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Swayam Free online Scheme 2020 (Courses Registration and d2h Channel) (swayam.gov.in)

The HRD Ministry has taken up a new initiative by offering Free online Scheme termed as Swayam. Under the scheme it is certain that the HRD ministry aims offer students, Schools, colleges and universities with an opportunity for providing free courses online for inspiring minds within the country.

Swayam free online Scheme Courses and Registration

Swayam Free Online Scheme Key Features

  • Under the Swayam scheme it is certain that the ministry and government has launched a free web portal for offering free courses. The Massive open online courses or MOOC’s are developed with an aim to cover multiple topics.
  • The Free online portal shall offer over 500 different courses for students. The HR ministry is planning to launch the new web portal very soon.
  • The fact is that you can get registered with the online portal in case you need additional help or are not satisfied with the lessons that are covered in your classroom in school, college or university. It is possible for students to apply under this scheme for the any subject or course.
  • In case any student is having any doubts in his or her subjects then it is certain they can get registered and seek immediate assistance for the same subject or course.
  • It is certain that the web portal can be considered as additional assistance at the academic level.

Eligibility Criteria for Swayam Free Online Scheme

The following are the points that need to be considered to check with your eligibility criteria to get registered under this scheme.

  • It is important that you have to be a citizen of India to be registered on the web portal to seek assistance.
  • The scheme shall only help you to cover all topics that are already a part of the curriculum that is been taught till 9th
  • The web portal can be used for seeking help with any course that has been covered at Graduate, under graduate or post graduate level in schools, junior and senior colleges and universities.
  • To get registered it is certain that the student has to be in 9h grade or above.

Swayam free online scheme course list

  • The official web portal shall be offering with the free online courses in two distinct parts for the students depending on the course selected by the student.
  • In case any student who is in engineering then it is certain that he shall be provided with lesson help and other resources by NPTEL. The NPTEL is one of the leading undertaking by the government that has all its focus on teaching students who have taken admission in different fields in the engineering branch.
  • In case student is registered with any of the UGC courses or CEC course for under graduates then it is certain that he or she shall be provided with lesson help and all other resources for studying by professionals from UGC or CEC department.
  • This is also applicable for any student who is studying in schools for NIOS or NCERT education then he or she will be offered with all possible assistance from teachers and professionals by NIOS and NCERT department.
  • Apart from this you also need to keep in mind that the web portal offers with a number of courses that are currently offered by IGNOU.

Official Website Swayam Free Online Scheme

  • If you are looking forward to get registered with Swayam scheme then you have to log on to the official website swayam.gov.in.
  • The moment you get logged on you have to look around for MHRD Govt. Of India- HRD Ministry option at the top corner.
  • You may find AICTE logo displayed just underneath it. The moment you click it you shall be redirected towards the official web page.

How to get registered in Swayam Free Online Course

  • If you are looking forward to get registered with Swayam scheme then it is certain that you have to log on to the web portal. You shall be redirected towards registration page where you may have to provide with your Password and User name.
  • You shall be asked in you are already a user at the web portal or do you need to sign up as new user. You have to click the sign up option provided. It is also possible for you to use your Facebook/MS account/Google login ID and log on to the web portal.
  • In case you have selected to log in using your Facebook account then you shall have to provide with information regarding your new user name or continue with the same name.
  • You shall now be immediately redirected towards another web page where you may see that all options have already been filled automatically. You just have to verify with all information and then select to continue.
  • You can also select to update information in your profile at any time.

Implementation of Swayam Free Online Scheme

  • The process of implementing the scheme certainly may be time consuming as the portal offers with massive course volume.
  • The HR ministry has assured that it will try and implement the scheme as soon as possible.
  • The students who get registered with the web portal can also get started with using its services right after being enrolled.
  • You can make use of different resources including study materials, video tutorials and assignment projects.
  • To offer with quality it is certain that reputable professors from grade A universities across the country shall be offering with lessons for students.
  • The moment you have commenced with the course you shall be provided with certification as well.

Channel Under Swayam Free Online Scheme

  • It is certain that you may find the complete course list under different channels under the Swayam scheme.
  • Each one is placed under different categories so it is easy for anyone to find the right course and apply.
  • You can find Humanities1 topic under Literature / Language in CEC/UGC channel.
  • You can also find Humanities2 topic under History/Arts or other subject in CEC/UGC channel.
  • You can also check with the official website for complete channel list.

Swayam App

You can now log on to Play store and download the Swayam App. The app is available for Andriod version phones only.

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