Soil Health Card Scheme (Portal, Form, Krishi Adhikari, Mobile app)

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Soil Health Card is the scheme under which the farmers of India will get better and healthier soil for farming. This was one of the many schemes those were initiated by the PM Shree Narendra Modi for the farmers of the nation.

Soil Health Card Scheme

Launch Details

Soil Health Card was launched in the year 2015. The Modi government that has declared farmers as the backbone of the Indian economy had already started Soil Management System during the month of February in the same year. Later the cabinet ministry has given nod to the Soil Health Card scheme, in which the farmers can detect the health of the soil before harvesting.

The scheme is supervised by the Department of Agriculture and Cooperation under the Agricultural Ministry. It will be officially implemented by the State and Union Territory Agricultural Department.

Soil Heath Card

Soil Health Card is being issued in the name of the farmers for the betterment of their harvesting. The card will help the farmers to know about the health and productivity of the soil they are farming on. It is inevitable that over usage or poor land management can lead to unhealthy soil. This will also be detected with the help of Soil Health Card.

In this scheme the eligible farmers will be provided a card in which soil health indicators will be mentioned. Other terms like farmers’ personal knowledge and experience will also be considered while detecting the health of soil used in the land. These indicators will lead to the health of the soil and how can it be used.

Many a farmers are still not enough educated to understand what type of crops will help them yield more produce and earn more revenues. Under this Soil Health Card Scheme farmers will get much clear idea about the soil and the crops they can harvest.

The official website of the Soil Health Card Scheme is One can get the entire idea of how Soil Health Card Scheme operates in Indian Agriculture.

Key Features

  • The Card: It is a piece of paper that is similar to school report card. Like the mark sheet, in Soil Health Card, the indicators, measurement and productivity of the soil are mentioned for the farmers.
  • Eligibility: All the farmers in India are eligible for the scheme. Once in every 3 years the card will be issued. Once a farmer gets the card he will need to renew the same after 3 years of using it.
  • Productivity: As mentioned that the soil health card will help out to find the productivity of the soil. Unlike earlier times, knowing productivity of the soil before cropping would help the farmers to choose proper crops for cultivation.
  • Soil health Indicators: The card comes with soil health indicators along with fertiliser use and measurement, fertilizer combination, requirement of micro-nutrients and much more related to land management and soil health.
  • Benefits: Nature and type of crops, health and productivity of the soil, land management, using fertilisers, measurement and requirement of micro-nutrients, ways of maximum yield from the farm and such are being detected with the Soil Health Card.
  • Supervision: Soil Health Card Scheme authority has a number of expert and knowledgeable supervisors who will inspect the soil and land. They will also submit the soil reports to the proper authority appointed for the scheme.
  • States involved in the scheme: Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Telangana, Odisha, and Chhattisgarh are the states where SHC has been issued rapidly. The other states are lacking behind a little. Soon the rest of the states will issue the card as well.
  • Performance: According to the scheme in financial year 2015-16, the target was 84 Lac farmers. Unfortunately only 34 Lac farmers got benefitted in that year. Andhra Pradesh, among the others has got most of the cards that is 16 Lac in total. Other mentioned states are following.
  • Mobile App: Soil Health Card has introduced mobile app as well. Android users can download the app from the Play Store. The app is available in multiple languages. If the farmer is in West Bengal, the app can be available in Bengali language.

How to get form

The forms for the scheme are widely available in the ‘Krishi Adhikari’ regional offices in different districts. Farmers can collect the forms from these offices or they can do that online as well. The portal has the details of registration form of the same. One can easily visit the website to apply for the scheme.

How to Apply


  • The applicant can visit the ‘Krishi Adhikari’ office and collect the form. After filling up the form with details such as Name, Address, Contact Details, Soil type, Crop type and such the forms are needed to be submitted in the same offices. Further process will be done by the authority.


  • For online registration the farmer must visit the official website In the home page, there is a list of tabs where you can find out the registration tab.
  • Clicking on the tab, it will take you to the Registration Form. The applicant has to fill up the form with proper and correct information. A registration number will be generated. This should be saved for future references.
  • The forms should be submitted online. Farmers can later check for the status of their soil sample in the website. They don’t need to login. They can choose their state, district, sub-district, and mention their names, village names and soil registration number in the website to check the status of the soil.
  • Also once the registration and the verification will be done by the authority farmers can print their Soil Health Card from the website itself. There is a tab ‘Print Soil Health Card’, by clicking on it one can get their card in English or Hindi.

Mobile App

  • After downloading the app in your Smartphone, login to the app. If the farmer does not have login ID or password then he can use Signup to create one.
  • After login in to the app select the option under the scheme. Whether ‘new sample’, ‘saved sample’ or ‘Submitted sample’. Click on the required button and proceed further to check soil health.

Soil Health Card Scheme is another step towards betterment of the Primary Sector of the nation. The card is available for every single farmer in the economy. Hence no class or caste restriction is there to enjoy the benefit of the scheme by the farmers. The online portal has all the data related to the scheme.

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