Shubhra Jyotsna Pension Scheme 2022 In Haryana

Shubhra Jyotsna Pension Scheme Haryana Rs 10,000 Monthly Pension to sufferers of emergency

As a part for the new initiative the state government of Haryana has announced of a new pension scheme for the local residents of the state. As a part of the new initiative the state government has announced to provide the beneficiaries with Rs  10,000 pension amounts. The government has also stated that the pension would be provided to the beneficiaries and state residents who were imprisoned at the time of June 1975 to March 1977 emergency period.

Shubhra Jyotsna Pension scheme Haryana

Launch details

The new pension scheme was officially announced for launch statewide by the State Cabinet. The announcement was made on 11th April 2018 in the Cabinet meeting led by BJP government. The announcement was made after approval by the Chief Minister of the state Manohar Lal Khattar.

Key Features

  • One of the main key features is that under this initiative the state government will offer with pension provisions of Rs 10,000 to eligible beneficiary. The pensions will be offered under the Shubhra Jyotsna Pension scheme and 2018 facilities under other schemes.
  • Beneficiaries – The state government will be providing with pension facilities effective from 1st November 2017 to the beneficiaries. Local Haryana state residents who were prisoners during 25th June 1975 till 21st March 1977 emergency periods will be offered with pension benefits under this scheme.
  • The pension will be offered to the beneficiaries under the 1971 (MISA) Maintenance Internal Security Act along with 1962 Indian Defense Act. The state government has also stated that each beneficiary who was imprisoned during this period will be offered with pension benefit even if he or she does not hold a valid Domicile certificate of the Haryana state at the time of imprisonment.
  • The pension has been announced by the state government as a relief fund offered to the beneficiaries who had to suffer and struggle during emergency period. The benefit will be offered even if the beneficiary was jailed for 24 hours under the MISA Act or 1972 Defense of India Act. Apart from this the state government has also stated that the widows of the beneficiaries under these acts will also be eligible for getting the pension amounts by the government.
  • The provisions have been made for offering pensions to each eligible candidate who had to suffer during emergency and is presently drawing honorarium or pension from any other scheme or state government.
  • The government has also made it very clear that candidates who are presently drawing the pension amounts for the same cause from other pension schemes by the government will also be eligible but the paid pension amount will be deducted from the net payable amount of Rs 10000.

Procedure for claiming

  • In order to make the claim the beneficiary has to provide with valid certificate issued by the concerned Superintendent of the Jail or DM as countersigned.
  • If the candidate is not able to get the jail certificates due to any issues then he may also submit an attested copy from two subordinates or jail inmates. The certificates have to be attested by the MP or MLA for the relevant district.
  • The pension amount will be directly transferred in the beneficiaries bank account so he will have to provide copy of their Aadhar card linked bank account details. He will also have to submit a copy of the “life certificate” for every year in the Month of January.

The above provisions have been provided as a relief fund for the candidates who had to suffer on account of emergency. In case any default is noticed then the pension will be cancelled by the government.

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