others will be kept in the quarantine centers. These labors need to remain in quarantine facilities for at least 14 days.
  9. If further medical tests highlight that they are free from the virus, then they can go back to their homes.

FAQ about the program

  1. What is the process of obtaining the train tickets?

Ans: It has been stated in the program details that the state government, where the workers are stranded, will have to prepare and send the passenger list to the Indian Railways Department. The tickets will be issued and distributed to the respective passenger accordingly.

  1. Will the passengers obtain food during the journey?

Ans: In case the span of the train journey exceeds the 12 hour mark, then the Indian Railways will provide each passenger with meal once during the day.

  1. Who will pay for the tickets of these migrant labors?

Ans: The Ministry of Home Affairs has mentioned that the government of the state, where these migrant workers are trapped, will have to pay for the train tickets.

  1. What is the application procedure to obtain the tickets?

Ans: The official draft highlights that the migrant labors must go to the Nodal Officer. Reaching out to the local administrators will have the same results. These officers will prepare the list of migrant labors, and send it to the Railway Department. The respective department will prepare the tickets as per the details of the passengers.

Earlier it was announced that the country-wide lockdown was to remain active till the 3rd May 2020. However, the continuous increase in the number of Coronavirus affected people in the country has compelled the central government to increase the lockdown span till the 17th May 2020. It has increased the worries of the migrant labors. However, partial revocation of lockdown for these special travels has given them a ray of hope. Finally the poor and starved migrant workers will be able to get back to their native states.

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