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Surya Mitra Mobile App | Purpose | Courses | Impact

At National Workshop on Rooftop Solar Power, the Minister of State (IC) for Power, Coal and New & Renewable energy initiated “Surya Mitra” which is an application for mobile users. An independent institution of Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE), National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE) developed this mobile app. This is a GPS based mobile app and so far more than 100 people have installed this app. This app will connect the customers to their nearest technician who is trained. This app will help the customers by providing them with the service of installation and maintenance of their solar equipment by their nearest technician.

Surya Mitra

People can easily access the Surya Mitra Mobile App in Google Play store. This app can only be downloaded and used across the India and this app also doesn’t use a whole lot of space in the hard drive. This is a very creative app and the expertise behind this app is very appealing too. The portrayal of this app also proves that the National Institute of Solar Energy is indeed a very creative institution. Not only has the National Institute of Solar Energy helped the government in implementing the National Solar Mission, but also it has been very productive and creative to develop inventive technology related to Solar Energy.

National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE) 

The National Institute of Solar energy or known as the NISE is an independent institution of MNRE. In the field of Solar Energy, it is the apex National R & D institution. This autonomous institution is occupied in training and testing, standardization, interactive research and demonstration of the solar energy technology and its systems. This institution is behind the development of the ingenious project named Surya Mitra.

Surya Mitra- The Mobile App 

The Surya Mitra app is a highly rated application which will be able to handle thousands of calls concurrently. This app will also be able to easily and efficiently supervise the visitors of Suryamitra’s. Across several states, the qualified Suryamitra’s who wills for private enterprise has joined in the Mobile App. Due to the promise of the app, it is highly expected that more of the qualified Suryamitra’s will join in the app. These Suryamitras are supervised and sensitized by National Institute of Solar Energy on Promptness and Customer Relations Management. These Suryamitras are now ready to convey the services.

The Surya Mitra mobile app has already been downloaded and installed over 100 times in less than 2 months. It requires android version of 4.0 or above to run this app. This app has been highly rated by the people who have already installed it.

Impacts of the Surya Mitra App 

  • This ingenious approach of making this app must increase the employment of efficient and skilful youth in solar PV technology.
  • This app will improve the businesses of the solar entrepreneurs.
  • This app has a great service quality which is very useful to the users.
  • People can now easily contact maintenance professionals by using this app.
  • Repairing professionals are easily available to the customers through the help of this app.

Usefulness of the App

Few lakhs of off-grid solar systems have been installed and they always require maintenance every day. These off-grid solar systems have been built under the NABARD scheme of off grid Solar PV system. Thus these solar systems need regular maintenance, skilled manpower is a must to maintain them regularly and to maintain them in a good way. In this case, the Surya Mitra Mobile App will come in handy. The projected technological platform can be utilized to provide skilled manpower to maintain the solar systems under the NABARD scheme of off grid Solar PV system. Across several states, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has planned to install a minimum of 100,000 solar PV pumps. So, for this huge plan, the MNRE will obviously need O & M and Repair and Maintenance of Solar Pumps to succeed this project. The Surya Mitra Mobile App will come in to play then with respect to the required manpower in O & M and Repair and Maintenance.

In various states, millions of Square meter of Solar Water heater methods are installed by now. The Surya Mitra app will be very useful there too. It will able to maintain the current system along with installing fresh and latest systems correctly. Thus, this app will prove its usefulness in different sectors.

Various sides of the Surya Mitra Mobile App 

Here is a table mentioned below to showcase the various sides of this app 

Various Sides of Surya Mitra Detailed Information
Serving Customers As this app is GPS enabled, one can easily use this app to find their nearest technician who will arrive at their doorstep to provide them with any maintenance or installation service related to solar energy.
Offering Quality This app provides the customers with skilful technicians who are quality workers. They install, repair and do O & M services for the customers.
Standard Functioning With the help of NISE, Suryamitras guarantees standard functioning and servicing of Thermal Systems and Solar PV to all the consumers.
Management of Suryamitras NISE manages the Surya Mitras. They make sure that all the Suryamitras are offering quality services with reasonable price to their customers. They have checks and controls over the Suryamitras.
Charge of the Suryamitras NISE has fixed that a price of Rs 150 will be paid to the Suryamitras per visit as visiting charges for Suryamitra services. Also, it has mentioned that for the purpose of Installation and O & M, the suryamitras would charge standard charges which are directed by the Ministry of New and Renewable energy.

Purpose of the Surya Mitra Mobile App 

The sole purpose behind this project is to prove the project as a catalyst in creating demand for solar products in the country. Also it is hoped that this app will provide business opportunities and work for the Suryamitras. 

Plans of the Government of India 

The Indian government is willing to achieve their target of 175 GW by 200 which involve 100 GW from Solar Energy. The Prime Minister of India took an initiative to support the multinational and domestic companies to construct their products. This initiative is named “Make in India.” The Suryamitra project is also a component of Make in India. For accomplishing and sustaining the target of 100 GW, India needs to have at least 6.5 lakh personnel who are trained in Solar Energy Sector which is estimated by CII. 

The Suryamitra Course

There is a course for the Suryamitras. This course is oriented and sketched as per the needs of the Solar Industry. The Suryamitra course is a course of 3 months. Every individual taking this course has to perform it for at least 600 hours in the 3 months. This course is basically a skill development program. The course is anticipated to provide skilled and trained manpower in the solar energy system. The skilled individuals will learn installation, Operation & Maintenance of and Commissioning of solar power plants and equipment from the course. The course is managed collectively by MNRE and NISE. The sole purpose of this course is to offer the rural and urban youth & women employability and entrepreneurship. The course gives special attention to the youths from SC/OBC/ST. This special attention helps to skill these youths.

Basically this course teaches the basics of SPV applications and Electrical. This course teaches about the standards, preventive maintenance and troubleshooting along with the basics of solar power plant.

Qualification needed for the Suryamitra Course 

The qualification needed to take part in the Suryamitra course is Diploma in Engineering (Electronics, Electrical & Mechanical) / ITI (Wireman & Electrical). The higher qualified applicants are not welcomed. People having the qualification of B. Tech are not eligible for this project.

Current condition of the Suryamitras 

Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has set a goal of 50,000 Suryamitras of skilled manpower in the next 3 years in solar energy sector. Currently, there are more than 3, 200 Suryamitra who are training under this projectile. The goal for the current budget session is to train at least 7, 000 Suryamitras. NISE has done well to spread this program throughout the whole country. They are the apex body behind this program. They are accompanied by the State Nodal Agencies (SNAs). This program is residential and it is funded by the government of India. Different institution like ITI, universities, polytechnics are performing the Suryamitra skill development program across different places in the country. The matter of joy is, so far over 125 institutes in 25 different states have implemented the Suryamitra project and they are creating job opportunities for the unemployed youth. About three fourth of the Suryamitras are working in different solar industries. They are enjoying a decent salary. The rest of the Suryamitras are becoming business entrepreneurs in the solar energy field. Thus this project has been a blessing to all of the unemployed youths and womens.

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